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The Best 12 Volt Spotlights for Boat You Should Own One

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

best 12 volt spotlight

You may be unable to carry the bright sun, but you can have the brightest 12 volt spotlight. If you do have the best 12 volt spotlight on your boat, you will feel more at ease. It provides smoother navigation and makes you feel safe. Boat trips may be taken anytime you wish, especially when you’re deciding to embark on a nighttime water adventure like fishing.

Spotlights are useful because of their mobility, ease in installation, and simplicity of use. If the object floats or the water is clear and shallow, a spotlight can help you in identifying it. It may also be used as a safety device, signaling for assistance or warning other boaters of danger in the water.

If you’re seeking a 12 volt led spotlight for boat for the first time, a big flashlight may come to mind. But the most powerful handheld spotlight can have a light-weight feature that boaters consider, just like a cigarette lighter spotlight. Since a manageable size is preferable, most are designed to be small enough for boaters to carry with them. Also, it may be kept in corners of the boat, which doesn’t need a lot of storage space.

Save time looking for the right 12v spotlight with this review, which will introduce you to the top manufacturers. Examine the features and specs of the following products to determine the most suitable product for both you and your boat. I’ll explain it all and discuss what I believe is the brightest 12v spotlight presently available, including what to check for a spotlight and the 12 volt spotlights for boats at various pricing ranges.

Top 1
Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS Spotlight

  • Simple to use
  • Simple charging
  • Maximum brightness

Top 2
Streamlight LED Spotlight

  • Dual power supply
  • C4 LED innovation
  • Individual switches

Top 3
GOODSMANN Rechargeable Spotlight

  • Designed to endure a lot of use
  • Submersible and tough spotlight
  • Brightest LEDs with a greater range

Top 11 Volt Spotlight Reviews

1. Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS Spotlight

When it comes to what we seek for a 12v led spotlight, this product checks all the boxes. That is quite an accomplishment and makes this marine light among the most powerful handheld spotlight.

Also, its rough and hefty appearance indicates that it is a durable and long-lasting product to use. I loved how the product’s ergonomic benefits of a pistol-like form make it extremely portable and simple to hold. The extra weight is partly due to its chunky design and the big 10W LED with 2200 lumens on front. Its lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides a decent overall run life of 7 hours.

The AC and DC adapters supplied with the gadget accessories allow you to charge it while at home or cruising on your boat. You may also use this flashlight by connecting it directly to a power outlet, thus skipping the battery. I love how it has a battery bank added, allowing it to charge other power-hungry gadgets.

In addition, there is an emergency red-lens that you may use in an emergency. You will be able to select between two brightness settings, making it an excellent option to take photos of the night sky while boating. But it is not resistant to water, so if you leave it outside and it rains unexpectedly, you’ll be unhappy when you return to it.
What We Like
  • Simple to use
  • Maximum brightness output is excellent.
  • There is an extra red colored lens included.
  • Because both the Ac / Dc power adapters are included, charging is simple.
What We Don’t Like
  • Some people may find it a bit too hefty.
  • Water is not resistant.
It combines excellent value with unrivaled brightness and battery longevity while boating or roaming around at night. When it’s used on a hands-free pivot stand, you can easily light the way while cruising at night.

2. Streamlight 44900 Waypoint 550 Lumen LED Spotlight

This 12 volt spotlight led is designed to be lightweight yet powerful, weighing just 1.8 pounds with batteries. The pistol handle makes it easy to use, and a built-in stand enables this product to stand by itself.

Unlike other 12-volt LED lighting choices, this model employs C4 technology, making it even more powerful to lighting the way. It produces a strong beam that, when combined with the reflector produced by StreamLight, can quickly light the darkest surroundings.

It’s noteworthy that the quality of design makes the product last a long time thanks to its high-impact polycarbonate casing. This product also appeals to me because of its flexibility of usage, which is useful when you’re in different situations.

It has three modes of operation: strong light on high, lesser brightness on low, and flicker for emergency situations. In addition, if you need temporary lighting, you may gently push the trigger switch, and then release it after using it.

