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The Best Boat Navigation Lights for Your Boat

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

best boat navigation lights

These best boat navigation lights are what most boaters have on their marine vessels for safer and convenient boating trips. Boat owners use these bow lights for boat for secured and easy navigation during extreme weather conditions or poor visibility.

When you are in search of the right boat navigation light kit, these reviews are what you need. It would be great to know you have suitable marine navigation lights to secure your family and other people. Once you use the right navigation lights you’ve got your boat the chance to avoid colliding with other vessels.

Make sure you do not get confused when choosing the led navigation lights for boats. It may be daunting considering a lot of them are available among leading navigation light products in the market. Nevertheless, these marine led nav lights factors for safety and not just for aesthetics or compliance, are imperative.

  • Elasticity: Having the right nav lights is for convenient and effective use, as well as safety rules-adherent experience. With these independent and unbiased reviews following boat navigation lights rules, you will surely find flexible ones.
  • Compatibility: You’ll also benefit from each navigation light type, and other similarity or compatibility factors among marine or pontoon navigation lights. These best LED navigation lights illuminate your route to see in any weather condition. They provide similar directions and navigation activities of all the marine craft around your boat. Likewise, these led boat navigation lights guide you when you are in the same direction with another vessel.
  • Installation method: Each navigation light type installation also influences its overall use and life span, and prevents accidents, saves lives, and protects properties. You must know how to mount them as wireless boat navigation lights, battery-operated lights, led boat running lights, or below water lines lights.

Knowing the factors to consider, the buyer guide, and the common questions about these navigation lights are both challenging and interesting. Read these reviews of the portable navigation lights for small boats and other marine vessel types in the market to choose the right one.


Top 1
Shangyuan LED Navigation Lights

  • More effective
  • Durable
  • Longer lifespan

Top 2
Obcursco LED Navigation Lights

  • Waterproof
  • Strong adhesion
  • Corrosion-resistant

Top 3
Linkstyle LED Boat Navigation Light

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant

11 Top-rated Boat Navigation Light Reviews

1. Shangyuan LED Strip Boat Navigation Lights

This second top-rated product, the Shangyuan boat navigation lights set is more reliable than other pole-style navigation lights. Suitable as stern and bow lights for small boats, kayaks, pontoons, and sailboats. It can even be used as starboard and portlight.

I like these battery powered navigation lights that are made of 3.8 inches green and red marine-grade LED strips. They comply with maritime requirements and are easy to mount. It uses 12-volts DC power, two wire connections, and a slim ABS casing. Be careful when tightening the screw as too much pressure can crack the casing.

These 6-LED units provide a brightness that stands out. They have efficient power, reduce temperature, and can lead a long lifespan. I recommend you use these boat navigation lights which are tested to withstand shock, water, dust, and other marine factors. I like how boaters are fond of these effective pole lights that performway better than their standard counterparts.

I can attest to how simple and easy it is to install this boat strip light set as stern and bow navigation lights. I was able to mount it effortlessly using simple tools. I have used these navigation lights during hunting and the winter seasons without encountering discoloration, cracking, or malfunctions amidst harsh environments.
What We Like
  • Works as a port, starboard, bow, and stern light for small and sailboats, kayaks, and pontoons
  • More effective and stylish pole-style LED strip navigation lights than other lights
  • Durable boat light that best deals with water, shock, dust, and other external factors
  • Nice, power-efficient, and low-temperature boat light kit for a longer lifespan
What We Don’t Like
  • Too much pressure in tightening the screw can damage the casing of the light
Make use of the functionalities of these nice marine navigation lights, especially their brightness, lifespan, and easy and simple installation features. You will surely love how these boat LED lights transform your boat’s stylish look.

2. Obcursco LED Navigation Lights

Our first bestsellers, the Obcursco navigation lights, are the best LEDs for the bow of marine vessels and pontoon boats. Use these red and green boat lights for visibility from a fishing boat or powerboat.

I like how its strong 3M adhesive tape works for installation to my boat bow. I no longer need to mount the 12-inch LED navigation lights with a screw or drill a hole for it. Ever since I have it on board, I didn’t have any issues thanks to its high adhesion and waterproof features. This functionality among other features is what I’m fond of.

It even allows my boat to keep up with the maritime illumination requirements of about two nautical miles. The 4W LED optical bulb provides me with worry-free night boating even in extreme weather conditions. Despite misty, foggy, or reduced visibility, I had safe navigation because of the vividly bright LED bulb. Be sure to directly wire your bow lights to a 12-volt power supply or a fuse switch for safety.

