V-Drive vs Direct Drive: What Makes Them Different?

v drive vs direct drive

Besides the passionate discussions of whether inboard, outboard, or inboard/outboards are better choices, there’s another that’s just as lively: V-Drive vs Direct Drive towboats. A V-Drive tends to be better for wakeboarding, has more storage space, and is more versatile, making it a good family boat. On the other hand, the old-school Direct Drive (or …

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What Safety Equipment Is Required on a Boat in Florida

what safety equipment is required on a boat in florida

Have you been wondering what safety equipment is required on a boat in Florida? The U.S. Coast Guard requires a USCG-approved PFD (personal flotation device) available in various sizes to accommodate all passengers. Every passenger should have a life jacket. All boats with a high flammability risk (i.e. fuel tanks) need to have a fire …

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What is a Gunwale on a Boat? Here is the Answer!

what is a gunwale on a boat

Sometimes, when we encounter new words and terms, we readily assume their meaning based on their structure. If you thought the gunwale of a boat is a type of naval weapon… that’s already pushing it – nor is it something you shoot whales with. You’ll find the answer to the question, “What is a gunwale …

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