How to Measure a Boat Trailer Axle? (w/ Images)

how to measure a boat trailer axle

At some point, your boat trailer axle may need replacement due to damage. Knowing how to measure a boat trailer axle is critical to ensure the replacement is accurate. The critical measures are the hub face, brake flange, spring center, and end-to-end spindle. This article will provide you with the steps to measure these things accurately. Stick …

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Why Are Outboard Motors So Expensive? – 5 Main Reasons

why are outboard motors so expensive

Let me guess, you’ve been browsing for a new outboard motor lately, and one of the first things that entered your mind is “Why are outboard motors so expensive?” Well, they’re likely going to stay pricey because various factors come into play, namely: Engine’s size and horsepower Materials and manufacturing and labor costs Fuel efficiency …

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Why Are Pavati Boats So Expensive? – 4 Main Reasons

Why Are Pavati Boats So Expensive

The first time I searched for new and used Pavati boats in marketplaces online, price tags of $250,000, $415,000, $525,000, etc. immediately greeted me. Naturally, much like you, “Why are Pavati boats so expensive?” crossed my mind. Upon further investigation, it’s mostly because the company doesn’t skimp on its materials and design. These all-aluminum wake …

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