Install this top-rated bow navigation light at correct angles to avoid glare or brightness issues. Mounting it at an angle of 225 degrees can manage its interference with communication devices as well. Correct mounting will optimize the LED design with optical innovations that reduce heat accumulation and deliver lasting luminance. It’s worth the value of my money with a longer lifespan and dependable chrome-plated zinc casing that is resistant to corrosion.
What We Like
  • Waterproof design with optical LED bulb that reduces heat accumulation
  • Vividly bright green and red LED units visible for about 2 nautical miles
  • Strong adhesion with 3M tape needing no screw or drill any hole
  • Corrosion-resistant bow light kit made of chrome-plated zinc casin
What We Don’t Like
  • Incorrect mounting angles cause brightness and communication interference issues
I was so fortunate to have found these pontoon boat navigation lights for the best value of my money. I recommend getting these LED sidelights to enjoy safer night boat trips.

3. Linkstyle 12-Volt Marine LED Boat Navigation Light

The marine LED navigation light from Linkstyle works best for the bow, stern, port, and starboard sides and as a masthead light. You’ll love this light for your small and powerboats as it’s easy to install, safe, and has power-efficient features.

The new design features waterproof red and green LED units suitable for pontoon, skeeter, yacht, and powerboats. These polycarbonate-lensed lamps are engineered with a 4-watts LED bulb and come with an ABS plastic casing covered with stainless steel enclosure.

I am fond of its simple and lightweight build making it effective and power-efficient. I recommend using these corrosion-resistant boat nav lights during hunting and fishing.

Ensure a correct mounting angle of about 225 degrees to make use of its luminance and avoid maritime navigation interference issues. Correct installation angles enable a brilliant brightness that can radiate to one nautical mile more or less. When mounted properly at a correct angle, it also lessens maritime regulatory issues and enhances boat safety instead.

These IP65 waterproof boat safety lamps powered by a 12-volts battery are worth the investment. They come with durable, protective features and are easy to install and adjust. Each of the lamps comes with 16-piece LED bulbs that help widen the area of coverage, especially during reduced visibility conditions. I have used it for several years without having to worry about heavy rains or strong winds.
What We Like
  • Fit as a port, starboard, bow, and stern light for small and powerboats
  • Easy to install LED bulb, safe, and power-saver that withstand harsh water elements
  • Lightweight marine-grade casing made of stainless steel that is corrosion resistant
  • Works for various marine, fishing, wildlife, car touring, and other harsh environments
What We Don’t Like
  • Incorrect installation angle may cause maritime navigation interference issues
I attest to these simple yet lightweight bow and stern light sets. Get this light kit as a boat safety light to benefit from its new design fit for marine and non-marine use.

4. Interwebz ‎IWD-NAVLIGHT Boat Bow Navigation Lights

This sleek and effective product from Interwebz comprises red and green 12” LED bow navigation lights. They are stylish, safer and durable LED lights that work for most boat exteriors even when submerged in waters over time.

You can hook the lead wires of the LED units through the standard pole or to a 12-volt battery; ensure each LED wire has sticker labels to correctly identify the positive and negative connections for safer night trips. It’s best to blend the lights right on or near the boat’s rub rail for concealment, convenience, and a stylish look.

The navigation strip lights cover is black, which makes it easy to blend into a boat deck and exterior surfaces. I like using these innovative lighting for my speed boat compared to other similar products that have shorter wire connections. It’s great as a bow LED light for a bass, ski, and fishing boat. These LED boat lights are simple but they still stand out among other marine boat lightings. Plus, they are safe and convenient to navigate.

You need to thoroughly clean the boat surface for proper mounting, adhesion, and beam angle fixation. Apply marine-grade silicone glue to reinforce the installation. It strengthens the 3M adhesive of the light fixture against any weather, which I like as a boat owner. I even submerged this weatherproof marine boat LED light with an IP68 rated silicone casing and operated it without concern.
What We Like
  • Effective and sleek bow light set that comprises of red and green lights
  • Extra-long 6-feet black connection wire leads for easy hook up to a power source
  • Sticker labels for each wire lead to identifying the positive and negative connections
  • Weatherproof marine boat LED light with IP68 rated enclosure
What We Don’t Like
  • Installation requires marine-grade silicone adhesive to reinforce the light fixture
I’ve never had great boating nights until I got these LED boat lights into my fishing boat. I love how it made my boat visible to other vessels from a distance.