Another advantage of this is its two power sources that provide ease in case of low power or moving around. For mobility, four C-sized batteries may be used, and let us bring the spotlight around or away from the boat. It can be connected also to a DC power cable but can’t be moved away from where it is connected.

It features a rubberized ring that prevents water from penetrating the lens, making it water-resistant as per IPX4 standards, as well to water sprays from all sides, but is not submersible.

One disadvantage of this spotlight is that it produces a narrow beam, which I like for maximum lighting.
What We Like
  • C4 LED innovation for better lighting
  • Individual switches for various modes
  • Dual power supply
  • It has a built-in stand for hands-free operation.
What We Don’t Like
  • Light beam with a narrow focus
With its lightweight plastic design and bright C4 LED, there’s no denying that this is a noteworthy choice. Plus if you’d like to move around, it will be worth considering.

3. GOODSMANN 9924-H101-02 Rechargeable Spotlight

This spotlight appeals to me because of its versatility of usage. Meaning, it can be used not just for boating and fishing, but also for other outdoor activities like camping.

For starters, it is powered by Cree LED chips that are submersible, protecting the internal when accidentally dropped in water. The flashlight is designed with several robust and strong materials including ABS, PC, TPR, rubber, and aluminum. When you buy this, you will also like the additional accessories that you may use in a variety of activities. You’ll receive a home adapter with a USB cable, a vehicle charger coil cord, and an emergency rescue rope.

Also, it comes with a carrying bag to keep it secure and store it while it is not in use. To provide you additional peace of mind, Goodsmann provides a one-year guarantee to cover any possible issues you may have. On its highest setting, the beam can span the length of five football fields that secure more distance to illuminate. But the three-mode choice with the 4500-lumen beam and the product’s design are the only drawbacks.

I didn’t like how the product is designed where you must utilize all three modes before shutting it off. Which is inconvenient as it needs to have a sequence of actions to follow. Plus, since it floats when you lose your hold of it, carrying this while underwater is a hassle.
What We Like
  • Allows use in a variety of activities.
  • Submersible and tough spotlight
  • The brightest LEDs with a greater range are provided.
  • Designed to endure a lot of use
  • It comes with a carrying case and a few additional extras.
What We Don’t Like
  • The third-mode option could be improved.
The product craftsmanship is excellent, and the additional accessories are a welcome addition for any boat owner. With this, you will receive a lot of value and will be able to enjoy an outstanding spotlight on your boat.

4. Attwood 11794-7 Portable Emergency Spotlight

This is an excellent choice if you hate frequent charging, as it could be directly attached to a cigarette plug. I liked that even if it is a product at a low price, this spotlight is a long-lasting item.

It features a rust-proof plastic casing that also preserves the internal parts from deterioration, beneficial when cruising on saltwater. Even if it’s not bulky or heavy to carry around, you must hold it because it doesn’t have a stand. Still, it’s not really that bad, since holding the spotlight is simple due to the grip’s design and weight. Along with its pistol shape, I like how the on/off trigger is strategically placed, making it easy to operate.

When using the spotlight, the ten-foot cable is beneficial to have a bit more distance in moving around the boat. It is long enough that you don’t have to be right close to the socket, and move to different spots. You may instead continue to go from one section of the boat to another, especially when reeling the fishing line. This product has a straight wire, as opposed to spiral wire used by most of the other listed choices.

However, if you’re looking for the brightest 12 volt led spotlights, I wouldn’t suggest this product. With just 400 lumens of brightness, it offers a poor light output that may surprise some consumers. It’s best utilized as a supplementary light or in circumstances when full lighting isn’t required.
What We Like
  • Bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours
  • The plastic structure that resists rust
  • User-friendly on/off switch
What We Don’t Like
  • It’s not that bright compared to other brands
There are several reasons why this product made my top-tier 12-volt LED portable spotlights list, including long-lasting 12 volt led spotlight bulbs, a 10-foot cable, and durable plastic construction.

5. GOODSMANN ‎9924-H101-01 Rechargeable Spotlight

With this 12 v led spotlight, there is nothing to worry about complex installation. It’s portable thanks to the handheld and portable design, there is no need to connect it to a power source.

