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200+ Pontoon Boat Names & Tips to Name a Pontoon Boat

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

pontoon boat names

Ahoy there, pontoon owner! Whether you’re naming a new boat or renaming your old one, just look at the hundreds of pontoon boat names I’ve listed here. This is for those who are tired of the generic stuff and want to inject a dose of fun, humor, and personality into pontoon boat names.

That’s not to say that the classics don’t work anymore or you can’t add a touch of what you love to do with your baby. The point is if you want the whole nine yards of cool names for pontoons, you’ll get exactly that!

Cool Pontoon Names

Let’s start with some fun pontoon boat names that you can’t go wrong with. At best, these were inspired by mixing names with a dreamy touch, nautical activities that we love, cultural references, locations, etc.

  1. The Reel Deal
  2. Lake Life
  3. Bay Breeze
  4. Just Chillin’
  5. Marina Mirage
  6. Serenity on the Seas
  7. Riverside Retreat
  8. Wave Rider
  9. Floating Fortress
  10. Pirates of the Pontoon
  11. S.S. Titanic II
  12. The Black Pearl
  13. Salty Dog
  14. River Rendezvous
  15. Sandbar Serenade
  16. Moonlit Mirage
  17. Ocean’s Embrace
  18. Starry Night
  19. Bayside Bliss
  20. Seaside Symphony
  21. Tranquil Waters
  22.  Satie’s Serenity
  23.  Nocturne’s Flottante
  24. Irises Afloat
  25. Bedroom on Water
  26. Seafoam Cruiser
  27. Lake Life
  28. Tropicana
  29. Dockside Diva
  30. River Rambler
  31. Harbor Hero
  32. The Nautilus
  33. Blue Bayou
  34. Rock the Boat
  35. Anchor Management
  36. Sundaze
  37. Pontoon-Tastic
  38. Party Barge
  39. Liquid Dreams
  40. Caribbean Queen
  41. Aqua Zen
  42. Margaritaville
  43. Limbo’s Legacy
  44. The Nebuchadnezzar
  45. Red Pill Retreat
  46. Matrix Mania
  47. Jaw’s Jaunt
  48. Apollo’s Adventure
  49. Gilligan’s Getaway
  50. Life Aquatic
  51. Empire Floats Back
  52. The Millenium Pontoon
  53. Enterprise Eddy
  54. Martian Mariner
  55. Avatar’s Anchor
  56. Interstellar Cruiser
  57. Terminator Trawler
  58. Blair Witch Barge
  59. Silence of the Lake
  60. Zion’s Harbor
  61. The Blue Pill
  62. Princess Pontoon
  63. Narnia Navigator
  64. Hogwarts Houseboat
  65. Wizarding Watercraft
  66. Neverending Odyssey
  67. Blackbeard’s Barge
  68. Treasure Hunter
  69. Swashbuckler Seabarge
  70. Jurassic Float
  71. Aquaholic
  72. Sea La vie
  73. Lake Lover
  74. Easy Rider (for those who want slow pontoon boat names)
  75. Lazy Daze
  76. Tranquil Toon
  77. Adagio

Funny Pontoon Names

How can you possibly go wrong with the sheer irreverence of hilarious pontoon boat names and most witty boat names in general?

Not only do your fellow sailors get a good laugh, but riding them every time you’re craving some pontoon fun is guaranteed to beat the blues you’re currently feeling.

