What Color is On the Starboard Side of a Boat?

what color is on the starboard side of a boat

If you haven’t been hoisting the blue peter for long, you probably still want to brush up on a few navigation basics. Are you already aware of the fundamental boat orientation terms but still don’t know the standard port and starboard colors? Did you know that they do well to ensure boat safety? For the …

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The Best Boat Navigation Lights for Your Boat

best boat navigation lights

These best boat navigation lights are what most boaters have on their marine vessels for safer and convenient boating trips. Boat owners use these bow lights for boat for secured and easy navigation during extreme weather conditions or poor visibility. When you are in search of the right boat navigation light kit, these reviews are …

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What Side is the Green Light on a Boat? Left or Right?

what side is the green light on boat

Any boater should know the answer to the question, “What side is the green light on a boat?” as it pertains to basic nautical navigation and seamanship. Without further ado, the answer is it’s always located on the right or starboard side of the vessel. This guideline is followed in almost all the countries of …

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The Best LED Boat Lights Every Boaters Should Have

best led boat lights

LED boat lights are in demand among boaters around the world due to their various styles and applications. Adding the best LED boat lights in your boat’s lighting fixture allows you to sail from dusk until dawn and along foggy or murky areas. You’ll know that you have them once they have the following characteristics: …

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The Best Boat Spotlights You Should Have One in Your Boat

best boat spotlights

You may think that spotlights are just bulky and large flashlights or halogen bulbs that are not convenient to use in your boat. But once you have the best boat spotlights, you’ll know the difference it makes for smooth sailing navigation. Here are the tips on how to identify them: The Bulb: LED, fluorescent, halogen, …

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