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128+ Funny Boat Names for Yachts, Ships, Sailboats & More

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

funny boat names

Whether you’re a boater or not, you’re undoubtedly not immune to the rib-tickling effects of reading funny boat names. There are entire forums, discussions, and subreddits dedicated to witty boat names. That should serve as enough proof of how far we’ve come in incorporating humor into boating culture.

Some of the best I’ve come across are “Usain Boat”, “Cirrhosis of the River”, “S.S.S.S.Stutter”, “Unsinkable II”, “Sea Señor”, and “The Codfather”. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though – and speaking of icebergs, “Titanic 2” has got a nice ring to it, too, right?

List of Best Funny Boat Names


Since we’re talking about the funniest boat names, you can expect most of these names to apply to a host of different types of boats. Since we’re considering the best, they can apply to your average pontoon or jon boat, cargo ship, yacht, or sailboat.

What matters is for our favorite people to collapse into fits of laughter once they read them – whether they’re someone we pass by in the dock, out in the open waters, or just casually browsing the ever-expanding sea that’s the Internet.

Without further ado, here are the funniest ship names I’ve come across and thought of.

  1. Uh-Oh! (printed upside down so once the boat capsizes… you get the picture)
  2. Aboat Time
  3. Fishizzle
  4. Ship Happens (arguably an all-time favorite among funny ship names)
  5. Yactha Yachta Yactha
  6. Wood Not, Wood Too (if you happen to have two twin boats)
  7. Nacho Boat
  8. Pier Pressure
  9. Aquaholic
  10. I Sheet You Knot
  11. Tender Behind
  12. Sayler (play on the band Slayer)
  13. Seaman Stains
  14. Seaward
  15. Wasted Seamen
  16. C-Word
  17. Zombies Can’t Swim
  18. Knot for Sail
  19. The African-American Pearl
  20. Who’s Shore Daddy?
  21. Sea Plus Plus
  22. A Loan at Last
  23. High Maintenance
  24. Buoy Oh Buoy
  25. Money Pit
  26. Bad Influence
  27. Master Baiter
  28. Knot 2 Bad
  29. Error 404 Fish Not Found

There’s more than a handful of funny boat names puns in that list, and they’re really a mainstay in most online discussions – for all too obvious reasons. As Oscar Levant once put it, “A pun is the lowest form of humor—when you don’t think of it first.”

Funny Names for Ships


Many boat owners like to search for names just to pass the time while making their day a little brighter. On the other hand, gamers are pretty serious when it comes to looking for funny boat names for Sea of Thieves, to the point that they look for a funny boat names generator for it.

Well, I’ve definitely already generated quite a few that have had a few of my buddies go ROFL and LMAO in chat, such as the following. If you’ve been searching for funny boat names dirty for a while, a couple of these should be right up your alley.

  1. Arrrrmazing Grace
  2. Plank Spanker
  3. Booty Hunter
  4. Jolly Rogerer
  5. Pillage People
  6. Fish and Ships
  7. Big Nauti
  8. Moist Retreat
  9. The Wet Spot
  10. Seamen’s Delight
  11. Rum Runner
  12. Dixie Normous
  13. Maid of Plywood
  14. Sexual Heeling
  15. Reel Booty
  16. Dirty Little Oars
  17. Tipsea
  18. Breaking Wind
  19. Piece of Ship
  20. Dave
  21. Maidenless Voyager
  22. Berth Control
  23. The IRS
  24. The Krusty Krab
  25. Thar She Glows
  26. Booty Call
  27. Some Beach

Funny Names for Yachts

Being the darlings of the boating world doesn’t make yachts exempt from gags and the occasional quip or two. Many like to target the vessels’ luxurious, high-maintenance nature when coming up with funny yacht names such as:

  1. Yacht-nomics
  2. Luxury Tax
  3. Rich Man’s Regret
  4. Costly Cruiser
  5. Bank Breaker
  6. Yachtzee
  7. Money Buoy

Hilarious Names for Ships and Sailboats

If you’re looking for funny names for ships and funny sailboat names, then look no further than this more exhaustive list. I’ve included a couple of redneck boat names as well as funny fishing boat names in this list for a smorgasbord of laughs.

