How to Restore Gel Coat on a Boat Easily Even If You are a Newbie

how to restore gelcoat on a boat

Most first-time boat owners and newbies in boat gel coat restoration find this tutorial perfect! They learn these useful steps to restore boat gel coats with high confidence: 1. Seven essential gel coat restoration solutions, and 2. Four tutorial steps that include: These are your options to make your boat appear brand new. Make it …

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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Boat?

how much does it cost to paint a boat

Does your boat look like it needs something fresh for a change? Good paint can be an excellent investment for your vessel. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, it can also protect the walls of your boat. The copper in its color keeps microorganism growth minimal. You may ask how much does it cost to paint …

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The Best Boat Buffers

best boat buffer

Searching for the best boat buffers and polishers sounds tricky among popular variants and products provided in the market. Using a buffer eliminates blemishes on your boat while maintaining a lasting sheen with less effort than doing it manually. Waxing and polishing your boat with bare hands is no longer the best option to maintain …

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