What Piece of Equipment on a Boat is Most Important in Preventing Propeller Strike Injuries

what piece of equipment on a boat is most important in preventing propeller strike injuries

In an exam for boaters, you might be given multiple choices such as steering control, kill switch lanyard, self-circling device, and USGC life for a question that asks for the equipment that can prevent propeller strike injuries. So actually, what piece of equipment on a boat is most important in preventing propeller strike injuries? The …

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The Best Fuel Additives for 2 Stroke Outboards

best fuel additive for 2 stroke outboards

It’s no accident that fuel additives are synonymous with fuel treatments. Once paired with the right type of fuel and engine, these concoctions become no less than power drinks and sprays for most various vehicles and motor-run equipment. I can say the same for the best fuel additive for 2-stroke outboards. From a smoother-running, quieter …

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How to Clean Boat Carpet in Easy and Simple Steps?

how to clean boat carpets

For many, a boat is a place for them to relax. Maintaining the proper ambiance of your boat is essential, and as we all know, maintaining means cleaning. However, carpets can be troublesome to clean. I’ve heard a lot of people decide not to get carpets for their house or vessel because of this. It …

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How to Tie Boat Shoes?

How to tie boat shoes

4 Methods to Tie Boat Shoes Barrel Knot Chain Knot Fish Tail Knot Tassel Knot Getting on a boat for the first time, you may find yourself in a slippery situation. It’s often that the painted surface of decks may prove too slippery for regular footwear to ensure safe traction. To avoid the danger of …

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