Instead, the illumination is powered by a 2,000mAh rechargeable battery. In high mode, the lithium-ion battery housed inside has an uptime of three hours. I like how it is designed for usage even while you’re in water due to its buoyancy. If it slips out from your hand or you accidentally drop this in the water, this product will stay afloat.

It is composed of a mix of rubber, ABS plastic, and metal that allows it to float and face upwards. Moreover, it has an IP67 waterproof certification, making it submersible for half an hour at a depth of one meter. It also has 3 functions: 3,000 lumens high mode, 1,500 lumens low mode, and SOS mode for emergencies.

Aside from this being a 12 volt led spotlight waterproof, it impresses me that this is resistant to bumps and drops! One thing I didn’t enjoy about this product was how hot the metal ring became after a while of usage. Another drawback is its non-replaceable battery; you need to buy a new one if it is damaged. Thus, it is much preferable if you can change the battery if it runs dry or develops a problem.
What We Like
  • When inadvertently dropped in the water this will float.
  • For portability, it is battery-powered.
  • It has a variety of illumination settings.
  • Durability is ensured by the impact-resistant structure.
What We Don’t Like
  • The metal ring becomes very heated.
  • The battery is not replaceable.
Overall, this 12v flashlight is built to endure, offers various settings, and has long-lasting batteries for longer boating trips. Its cordless design removes the need for complex wiring and installation, providing you the desired durability. You will be amazed!

6. Lemonbest Outdoor ‎LMLL0001-01 LED Spotlight

Originally intended for outdoor usage, this device is flexible enough to be used aboard boats as well. Regardless of the weather, it is designed to assure any boaters of its dependability.

It’s safe to use and keep this spotlight outdoors since it’s protected from rain and the sun. I am impressed by the product’s UV-protected paint finish that protects the spotlight from damaging UV radiation.

This is an excellent choice if you need a corded spotlight with low power usage. It is equipped with three 2-watt LED lights. It is energy-efficient because of the low wattage. I am pleased that this does not deplete the battery even when used for long periods of time.

Another reason to choose this is its ease of installation, where you put up the light together using simple tools. All you have to do now is hook it to a source of power since the device is already connected. I also like the changeable angle feature, and the light’s position may be customized thanks to the built-in support screws. You may adjust the angle of the flashlight to focus its beam where you want it.

However, before you buy this spotlight, keep in mind that it only provides 350 lumens. This may not be enough for certain users. I recommend using several lights or installing them as a complement.
What We Like
  • To guarantee energy efficiency, it uses low voltage.
  • Angle adjustments are simple thanks to the built-in mount structure.
  • Covered by UV-protected paint and long-lasting finish to withstand any environment.
  • Exceptional results under a variety of meteorological situations
What We Don’t Like
  • Some boaters may not find it bright enough.
he energy economy of this tiny 350-lumen spotlight is well-known that you should have as well. It also features a long-lasting finish that makes it suitable for installation while outdoors.

7. Cyclops CYC-HS140012V Spotlight

I like how this product is less costly but is still a high-quality 12v vehicle spotlight, even during windy or rainy seasons. It’s small, light, and helps prevent hand fatigue. Yet, it’s powerful for the purpose of this product.

This is friendly for a first-time user since this 12 volt flashlight is simple to use. Carrying it will not tire your hands even if you cruise or hunt at night. The length of the cable is 3 meters long, making it enough and adaptable to any arrangement or boating situation. This gadget may be used also on a boat, a house, an ATV, or a vehicle.

I love its solid ABS polycarbonate, its extremely tough shell endures rough usage or harsh weather conditions. It has a push-type switch button on the rear making it extremely easy and pleasant to use. You will appreciate it being portable to simply move and store when it is not in use or for safe-keeping. The spotlight does not take much space so you can put it inside your home or boat’s storage cabinets

Despite this, the boat spotlight’s worst flaw is its weak switch that is easily broken when applied with force. It would’ve been great if it had been made of more lasting materials to make it more durable.
What We Like
  • The ABS polycarbonate shell is very durable.
  • It’s powered by a 12-volt DC vehicle socket with a 3-meter cable.
  • A 100-watt high-intensity halogen light is included.
  • Lightweight, small, and simple to use.
  • It works effectively in the rain and spray
What We Don’t Like
  • The light switch seems to be a little shaky.
This is ideal If you’re looking for less expensive but still effective 12v spotlights. Keep in mind though about handling it with care, especially its switch to last long.

