How to Test a Tachometer on a Boat? – 4 Easy Steps

how to test a tachometer on a boat

A well-calibrated tachometer can be any boater’s gateway to unlocking the full potential of their marine engine, but what if you suspect it’s not giving you the real rotation speed? No worries, this guide will teach you how to test a tachometer on a boat. It reveals steps and methods that have consistently worked for …

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Why My Outboard Will Not Throttle Up?

Why My Outboard Will Not Throttle Up

I’ve been there before. My boat glides across the waves, but it doesn’t take long for me to feel something’s not quite right. It should be accelerating quickly, but it feels sluggish. Immediately, I started to look for reasons why my outboard will not throttle up. This article is the product of my comprehensive research. …

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How Does a Boat Propeller Work? – Explained

how does a boat propeller work

Every time you ride a boat, have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of the beautiful marine scene you’re beholding? For instance, what is it exactly that’s propelling you forward? In the world of boating, there’s a hidden hero, often overlooked but undeniably essential—the boat propeller. How does a boat propeller work? I …

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How Much Does a Sailboat Cost in 2024

how much does a sailboat cost

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the open waters on your own trusty sailboat? If so, you’ve probably wondered, How much does a sailboat cost? Sailboat prices vary widely, whether you’re eyeing a brand-new beauty, a time-tested vessel, or a compact cruiser. Prices can range from just a little over $900 to a whopping $41,000,000 …

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How to Register a Boat in Mississippi? – Things to Do

How to Register a Boat in Mississippi

Are you a resident who recently moved to the Magnolia State? Perhaps, you’re a beginner boater living in the state. This guide on how to register a boat in Mississippi is prepared precisely for folks who need comprehensive information on this topic. You’ll find all the registration requirements and steps explained here. If you have …

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What Happened to River Hawk Boats?

what happened to river hawk boats

Long story short, River Hawk boats closed due to financial difficulties and tough competition in the boating industry. At best, the company didn’t make it to the ten-decade mark, but it has left a lasting impression on most ’90s and 2000s boaters. The question, “What happened to River Hawk boats?” sets the stage for great …

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Do I Need Insurance When I Rent a Boat?

do i need insurance when i rent a boat

Picture this: You’re standing at the helm of a rented boat, ready to set sail into a day of leisure and exploration. But before you cast off, a question that’s as crucial as your lifejacket pops into your mind, “Do I need insurance when I rent a boat?” The short answer is yes. It protects …

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