This is the list for anyone searching for unique boat names you can share with your buddies over drinks, for lake parties in family gatherings, or, heck, if you’re searching for fresh boat names ideas as well.

  1. Dixie Dory
  2. Moonshine Mariner
  3. Mudskipper
  4. Redneck Riviera
  5. Hillbilly Houseboat
  6. Swamp Surge
  7. Bootlegger’s Barge
  8. Mast Appeal
  9. Knot So Fast
  10. Sailing by the Seat of Our Pants
  11. Sail Law Vie
  12. Nauti-gal
  13. Mast-adon
  14. Knotical Nonsense
  15. Never Again III
  16. Octopussy
  17. Capital Puni$hment
  18. Hot Ruddered Bum
  19. Buoys in the Hood
  20. Flaming Buoy
  21. The Wreckcreation
  22. Bilge Rat
  23. HMS Sausge Roll
  24. Giant Guppy
  25. USS Party Boat
  26. My Spent Allowance
  27. After You
  28. Tail Chaser
  29. A-loan at Last
  30. On the Rocks!
  31. Grounds 4 Divorce
  32. Buoy Toy
  33. Slippery Slope
  34. Hullabaloo
  35. Knot Working
  36. Sea Ya Later
  37. Sea-cret Hideout
  38. Boat Load of Trouble
  39. Buoy Wonder
  40. Dock Holiday
  41. Lake-tastic
  42. Tide Turner
  43. The Graduate, The Drop Out
  44. Skimpy Jumper
  45. Atilla the Hull
  46. Amy’s Wine House
  47. No Mas Dinero
  48. Balls Deep
  49. Stinky Fingers
  50. Clam Dunk

Funny Gangster Boat Names


Let’s wrap this list up with gangster boat names that fit boat owners who could really care less about what other people think. What’s sure is that they can beat a couple of the funny boat names puns shared here with their Don Corleone-esque ruthless playfulness, with a sprinkle of gangsta rap.

  1. The Don’s Dinghy
  2. Capo Dei Capi
  3. Godfather of the Sea
  4. La Cosa Nostra
  5. B’Yachtch
  6. Hypnotize Houseboat
  7. Biggie Barge
  8. S.S. G-Ride
  9. Pimp My Ride Pontoon
  10. Tha Doggfather Ferry
  11. Nautorious B.I.G.
  12. Notorious S.E.A.
  13. Me & My Dinghy
  14. The Boatfather
  15. All Buoyz on Me

What Makes a Good Boat Name?

  • Make it your own as much as possible. Naturally, you’re free to take the suggestions I’ve given here, but it’s still infinitely better if you come up with something entirely original.
  • Most of the time, minimalism wins. You don’t need to make your yacht as grandiose and ostentatious enough as it is. Just one, two, or three words will suffice – and make sure it’s easy to see and pronounce!
  • Kick your alliterations and puns into high gear. If the list above proves anything, it’s that it’s a failproof way of brainstorming comical boat names.
  • It’s always best to have a deeper meaning, especially one that relates on a personal level to you and your family. Once you read it, that meaning should flick through your mind, and you can unironically think that “this is what I live for” or “this is what home feels like”.

No need to be utterly sentimental and serious, though.

  • As you decide, you should always be mindful of boat name character and placement requirements as per US Coast Guard guidelines.


What did you think of my funny boat names list? I hope they made your day a little brighter, at least. I won’t be surprised if you find some of them silly or stupid – in the end, humor is subjective.

Still, we can’t deny that reading a couple of these funny boat names can prove to be enough to earn a giggle or guffaw from any person caught unawares. Regardless of your purpose for searching for funny names for boats, I hope you’ve found them funny or useful – better if both, obviously.

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