8. 6 Million Candlepower HUL-LED25WRE-CPR-16CP.CC Spotlight

I like how it’s completely matte black and has a comfortable pistol grip, making it like a professional hunting spotlight. A single high-powered 25 watts LED from the core of this gadget can produce more than 2000 lumens of light.

With just 25 watts, this strong spotlight can produce 6 million candlepower lighting that gives bright luminosity to your front. This would be an excellent option if you’re searching for a brilliant yet energy-efficient spotlight, helpful for a long-running time. With Cree LEDs and a 120 millimeter parabolic reflector, this spotlight can illuminate up to 1,000 feet of the front region.

The lens is covered by an aluminum alloy light-head casing mechanism, and the outside is constructed of ABS polymer body. This will not shatter apart in the event of a fall and will endure for a long period of time. I attest to how it withstands severe outdoor weather conditions, proof of its strong IP65 waterproof and ABS construction certification.

The rough nylon surface on the handle enables you to securely grasp this flashlight even when raining or wet hands. Focus the light to a 30-degree point throughout your fishing trip to brightly light any location pointed at. A nut fastener is also inserted at the bottom that can secure it to a tripod or a magnetic base. This will allow you to liberate your hands even while delivering consistent light, especially during your nighttime fishing or hunting.
What We Like
  • Extremely strong (25W)
  • Design is in the form of a handgun
  • With an IP65 certification, it’s very tough
  • It’s possible to put it on a tripod
What We Don’t Like
  • There are no numerous brightness options available
  • The battery life is limited
This spotlight’s bright and durable features are ideal for nighttime hunters, first responders, boating, surveillance, and other similar applications. With this at hand, you too will enjoy any outdoor activities while roaming around at night.

9. Powerful 35W 3500LM HID Xenon Flashlight

Despite being small and lightweight, this portable LED 12-volt spotlight offers excellent brilliance and weighs less than a pound. It has a rubber grip that makes it simple to handle, even with a moist palm, and keeps it from sliding.

This features a LED chip with high-intensity that produces a brilliant light that could be seen from 1.5km away. It also has a 100-watt rated output and a 1,000-lumen brightness that is a big help for appropriate lighting. Meanwhile, the bulb’s life expectancy is between 3,000 and 5,000 hours, so be sure to buy extra bulbs.

The spotlight’s flexible power source is another great feature to notice, which sets it apart from other products. Like most of the items I’ve evaluated in this list also, it can be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter. However, it is distinguished by the presence of a battery changeover clip for ease in changing the power supply.

I also enjoyed using this flashlight even while swimming at night. It comes with a light ABS plastic casing that is also waterproof, that guards it against showers from all sides. The fact that this spotlight is made by an unpopular brand is a significant drawback. Some individuals may connect the brand’s lack of popularity with its dependability, although this is not the case.
What We Like
  • For outstanding performance, use a high-intensity LED chip.
  • The handle is made of non-slip rubber and is easy to grasp.
  • Waterproof design helps to keep damage to a minimum.
  • A battery changeover clip is included.
What We Don’t Like
  • Made by an unpopular brand
This amazing 12v spotlight has a dual power source, a brilliant output of 1,000 lumens, and is waterproof. Defuse the second thought of its being made by an unknown brand as this is trustworthy for your use.

10. Brinkmann Qbeam Max Million III

This device is regarded as one of the finest marine remote spotlights since it is powerful and provides excellent performance. It may be utilized in a variety of applications. This spotlight is portable and has a long runtime when powered by a 12 volt DC power cable.

I liked how it is extremely useful and pleasant to use; it is renowned for minimizing hand fatigue. Plus, this flashlight is large, and the handy handle makes it simple and quick to use for any outdoor activity. When bought, this item includes an Oxford bag that’s also useful for transporting and storing it. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and can perform effectively even under harsh conditions.

