Who Makes Axis Boats? & What Company It Is?

who makes axis boats

Axis Wake is a well-known brand that is popular for its high-performance wakeboard boats but also easier on your bank account compared to high-end models. But don’t you wonder who makes axis boats and what company it is? Axis boats are owned and made by Malibu boats, another well-known brand. There are many similarities between …

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How Much Do Boat Mechanics Make? – Average Salary

how much do boat mechanics make

A boat mechanic is someone you need to rely on from time to time to address problems that may be too complicated to fix on your own. But professional costs can be quite expensive, so how much do boat mechanics make? The average mechanic pay is over $46,000 a year, not including additional pay such …

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How to Surf Behind a Boat? – 4 Detailed Steps


Wake surfing serves as a godsend for folks who don’t want to miss out on the unique thrills only a combination of waves and speed can provide. Despite it being more challenging than wakeboarding, it’s still generally not difficult to get the hang of. If you’ve been meaning to learn how to surf behind a …

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How Much Does a Jeep Boat Cost? – 2022 Updated

how much does a jeep boat cost

An amphibious vehicle is an impressive vessel because of its unparalleled utility between terrain types. Jeep boat rental makes sense to try it out, but what if you want to own one? How much does a jeep boat cost? A car boat price can start at around $80,000 to over $160000. Some versatile models, such …

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What is a Bay Boat? Let’s Find Out Together!

what is a bay boat

Versatile and a top-grade option for fishing, bay water boats attract the interest of many boaters, novice and experienced alike. So what is a bay boat? Besides the more obvious fact that they’re mainly designed to be driven in bays, you have to look at their hull draft and overall design compared to other vessels. …

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Impeller vs Propeller: What Are the Major Differences?

impeller vs propeller

The impeller and propeller are critical parts of your boat or the engine system. This impeller vs propeller comparison discusses their purpose, how they work, and their major difference. An impeller is part of the centrifugal pump of the boat engine that sucks sea or lake water into the pump housing and circulates it for cooling. On the other …

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