5. AMZONLY Boat Navigation Lights

One of the bestsellers in these reviews, the AMZONLY boat navigation lights come in a safety light kit. The kit is under a one-year warranty and fits as a boat navigation light, signal, and non-marine lighting.

This light kit is effective for different purposes, such as flush mount navigation lights, masthead light, and running lights. It has 4 pieces of LEDs, 12-pieces 3-volts battery, 3 elastic straps, 1 long armband, and 1 piece magnetic-tip screwdriver. Boaters use these marine boat lights for navigation and safety of their kayak, yacht, motorboat, and pontoon boat. The lights consist of red and green LEDs for the boat bow and port side, and white for the stern.

Outdoor enthusiasts use this clip-on light kit as their bike taillight, running light, dog collar, and flashing light at night. It has a weather-resistant IPX5 casing suitable for outdoor use, except in heavy rain or soaking in water. Also, the elastic straps and long-extra armband can expand up to 25-inches more or less for easy use. All items in the light kit are covered with a 12-months return policy in case of quality issues.

The LED lights have 3 flashing modes – steady lighting, flashing, and strobe for easy choice as signal or safety lighting. You can monitor its battery usage and use the magnetic-tipped screwdriver to change batteries and prevent unnecessary power drains. The magnetized tip of the screwdriver is designed to easily unscrew, hold, and prevent fasteners from dropping after screwing.
What We Like
  • Effective for use on marine environments and outdoor activities
  • Weather and water-resistant outdoor and boating lights with IPX5 casing
  • Easy clip-on light kit with elastic straps and extra-long expandable armband
  • The kit comes with a magnetic-tipped screwdriver for ease of screwing
What We Don’t Like
  • Not advised for soaking or in the water
I am fond of the effectiveness and flexibility of these LED lights, especially with their protective features against water damage. You won’t regret making them a part of your boat navigation and outdoor lighting kit.

6. Osinmax LED Navigation Light

This Osinmax boat navigation light is one of the top-rated marine LED light sets in the market. This is safe as a bow light for pontoons and small boats and has power-efficient consumption comparable to a halogen lamp.

The kit features a 12-volt DC power and a 3-watt LED bulb with super-efficient bright luminance. This Osinmax model was designed with new techniques and ideas to be a reliable light fixture. You can install it effortlessly using one screw at about 112.5 degrees angle, meeting maritime navigation requirements. I suggest reinforcing the back of its shockproof housing with strong adhesive tape for secured mounting and a long lifespan.

The green and red lenses are innovative led optical designs providing running lights similar to a masthead light. I like how it made my boat visible to other vessels from a 2-mile distance. It also has a waterproof housing that comes with an IP67 rated high-density seal ring made of foam silicone rubber. You can have safe boating trips with these bright lights while preventing short circuits in case of water splashes.

I like the stylish look of these green and red light bulbs as I can also use them as courtesy lights. These LED lights adhere to wildlife and fisheries regulations, and thus guarantee safer hunting trips. Installing and maintaining these lights are also much easier compared to older light models. I am so amazed by how they fit my boat that I bought several pairs!
What We Like
  • Provides super bright LED halogen bulb with low-power consumption
  • Safe to mount at about 112.5 degrees angle adhering to maritime laws
  • High-density rubber gasket preventing short circuits caused by water
What We Don’t Like
  • Needing adhesion of its back portion to reinforce them for secured mounting
Adding this boat light kit to your marine supplies makes the difference in your time and money. I’ve enjoyed having these LED bulbs and even used them as courtesy lights and stern lights.

7. Boao LED Boating Light

This bestseller pack of 12-pieces of LED boating light bulbs work as boat’s bow, boat deck, and stern lights. It comes in white, red, and green and can be used as signal, safety, and all round lights.

The navigation light suits my kayak, paddleboat, skeeter, and other boats, and even my safety helmet. You can easily hang or strap it anywhere you want. I have a few more for my masthead lights, portside lights, other running lights, and I share them with my family. I highly recommend getting these highly effective warning and boat safety lighting; you can quickly switch them on whenever you need.

The light kit provides thigh, low, and steady flash modes that can last about 5 to 6 days of usage. I can attest to their efficient power consumption, and they are best to install in front of your marine craft or helmet. This 12-piece navigation light kit has 2-piece LED bulbs that work as all-round white light for boat deck and stern.

