How to Waterproof Plywood for a Boat? – 2 Methods

how to waterproof plywood for a boat

Got a plywood boat that you’re just finishing up? Perhaps, you’re just doing a reseal of a used wooden boat? If you find yourself in the dark with regards to how to waterproof plywood for a boat, no worries, this guide has got your back. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest way to waterproof plywood …

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How to Live on a Sail Boat Full Time: All You Need to Know

how to live on a sail boat full time

Don’t just romanticize when settling in a sailboat because there are some things that you have to weigh in. It’s an unconventional lifestyle that necessitates the ability to adapt to changes, make preparation, and commit to organization. Before getting on board for good, you need to gather information on how to live on a sail …

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