What Does a Boat’s Capacity Plate Indicate?

what does a boat’s capacity plate indicate

Have you looked at boats lately and their capacity plates piqued your interest? So what does a boat’s capacity plate indicate? Understanding it can make a world of difference when you’re out on the water. It indicates two vital pieces of information: the maximum weight the boat can safely carry and the number of individuals …

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How Does a Boat Lift Work – A Detailed Explanation

how does a boat lift work

Many boaters encounter the dilemma of keeping their vessel in the water or investing in a boat lift instead. Often, this sends the uninitiated scratching their heads and asking, “What’s that? How does a boat lift work exactly?” The main purpose of a boat lift is to keep the boat from being in direct contact …

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What is the Best Way to Reboard a PWC in the Water

What is the Best Way to Reboard a Pwc in the Water

Imagine this: You’re on your PWC with the waves dancing around you. One moment, you are moving swiftly, and the next, you find yourself losing steering control and plunging into the water’s cool embrace. Panic digs its claws soon enough. So, what is the best way to reboard a PWC in the water? First and …

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What Kind of Oil Should I Use in My MerCruiser 3.0 Engine?

mercruiser 3.0 oil type

Are you feeling a little lost when trying to figure out the correct Mercruiser 3.0 oil type to use because you lost the manufacturer’s manual? Or are you exploring other viable options? Here’s the gist. Mercruiser recommends you use its own SAE 20W-40 full synthetic oil or SAE 25W-40. However, it’s entirely allowed to use …

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How to Clean Sperrys Boat Shoes? – 2 Methods

how to clean sperrys boat shoes

So, you’re not exactly a fan of the beat-up look that Sperry topsiders get over time, huh? Some find it charming (yours truly included), but others don’t want grime anywhere near their leather shoes. To each their own. I made this guide on how to clean Sperrys boat shoes for the latter. These are the …

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Ferry vs Boat: Differences and Comparison

ferry vs boat

More or less, we’re all familiar with the topic of boats vs. ships. On the other hand, ferry vs. boat is definitely a more unusual discussion because the two greatly overlap. A ferry is a more specialized type of boat designed to efficiently transport passengers and vehicles between two destinations. Most run on tight schedules. …

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How to Upholster Curves With Vinyl? – 6 Steps

How to Upholster Curves With Vinyl

Boat upholstery can be easy to mess up, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the task properly. This guide on how to upholster curves with vinyl was written with that in mind, providing you with only the most important tips. Since every boat’s upholstery is different, this guide is …

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Where Are Tracker Boats Made? – Tracker Boats Origin

where are tracker boats made

Are you wondering where are Tracker boats made because you want to know their exact country or state of origin? Perhaps, you want to assess their quality, buy factory direct vessels, or have other brand-related concerns? Regardless of your reason, know that bass Tracker boats are mostly made in Missouri, particularly Lebanon. There are a …

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