The lens is made of optically high-quality tempered glass. It has a total light 1,200 lumens, which provides safety and security for users. This lighting gadget is worth examining since it is unrivaled in a variety of ways. Its housing is constructed of long-lasting ABS plastic.

Also, in order to give maximum and distant power to the spotlight, it is constructed with an 8-foot coil cable. It is backed by a one-year guarantee. But, this 12v handheld spotlight doesn’t have a floodlight option. The cable seems to be from low-quality materials as it easily breaks apart.
What We Like
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Includes Oxford bag for transporting and storing the spotlight
  • Lens are made with high-quality tempered glass
  • Has long battery runtime
  • Can withstand harsh conditions due to the casing with ABS material
  • Can also be used for other outdoor activities
What We Don’t Like
  • There is no flood light setting
This 12 volt spotlight for boat is highly useful for correctional officers, cops, rescue teams, outdoor enthusiasts, and border patrol agents. In reality, this flashlight is a dependable choice because you will never be wandering in the dark.

11. Brinkmann FBA_9507440 Rechargeable Spotlight

This device is a must-have if you’re searching for a great alternative to a conventional 12v corded LED spotlight. There’s no cable to restrict your movements thanks to its cordless design that makes it easier to use.

Furthermore, it does not depend on standard LED lights. Instead, halogen light is used in this type. Although the lifetime is less than that of LEDs, it is still remarkable up to 2,000 hours. The greatest part about halogen lighting is that it produces a brilliant white light. Better still, a polished metal reflector adds to the brilliance. It’s also worth mentioning that the tempered glass lens that shields the bulb from damage, guaranteeing its extended life.

The lens is complemented with strong ABS plastic housing, protecting the lights from external factors that may speed up deterioration. It comes with a removable and rechargeable battery that might be used while connected to a cigarette lighter adapter. The 12-volt battery can be recharged with the state shown via a built-in light indicator, either inside or outside the spotlight.

The cost of replacing the battery if it fails is quite high. It costs nearly as much as a new spotlight, therefore buying a new spotlight rather than a new battery is the obvious option. In addition, the spotlight’s battery uses lead-acid, which adds a considerable amount of weight.
What We Like
  • The brilliance of the polished reflector is maximized.
  • Rechargeable battery that is simple to remove
  • The lens is made of tempered glass, which is very durable.
  • Cordless design for ease of usage
What We Don’t Like
  • The battery that is both expensive and heavy
This 12-volt rechargeable flashlight has it all, from the tempered glass lens to the replaceable battery. But be sure to not lose or damage the battery if you don’t want to buy the same spotlight again.

Factors To Consider When Choosing 12 Volt Spotlight



The two kinds of boat spotlights, and here’s what they’re called and what they do:

  • Hand-held Type

It’s also known as wireless, and it necessitates the purchase of a spectacle. You must do so in order to have anything to help you in locking the connection in the correct place. Furthermore, you may be certain that the light will stay steady and secure.

Expect a range of sizes and power from various hand-held type manufacturers. It would be helpful in a variety of ways since it could bet with you at all times. All you have to do is aim the beam of light.

  • Built-in Type

This kind requires setup or installation. You won’t be able to raise it after it’s been set. Keep a close watch on the installation to prevent any light dangers, and always make sure that everything is in its correct position.

If your installation is incorrect, it will produce a hazy light that will only provide a hazy view. It is suggested that the spotlight be temporarily mounted and used as darkness falls. When light begins to fade, it indicates that it is time to replace it.

It’s important to avoid being near water while choosing the ideal place for this spotlight. You won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it after it’s correctly fitted.


A spotlight’s main purpose is to provide lighting. Whenever the lights are dim, however, this is difficult. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s luminosity rating that will be expressed in lumens. Lumens are units of measurement for the quantity of visible light emitted by a source. The stronger the spotlight, the higher the number.

Despite hearing and reading about lumens often, most individuals have no clue how intense one lumen is. For comparison, one lumen is about the same as one birthday candle. A spotlight that produces 750 or 850 lumens is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.