One downside of this lighting fixture is you can not submerge it in water as it is not waterproof. You must carefully handle it and not let a single drop of water touch it. It provides a bright light for at least a mile for your safety when rowing, fishing, backpacking, etc.
What We Like
  • Easy to hang or strap battery-operated warning or signal and navigation light kit
  • Comes in 12-pieces LED lights with 3 color modes – red, green, and white
  • Highly effective as an all round light for paddle boat, kayak, skeeter, and other boats
  • Efficient power consumption for boating, biking, backpacking, and other outdoor use
What We Don’t Like
  • LED bulbs are not waterproof, they stop working when submerged in water
Make these all around lights manufactured by Boao a part of your functional maritime supplies. These low-power consumption LEDs, especially the white light, have been part of my marine and outdoor trips.

8. Sebnux LED Boat Navigation Lights

The Sebnux boat navigation lights are highly durable and high-performance marine-grade boat lighting that features advanced LED applications. It includes two (red and green) LED bulbs best for the boat bow of a small and pontoon boat.

I am fond of its corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant housing made of copper-plated zinc that provides super cooling performance. Adding to this durability feature is its marine-rated connection cable that protects the electrical wiring from damages. Though it has excellent and environment-friendly attributes, including dissipation of heat with low-carbon emission compared to similar leading brands. You need to ensure the delicate wirings have covers and restrain to prevent them from pulling apart.

I was able to install the lights easily, except for the absence of wire restraints in the casing. Overall, it adheres to marine, wildlife, and fisheries regulations while using it on the boat’s port side and starboard side. It weighs about 8.5 pounds making it handy to mount using screws and marine-grade adhesive tape. It is designed with IP67 waterproof and black shock-proof housing that prevents water from causing short circuit damages.

You must install the red as port light and the green as starboard light at about 112.5 degrees to comply with regulations. It provides the arc visibility of a boat and can reach a distance of at least 3 nautical miles. Using them on boating trips at night or in reduced visibility settings helps prevent accidents. Moreover, the LEDs are really easy to mount; just ensure proper connections and arc visibility for a strong and bright beam.
What We Like
  • Easy and simple installation method using a screw and marine-grade adhesive tape
  • High-performance marine-grade LEDs that provide about 3 nautical miles of visibility
  • Durable covers with IP67 rated waterproof lenses and black shock-proof casing
  • Adherent to the maritime and environmental regulations
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited arc visibility and lacking restrain of its delicate wirings
Looking for something better will lead you to these strong and bright LED lightings. These bright LEDs are good in dark environments and reduced visibility settings.

9. Acelane Marine Navigation Lighting

This marine navigation lighting from Acelane packs a pair of red and green LEDs with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens. The lighting provides bright LEDs with lower energy consumption. They are also equipped with corrosion-resistant and marine-rated stainless steel housings that work well in harsh environments.

Boaters use this 12-volts all round light as a signal, warning, or anchor light during fishing, sailing, and hunting. Most boaters consider this durable lighting as effective bow, starboard, and port sidelights of fishing, ponton, skeeter, yacht, and power driven boats. Its innovative LED optical design provides super bright visibility of up to one nautical mile while conserving energy consumption. I have no worries about using them at sea and in the lake as they are corrosion-resistant amidst extreme environments.

Each has IP66 rated and sealed LEDs with 316 stainless steel-enclosed polycarbonate lense you can mount at about 112.5 degrees. Though having limited arc visibility, they are high performance and stay cool for a balanced, safe, and long lifespan. These lightings perform well and last long, and thus, are similar to west marine navigation lights.

Compared to other lights, they are handier to install with the use of 6 screws and under base wirings. You can easily identify them when mounting them on boats with lengths of about 12-meters. The red one is for the boat’s portside while the green LED unit is mounted on the starboard side. I recommend these LED bow lights for power-driven marine boats, touring cars, speedboats, and other watercraft.
What We Like
  • Easy to install using screw and under base wirings into a boat’s portside and starboard side
  • Super bright 12-volt LEDs for one-mile visibility range with low-energy consumption
  • Built with IP66 waterproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-dust, anti-rust, and sealed LEDs
  • Marine-rated 316 stainless steel cover that withstands corrosion and water damages
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited arc visibility for better visibility and effective radiation angle
I’ve been having good times on my night boating trips with this all round light. I really like using it on my boats and vehicles to improve safety and style.

10. Attwood All-Round Frosted Globe Pole Light

Attwood is an award-winning manufacturer of top-ranked light brands that work for small boats. One of these top-ranking Attwood navigation lights is this super bright 24-inch all-round frosted globe pole light.

