How to Mount a Trolling Motor On an Aluminum Boat Properly?

how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat

Ways to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat Bow mount Transom mount A trolling motor is an essential piece of equipment in certain boating activities such as troll fishing. However, installing a trolling motor can become a complicated affair due to the number of considerations you may end up having to think about. …

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The Best Ethanol Fuel Treatments for Boat Engines

best ethanol fuel treatment for boat

The best ethanol fuel treatment for boat boosts engine performance. You can depend on it to counter phase separation, which won’t only cause trouble but danger as well. This happens because of the amount of ethanol in gas. If you use a quality ethanol treatment for boats, you can prevent your engine from misfiring, idle …

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How Much Does a Boat Motor Cost? – Updated Price

how much does a boat motor cost

When talking about the cost of setting up a boat, one of the things that make up the bulk of this cost would be the boat engine. But how much does a boat motor cost exactly? Prices vary greatly depending on many factors that it becomes difficult to establish a standard. In this short article, …

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How Does an Outboard Motor Work? (All Explained)

how does an outboard motor work

Was “How does an outboard motor work?” one of the first questions that floated into your mind when you laid eyes on it? Let’s satisfy that curiosity, then. An outboard boat engine works by powering a propeller that moves the vessel. How it manages to do that involves the creation of power and motion that …

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Minn Kota Circuit Breaker Installation – Important Things to Know

minn kota circuit breaker installation

Reliability is extremely important for boating, which is why it is essential that we use functional tools and equipment. It is fortunate that there are many well-respected brands that deliver such reliability. That includes Minn Kota, whose motors and boat equipment are among the best available today. In this article, we’ll take a quick look …

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