What Is a Skeg Guard And Why Do You Need It

what is a skeg guard

With safety always being a priority for boating, we always want to keep an eye out for any additional safety options out there. Something you may come across that helps protect your boat is the skeg guard. But what is a skeg guard and how can it be helpful to you? In this article, we’ll …

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The Best Marine Biology Books All Ocean Lover Must Read

best marine biology books

Since you love to have a journey on the waters, it’s just natural that you get interested in marine life. You may also want to learn the different organisms that dwell underwater. The best marine biology books are the best source in regards to this matter. You will be surprised to know numerous marine species …

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What Is a Barge Boat? – Important Things to Know

what is a barge boat

Throughout history, boats and ships played a significant role in developing trade. Barges were also important in the industrial development of the world. Therefore, many might wonder what is a barge boat and what are barges used for? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the barge. We’ll take a look at its …

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