What Is a Tender Boat? – Know to Enjoy the Features You Need

what is a tender boat

One exciting experience with larger vessels is getting support provisions, embarking, or disembarking through a tender boat. You may wonder “what is a tender boat” and how does it work? The “tender boat” or “tender” is a small boat that services the needs of larger vessels. Tenders serve as utility, casual rides, fishing, or emergency …

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Channel Markers & Buoys: All You Need to Know

channel markers & buoys

Channel markers & buoys serve as vital navigational and safety guides for boats and ships. Essentially, they’re like the markers we also see and use on our roads when we’re out driving, but with their own unique touch. After all, these markers are designed primarily to give directions and enforce safety and the rules of …

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How to Properly Trim a Pontoon Boat in 5 Simple Steps

how to properly trim a pontoon boat

Getting a boat to run with optimum performance brings about many benefits, including better fuel efficiency and a smoother boating experience. For us to reach this point, it is important to know about engine trim and its proper use. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to properly trim a pontoon boat. …

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What are the Most Common Causes of Boat Accidents?

what are the most common causes of boat accidents

News about boat accidents fill the local news. Who would have thought that mundane activities like sailing at the sea can turn into misadventures? What are the most common causes of boat accidents? This happens due to several causes. Beside mechanical issues and bad weather conditions, most incidents are attributed to a lack of knowledge …

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