How Much Does It Cost to Winterize a Boat?

how much does it cost to winterize a boat

Dreading the cold temperature is understandable for every boat owner, as winterizing your investment can be a hassle thing to do. People may skip this maintenance process on their boat because they don’t know how important this is. You might apprehensively take this matter seriously because this is an additional financial burden. You may ponder, …

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The Best Boat Buffers

best boat buffer

Searching for the best boat buffers and polishers sounds tricky among popular variants and products provided in the market. Using a buffer eliminates blemishes on your boat while maintaining a lasting sheen with less effort than doing it manually. Waxing and polishing your boat with bare hands is no longer the best option to maintain …

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How to Reinforce a Transom on an Aluminum Boat? – The Easiest Way

how to reinforce a transom on an aluminum boat

Aluminum boat transoms resist oxidation and corrosion but they may loosen over time, so it is necessary to promptly reinforce a transom on an aluminum boat. Effective Jon boat rebuild prevents weakend transoms that affect boat’s integrity and safety. Learn the solid tips in this tutorial to master how to reinforce a transom on an …

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