I like using it on night fishing trips to provide adequate anchor light at a 360-degree radiation angle. Its efficient all-around white light made my boat visible to other boaters up to 2-miles, which meets maritime requirements. You can easily install it using a 2-pin anchor base though you need to separately provide the base socket. You can find base sockets from any hardware near you if your boat doesn’t have them yet.

The frosted pole light is handy to remove for proper storage to last for many years of use. It’s built with durable aluminum similar to leading brands like the Perko navigation lights. It is easy to maintain as well. You can replace the LED bulb or re-mount it even without screws.

Even though it has no base plate, you can connect the frosted light via a holder on your boat. In my case, I was able to plug it using a marine wiring base and attached it to a battery-powered source. So far this 5100-24-1 model caused me no worries but instead, helped me avoid accidents on my night navigations.
What We Like
  • Provides 360-degree lumination with a super bright light up to 2 nautical mile distance
  • Design is perfect for small boats and suitable to bigger boats about 20-meters long
  • Easy to mount without needing any screws
  • Handy to remove and store to last for several years of use
What We Don’t Like
  • Need to provide a separate base socket to mount and connect to the power source
I am amazed how this light significantly improved my boating safety in any weather. I’ve used it for years and encountered no issues in using or storing it for extended periods.

11. Five Oceans 4429 Marine Deck-Mount LED Light

The last of the bestsellers on our reviews, this Five Oceans’ marine deck-mount LED light is widely used by boaters. These green and red lights are versatile as stern lights, flushing lights, and boat bow lights.

I like using these LEDs on my boat deck for better visibility of up to 2 miles meeting maritime requirements. These 2-colors LED bulbs are built lightweight with a superior ABS plastic base and alloy cover with chrome-plated zinc materials. They provide brighter, lasting, effective, and efficient energy-consuming lights for the port and starboard sides of a boat. I am amazed at how its IP66 anti-dust, waterproof, and shockproof LEDs withstand extreme jets of water splashes.

Easily install these 3-watts bi-color LEDs at 225-degree angle on your boat for better visibility as a navigation bow light. Using two-pieces of number 4 screws included in the kit, you can place the lights on the boat’s front surface. Connect this new edition and low-tension navigation safety lights to a 12-volt power source for energy efficiency and superior visibility performance. You can horizontally mount them without conflicting fisheries and wildlife navigation requirements.

Overall, its UV-resistant features and lifespan of about 50,000 hours made it a boater’s choice. You may think that it needs to be sealed the way it looks but this is actually not necessary. It is already extra-sealed! I disassembled the lights to check and found it has a nice rubber seal contrary to what I thought.
What We Like
  • Built with IP66 anti-dust, shock and waterproof LEDs with chrome-plated alloy housing
  • Produces bright light for a distance of about 2 miles that complies maritime requirements
  • Long lasting energy-efficient performance and lifespan of about 50,000 hours
  • UV-resistant and completely sealed LED lighting assembly
What We Don’t Like
  • Misleading weak appearance that looks like it is built with low-quality sealant
The most versatile lightweight sidelight I have been using along the aft of my boat. I recommend you get this LED lighting fixture as part of your marine maintenance supplies for many usages.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Boat Navigation Lights


Installation Method

Different installation methods are already proven to work for each navigation lighting that boaters consider as the best choice. Installation should address pain points even for a newbie boater.

Check ahead for the needed mounting elements whether you go wired or battery-operated. Most installations use screws and adhesion but there lights that use a clip-on and strap or armband. Some boaters prefer to have a wired connection for wiring safety and ease of control. Other boaters go for battery-operated portable LED units for the versatility of their small boats.

Each navigation light installation method influences the functionality and service time, It can also prevent accidents, thus save lives and protect properties.


Getting a navigation lighting assembly for your boat is already a safety step to maintain your watercraft. Consider the instances and environments where you will be using your boat to fix a versatile lighting fixture. Whether in broad daylight, at night, or during harsh weather conditions, it is a must to plan your trip.

Prioritize the use of correct navigation lightings for safe direction and prevent collision with other boats. It will allow other vessels to know the direction of your boat, size, and visibility angle. Note that your boat should have red and green sidelights for starboard and port sides, and one or more all-around white light(s). Having the right boat light is for effective or efficient use, convenience, and safety-rules adherence.


LED lightings are widely used for marine-related purposes as well as for bikes or touring. Most boats use energy-efficient bright light for better visibility, lumination range, and adherence to coast guard requirements.

