The Best Marine Water Heaters for Your Boat or RV

best marine water heater

A boat is a pricey investment just like your house. Therefore, it’s natural that you give it the same amount of attention. Equivalent to furnishing your house is getting the right and quality accessories for your boat, of which includes the best marine water heater. Warm or hot water is essential when sailing as you …

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What is a Bilge Pump on a Boat? How Does It Work?

what is a bilge pump on a boat

Boats host many gadgets and tools that fulfill a specific or essential purpose. Naturally, a lot of first-time owners turn beady-eyed as to how each one performs. “What is a bilge pump on a boat?” is but one of the many questions that get thrown around often. Well, if you’ve ever seen boaters in movies …

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The Best Marine AC Pumps for Your Boat

best marine ac pump

In plenty of air-conditioning setups on boats, the entire cooling unit is only as good as the pump that keeps it running optimally. If we’re considering the best marine AC pump, we can readily assume as much. After all, these contraptions can supply enough water volume to one or more air-conditioning systems on their own. …

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The Best Air Pumps for Inflatable Boat


The good thing about inflatables is that they can be deflated to be folded for storage. This means that you can put them in safekeeping while not in use and they won’t be exposed to outdoor elements. But, there’s another side of the story. You can’t just immediately hit the water with inflatable boats. Inflating …

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