How to Use Boat Fenders & Bumpers? – Step-by-Step Guide

how to use boat fenders & bumpers

For their ever-reliable protective capabilities, every boater loves fenders and bumpers. If you count yourself still among the uninitiated when it comes to using them, this guide’s for you. I’ll teach you how to use boat fenders & bumpers, so you’ll have peace of mind that they’ll be able to perform optimally. Many people struggle …

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How to Moore a Boat? The Detailed Guide for Every Step

how to moore a boat

You have to tackle numerous things when you own a boat. With this fact, beginners will likely have many questions like ‘How to moor a boat?’. There are multiple ways to respond to this query. Each method specifies a particular purpose of mooring. I recommend putting some essential factors into consideration like the anchor, knotting, …

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What Size Boat Fenders Do I Need?

what size boat fenders do i need

Do you want to keep your boat in top shape without spending too much money on maintenance? Having boat fenders can save you from unwarranted damages. I once had the dilemma of wondering, what size boat fenders do I need? Are these fenders that essential? The more I spend time in my boat, the more …

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