Why are Boat Steering Wheels on the Right?

why are boat steering wheels on the right

Are you wondering how steering wheels on a boat work? Do technical ideas come in your mind with its placement? If you drive your car daily, you may wonder – why are boat steering wheels on the right? This steering wheel placement may be a new environment, especially for land drivers. While some countries have …

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How to Winterize an Outboard Boat Motor in 8 Easy Steps

how to winterize an outboard boat motor

“Winter is coming,” is a common remark among boaters, marking the start of busy preparations for the changing of seasons. Surely everyone wants to winterize an outboard motor before the cold weather arrives. Especially when there is a high chance of snowflakes, you’ll be happy to winterize an outboard motor 2 stroke. The sooner you …

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What Is a Tiller Outboard Motor & How Does It Work?

what is a tiller outboard motor

If you’ve been looking at the different options available for your boat, you’ll come across an interesting choice in the tiller. But what is a tiller outboard motor exactly? How is it beneficial and when is it ideal to use? In this short guide, we’ll take a look at tiller outboard motors and what they …

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The Best Fuel Additives for 2 Stroke Outboards

best fuel additive for 2 stroke outboards

It’s no accident that fuel additives are synonymous with fuel treatments. Once paired with the right type of fuel and engine, these concoctions become no less than power drinks and sprays for most various vehicles and motor-run equipment. I can say the same for the best fuel additive for 2-stroke outboards. From a smoother-running, quieter …

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