What Color is On the Starboard Side of a Boat?

what color is on the starboard side of a boat

If you haven’t been hoisting the blue peter for long, you probably still want to brush up on a few navigation basics. Are you already aware of the fundamental boat orientation terms but still don’t know the standard port and starboard colors? Did you know that they do well to ensure boat safety? For the …

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How to Restore Gel Coat on a Boat Easily Even If You are a Newbie

how to restore gelcoat on a boat

Most first-time boat owners and newbies in boat gel coat restoration find this tutorial perfect! They learn these useful steps to restore boat gel coats with high confidence: 1. Seven essential gel coat restoration solutions, and 2. Four tutorial steps that include: These are your options to make your boat appear brand new. Make it …

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What Does This Non Lateral Marker Indicate?

what does this non lateral markers indicate

Functions of Non-Lateral Markers: We can find water markers everywhere out on the water. They are used to convey many types of important and life-saving information, which may be difficult to keep track of. Here, we’ll cover several of the more common non lateral markers so you won’t be confused and end up asking “what …

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What Do the Red and Green Markers Indicate & Important Things You Should Know

what do the red and green markers indicate

Red markers – starboard-side channel marker Green markers – port-side channel marker Red and Green markers – diverging channel indicator Water markers have distinct features that make them easily recognizable. However, knowing them all is difficult, regardless of how easy they are to spot. Red and Green markers are among the most easily recognizable water …

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How to Charge a Boat Battery on the Water in Five Easy Steps

how to charge a boat battery on the water

Better understand how to charge a boat battery on the water when you’re cruising waters. It’s best that way, especially when you’re fishing or resting in the sun and your boat stops working. Check that the engine is in good working order, as well as the battery. It will surely make your boating experience worthwhile. …

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