10+ Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Boat

questions to ask before buying a boat

Knowing the right questions to ask before buying a boat can mean the difference between ending up with a great investment or the exact opposite. Widening your view is crucial when considering what to ask yourself and the prospective seller. It also takes anticipating future hurdles you may encounter. At best, the vital questions can …

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What Should You Do if Your Small Open Boat Capsizes?

what should you do if your small open boat capsizes

You’re sailing merrily along with your trusty small vessel. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind causes your boat to heel and ultimately lose its balance. For novice boaters, capsizing can be a nerve-racking experience. It’s only right that you should know the best answers to “What should you do if your small open boat capsizes?” …

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How to Tie Leather Laces? – 4 Easy & Simple Ways


Boat shoes are ideal footwear when you’re on deck, but they also have a reputation for being difficult to use, mainly due to leather laces that are complicated to tie. Knowing how to tie leather laces is essential, both from a practical and a fashion standpoint. We’ll take a look at a few reliable ways …

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