The shape of the spotlight also has an impact on the brightness. A parabolic aluminum reflector is one of the must-haves. It enables light to bounce back and forth, resulting in a brighter output.


Beyond aesthetics, the design of a 12v lighting is critical. Because of its use, it is essential. An excellent spotlight should be both attractive and functional. One of the most essential features is an ergonomic handle that is simple to hold. Some are made of molded rubber, while others are curved to fit your hand.

Look for a spotlight with a self-standing structure if you want to use it in a permanent location. Others include a base that can be screwed to the surface. It also must not sink if it is accidentally dropped in water. Instead, it should stay floating so that it may be recovered more easily and not damage the internals.


Durability, comfort, and affordability are all factors to consider when choosing a material. The most prevalent kind of plastic is ABS. This material is one of my favorites since it is both lightweight and long-lasting. A rubber seal around the lens of certain spotlights protects it from water. When it comes to the lenses, polycarbonate glass would be the ideal choice due to its durability.

Some spotlights I’ve seen are constructed of impact-resistant material, which is a bonus. Even if you drop the spotlight by mistake, it will not shatter. The height limit where the spotlight may be dropped without breaking will be specified by the manufacturer.

Aside from plastic, other handles are made of molded rubber. This makes it easier to hold, particularly if you’re going to be holding it for a long period. It also efficiently reduces the amount of heat you experience.


Many 12v spotlights come with a battery for further flexibility. It is preferable if the battery can be recharged. If that’s the case, think about how long it requires to completely charge a battery as well as how long it’d take for it to run out. In comparison to built-in batteries, it is also preferable if it is detachable. In the long term, this makes the spotlight more cost-effective.

Benefits and drawbacks of using boat spotlights


Spotlights help your boat avoid hitting a rock, for example, which could be catastrophic. Investing in high-quality lighting is preferable to spending a large amount of money to repair the damage.

If you have a spotlight and provide fantastic performance, you will get the following benefits:

  • It sends out a signal in times of danger.
  • It helps you inspect the fishing line
  • It has the capacity to move through murky waters
  • It ensures that you avoid collisions.
  • It may help when dragging certain fish through light.
  • It allows you to see pebbles and other potential obstacles.
  • It lets you locate things easily inside your boat.


Although the hand-held version is portable, there are a few things to keep in mind when utilizing it. It’s important to remember to keep an eye on it. There’s a chance you’ll drop it in the water or lose it altogether. Regardless of how durable and weatherproof the spotlights are, it is unavoidable. Since most hand-held kinds are rechargeable, keep in mind that battery power will eventually run out.

Mobility is not favorable to built-in spotlights. Once you’ve placed anything in a certain location, you must maintain it that way. Because it is stationed in one location, it could be a bit inconvenient for you to operate. However, this does not imply that light intensity is unreliable.

How Many Lumens Is Good For A 12 Volt Spotlight


When it comes to LED spotlights, 1,000 lumens and above are excellent. A hundred lumens is enough, however, you’ll need a thousand lumens to be seen and to travel a great distance.

How Far Can A 12 Volt Spotlight Reach

A 12v spotlight has a range of around half a mile. This is a frequent occurrence in the products I described before. You’ll need to pick one with a stronger light output if you want this to reach longer distances.

Where Is The Best Place To Position A 12v Spotlight

It is just a question of personal taste. The optimum location for the lighting installation will also be determined by the intended use. The greatest spot is in the front section of the boat for ease of viewing. If you need it anytime and anywhere on the boat, consider a portable spotlight.

Does A 12 Volt Spotlight Get Hot

A 12-volt flashlight may, in fact, become very hot. In portable devices, this may be an issue. It’s possible that you’ll get uneasy! Avoid touching the spotlight’s lens or the metal ring that surrounds it, since these are the portions that become the hottest.


Nighttime boating doesn’t have to be tough and shouldn’t be risky. You’ll need the best 12 volt spotlight, such as the ones I’ve evaluated above, for a safer experience. You should not depend on moonlight to be there and be seen! Use a high-quality flashlight, whether tethered or cordless, and discover its numerous advantages.

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