  1. Maximum Effort Cruiser
  2. Oh, Buoy!
  3. Ship Happens
  4. Pontoon Palooza
  5. S.S. Minivan
  6. Dunder Mifflin
  7. S.S. Sassy Pants
  8. S.S. Smelly Cat
  9. Tipsy Tango
  10. Wine Not
  11. Boozy Blues Brothers
  12. Waiting’s Wherry
  13. Gin Palace
  14. Seas the Day
  15. Reel-ly Fun
  16. Water We Waiting For?
  17. Master Baiter
  18. Get Hooked
  19. Bait and Switch
  20. Lure Me In
  21. Gone Fishin’
  22. The Codfather
  23. Sea Hags
  24. Nautical Nonsense
  25. Buoy’s Night Out
  26. Captain Hooked
  27. Float My Boat
  28. Water You Doing?
  29. S.S. Dufresne
  30. No Tell Motel
  31. Cinnabon Voyage
  32. Tiki Toon
  33. Fishin’ Magician
  34. Oar-Ever Young
  35. Boat-tique Hotel
  36. Avo-Boat-O
  37. FOMO Float
  38. Nautical Nerd
  39. Nautical Nutter
  40. Usain Boat (especially if you’re riding a little speed demon)
  41. S.S.S.S. Stutterer
  42. For Sail
  43. Yeah Buoy!
  44. Ship Stain
  45. Dock Holiday
  46. Fishful Thinking
  47. Tide and Seek
  48. Unsinkable II
  49. Cirrhosis of the River
  50. Oar We There Yet?
  51. Dinkin’s Dinghy
  52. The Captain’s Liver
  53. Floatin’ Fatso
  54. Booze Barge
  55. The Kids’ Inheritance (one of my favorite family boat names)
  56. No Worries
  57. Sea-duction
  58. Row vs Wade
  59. Shore Beats Work
  60. Sea-zing the Day
  61. Boatimus Prime
  62. S.S. Sarcasm
  63. Salty Doge
  64. Float On, My Wayward Son
  65. S.S. Minnow’s Revenge
  66. HMS Ligma
  67. S.S. Giggles
  68. Subreddit Sea-Slug
  69. Abandon Ship, We Have Cats
  70. Floatin’ Fedora
  71. The Boat-dacious B.I.G.
  72. S.S. Snarky
  73. S.S. Pupperoni
  74. S.S. Antivaxxer
  75. The Floating Meme
  76. HMS Hilarity
  77. Tom’s Cruise
  78. Financial Abuse

Dirty Pontoon Names

There’s no shortage of dirty pontoon boat names out there for those who don’t mind being a bit more vulgar – but still staying positively hilarious at the same time. I would like to apologize in advance to those who will find any of these names offensive:

  1. Nauti Dog
  2. Wet Dream
  3. Sailin’ Dirty
  4. Buoy Oh Buoy
  5. Slippery When Wet
  6. Captain’s Package
  7. Bare Assets
  8. Mermen’s Delight
  9. Big Nauti
  10. Tuggin’ My Dock
  11. Pier Pressure
  12. Boatylicious
  13. Moist Retreat
  14. Lake-a-Luscious
  15. Wet and Wild
  16. Nauti Buoy
  17. Nauti Girl
  18. Aquanautic Fun
  19. Pleasure Island
  20. The Wet Spot
  21. Miss Behavin’
  22. Buoyant Banana
  23. Dirty Oar
  24. Nauti by Nature
  25. BDSM (feel free to tell your viewers what it means by placing it below the acronym using smaller letters, e.g. Boating Daily Sucks Money)
  26. Nauti Time
  27. Sailbad the Sinner
  28. Jolly Rogered
  29. Morning Wood

Female Names

If you want to go the way of the old days and want female names for boats, here are some of the timeless ones coupled with some fresh-er takes.

  1. Serenity
  2. Aqua Queen
  3. Mermaid’s Kiss
  4. Goddess Rhapsody
  5. Sea Siren
  6. Sailista
  7. Sailor Chic
  8. Shoreline Star
  9. Aqua Femme
  10. Delphine
  11. Selkie
  12. Mako’s Mistress
  13. Daughter of the Sea
  14. Coralie
  15. Sirena
  16. S.S. Meridian
  17. Buoyant Blondie
  18. Aquitaine
  19. Sapphira
  20. Marina del Rey
  21. Seraphina
  22. Poseida
  23. Amara
  24. Regatta Belle
  25. Seaflower
  26. Aria Maris
  27. Celestia
  28. Queen of the Waves
  29. Mermaid’s Lagoon
  30. Ocean Queen
  31. Caprice
  32. Azurene
  33. Calypso’s Dream
  34. Siren Song
  35. Island Princess
  36. Diamond Grace
  37. Dreamweaver
  38. Aquatic Empress
  39. Boadicea
  40. Atlanna
  41. Pasiphae
  42. Naida
  43. Melita
  44. Delia
  45. Cleito