Look for green, red, and white colors from 1-2 miles away for the presence of another boat. Each color indicates the boat’s travel, direction, and body. Consider as well the weather conditions and water environments where you will use each boat light. Choose a reliable light housing or casing that withstands extreme water splashes, dust, rust, corrosion, and taints.

These are lighting compatibility factors that help them last for long periods when they’re durably fit, protected, and safe to use. Leading manufacturers on these reviews help you in the selection process. The boaters’ point of view on how to correctly mount your boat lamps help simplify these essential factors.

Lighting Fixtures

Each lighting is expected to fit the fixtures on your boat, make your own if you don’t have it. Your option is to look from any hardware for a base socket, some lead wires, adhesive tape, adhesion glue, and screws.

Consider the lumination arc, shielding, and light direction when fixing the fixtures of your navigation lights. It helps prevent mounting issues, combination overlaps, angles of lumination, and maritime policy concerns. I suggest being keen in choosing your lights, colors, and placements for best results.

Care and maintenance

Regular servicing activities are essential to upkeep your boat lighting as it serves as your communication with other boats. Most boaters do their maintenance routine when docking for the lighting and everyone’s safety.

Ensure to disconnect the power source from the navigation lighting fixtures before servicing it. Check or replace assembly parts or wires for damages by fresh or seawater, wind, ultraviolet rays, and tensions or vibrations. Read the manufacturer information and be attentive to anything that degrades the service life of your boat lights.

The different types of boat navigation lights

  • Anchor Light or All-Round White Light offer solid luminance that provides 360-degrees coverage of the specified arc visibility.
  • Flush mount navigation lightings are installed to the boat’s centerline either horizontal or vertical.
  • Masthead, a white lighting fixture found on the boat’s centerline, radiates over 225-degrees arc visibility. Place it at a specific area of your boat for visibility to other vessels and your own boat’s movements.
  • Sidelights are a pair of red and green navigation lighting. The light coming from each side of your boat creates arc visibility of about 112.5-degrees scope.
  • Stern Light, a white light placed near the stern, produces a solid beam covering a 135-degrees visibility arc.

Benefits and drawbacks of boat navigation lights


  • Easy to install marine-grade lightings for the best value of money and long lasting use
  • Flexible performance for various use at correct sections of a boat
  • Provides better visibility of a boat’s status, including size, movement, and direction
  • Desirable lumination within the lighting scope prevents accidents caused by extreme weather, harsh environments, and reduced visibility
  • Guarantees safe and convenient navigation, keeping people and boats from collision or damages
  • Lighting units are adherent to the mandates of the wildlife and marine laws
  • Various usages of LED lights, include paddling, fishing, hunting, and touring


  • Incorrect angle of installation and usage makes the lights useless and ineffective to communicate with other boats
  • Use of lights for main aesthetics with less concern on safety and what the law mandates

Where Do You Mount Navigation Lights On A Boat


  • Install your lighting with a fixture, fitting, or on the boat’s surface visible and unobstructed to the desired range.
  • Mount each light with a 6-degree arc by a mast and other interference for all-round white light on the boat’s centerline.
  • install the red side light on the portside (left) and green on the starboard side (right) to indicate your boat status and movement.

How Do You Install Boat Navigation Lights

Most boaters have their own way of installing their boat lights for safety and ease of navigation. Mount lights with screws or pin to a pole or base, or tape or glue onto the boat surface. Regardless of the method, you can hook a connection wire to the power source or through a switch for ease of control. Portable battery-powered lightings are available needing no installation; just clip or strap them on the specific location of a boat.

Which Three Colours Are Used For Navigation Lights On A Boat

All navigation lightings of a boat include two sidelights to indicate port side using red and starboard side using green. White lights are also in use for boat navigation serving as an anchor light, masthead light, or stern light. When your boat is in motion you do not need navigation lights for lumination unless there is reduced visibility.

What Lights Should Be On When Boating At Night

Two sidelights, the red and green must be visible up to 1-2 miles for boats with maximum 12-meters in length. White lights must be on for boats under 12-meters long as a masthead light and a sternlight at night. All-round white lights are visible for anchored boats with sidelights switched off to indicate to other boaters that they are at anchor.


Safety is the foremost intention of having the best boat navigation lights in the maritime industry. Essential aspects, specifications, and factors in choosing a light for your boat is the primary aim of these reviews.

Avoid accidents or fines using these product reviews, factors, and frequently asked questions. Understand the insights from this simplified list of essential aspects for the right boat lights. Ease your worries from installation and actual use of navigation lights to adherence of the mandates of the laws.

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