The Best Marine Upholstery Fabrics

best marine upholstery fabric

Boat designing is one of my favorite boat care tasks and maintenance as it is challenging yet exciting. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can make my boat design idea come to life. My family loves to go on boat trips, so it is essential to maintain an attractive and comfortable vessel. …

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How to Clean Boat Carpet in Easy and Simple Steps?

how to clean boat carpets

For many, a boat is a place for them to relax. Maintaining the proper ambiance of your boat is essential, and as we all know, maintaining means cleaning. However, carpets can be troublesome to clean. I’ve heard a lot of people decide not to get carpets for their house or vessel because of this. It …

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What Do the Red and Green Markers Indicate? Answered!

what do the red and green markers indicate

Red markers – starboard-side channel marker Green markers – port-side channel marker Red and Green markers – diverging channel indicator Water markers have distinct features that make them easily recognizable. However, knowing them all is difficult, regardless of how easy they are to spot. Red and Green markers are among the most easily recognizable water …

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