Typical Process of Choosing a Boat Name


1. The first step will always be the brainstorming and researching part. By landing on this page, you’re technically doing that – looking for inspiration and ideas. Don’t hesitate to look for other sources of the two (such as your friends and family), so you can weigh your options better.

2. From there, you can either learn more about what your prospective name means and how it relates to you, and how you go about riding your vessel. Does it give rise to a special feeling inside you?

A lot of boaters think it’s always best to add that personal touch, but it’s entirely up to you whether you deem it important or not. I mean, if you like it and can already picture how grand and lovely it would look once you’ve printed out the pontoon boat name decals, then by all means choose it!

3. Narrow down your options. You have to make sure that it will fit your transom, so it may be best to stick to just two or three words max. Still, if the words are short, there’s no harm done. 

You just have to ensure, especially when deliberating pontoon boat name placement, that it will fit your boat’s transom – besides considering the other factors.

4. Finally, make your decision. But not without consulting your friends and loved ones first. Chances are, they’ll be able to suggest a last-minute change that gives you a memorable eureka moment.

Tips to Name a Pontoon Boat


If you’re going to look at the numerous pontoon boat name ideas I was able to come up with, it’s quite clear that the sky clearly is the limit. Here’s the approach I took, which I highly suggest you try out:

  • Keep it alliterative and nautical. It’s easy to generate catchy pontoon boat names by using the same letter on succeeding words with a distinct maritime theme all throughout, as proven by many of the examples listed here.
  • Being funny and sexually suggestive with your names can only go so far. Always think of how people may be offended by your choice.

Someone may even end up reporting your vessel (you never know). The Coast Guard also makes it clear that you shouldn’t use “indecent or profane language” when naming your boats.

  • When choosing pontoon boat name brands, find a way to make it connect with what you do, where you operate, or simply what makes you or your family (assuming it’s a family pontoon boat) the way you are.
  • Consider the pronunciation. You may later regret choosing one that’s difficult to pronounce, especially if you suddenly need rescue or just find yourself in an emergency situation in general.
  • Visualize how it will look once you’ve painted or printed out the pontoon boat name lettering. Does it fit the overall design and theme of the vessel?
  • Don’t take the fun out of the picture. Being too serious only handicaps your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good names for pontoon boats?

Just use lists of pontoon boat names above as a reference and pick your favorite.

The most logical answer to this is it’s up to you. What’s good for you will inevitably not be the case for others. This underlines the personalized aspect of pontoon boat names.

Not all of us find female names like “Aria Maris”, “Zephyra” and “Calypso” charming, but there’s more than a handful who would seize any of these names in an instant. The same goes for comical pontoon names like “Usain Boat” and “Nauti Buoy”.

Should owners name their pontoon boats?

Yes. Naming boats, pontoons included, doesn’t just serve an aesthetic, traditional purpose. It’s also crucial for identifying your boat during an emergency situation, when docking, when communicating with other vessels, etc. Also, it’s actually a legal requirement in the US.


Do you really need a pontoon boat names generator with the list and tips I’ve shared here? I think not! And it’s not like you should adopt these names as they are (though I certainly don’t mind you doing that, I assure you).

What I’m merely saying is that you should take the time to create your own pontoon boat names. In the end, it’s best to always impart a portion of yourself onto any vessel you own, especially one that you intend to use your whole life and will become your family boat.

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