How to Charge a Boat Battery on the Water in Five Easy Steps

how to charge a boat battery on the water

Better understand how to charge a boat battery on the water when you’re cruising waters. It’s best that way, especially when you’re fishing or resting in the sun and your boat stops working. Check that the engine is in good working order, as well as the battery. It will surely make your boating experience worthwhile. …

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Tritoon Vs Pontoon Boats – Similarities and Differences

tritoon vs pontoon boats

Nothing can stop the evolution and advancement of pontoons. As various models and styles surface, you’re surprised to see three pontoon boats. This is called a tritoon because there are three toons instead of the usual two pieces. Hence, some people are confused with tritoon vs pontoon boats. It usually happens before a purchase. Not …

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Where Can You Find the Maximum Horsepower for Your Boat

where can you find the maximum horsepower for your boat

Acknowledging the importance of knowing your vessel’s ability, you’re eager to get the answer to ‘Where can you find the maximum horsepower for your boat?’ You can check the capacity plate of your boat as an initial step. This plate is on the steering area, helm, or in front of the captain. Federal law requires …

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What Is a Transom? Where Onboard a Boat is It Located?

Where Onboard a Boat is the Transom Located

Boaters tend to inspect their boats’ hulls regularly and some may fail to notice the transom. What is a transom? It’s a flat, rear section of the boat and it’s also called the stern. Some novices have no idea about it. The outboard motor on small vessels is clamped on a transom. Hence, the life …

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Boat Engine Fogging for Long Term or Winter Storage (Outboard)

boat engine fogging for long term or winter storage

Whether you’ve decided to take an indefinite boating hiatus or just want to winterize your boat, fogging your vessel’s engine ensures proper storage. However, not every boat owner agrees when it comes to the necessity of this practice. It’s the process of using fogging oil on the engine to prevent corrosion, moisture damage, and other …

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On a 15 Foot Boat Which Object Is Required to Be on Board

on a 15 foot boat which object is required to be on board

We need different items for different boating activities. The bigger the boat, the more items are necessary, but on a 15 foot boat which object is required to be on board? In this article, we’ll go over the specified coast guard requirements for boats, specifically for those around 15 feet in length. We’ll take a …

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