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How Much Does a Paddle Boat Weigh? – Average Weight

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much does a paddle boat weigh

Knowing a variety of details about your boat can be helpful; even something seemingly mundane as its weight is quite useful. But how much does a paddle boat weigh and how could this information be used?

If you know how heavy your boat is, you can avoid overloading it and maintain stability while traversing rivers.

On average, paddle boats weigh around 150 to 500 lbs, with 5 passenger models being the heaviest. That said, some lightweight pedal boat models could fall below this range.

Paddleboat/Pedal Boat Weight


Standard models of paddle boats range from 150 to 500 lbs, with certain factors affecting the total heft. While a 2 person small paddle boat is likely to be lighter than a 4-passenger one, this is not always the case.

Another point that is important to consider is the passenger limit, which is usually not an accurate measurement. Many models indicate having room for 4 or 5 people but can accommodate just over 500lbs. Plus, the indicated number of passengers usually refers to the number of seats.

It can be problematic to have four adults on such a vessel, since the total weight could easily add up to over 500lbs, unless they’re all small people. It is also important to consider weight distribution on boats to keep them balanced.

Determinants of Paddle Boat Weight Limit

1. Passenger Weight


To increase the passenger weight limit paddle boat sizes need to be increased. And the bigger the paddle boat dimensions, the more materials are needed to build it, making large boats heavier than those with a lower capacity.

2. Construction Material


The quality of the material used to make a boat greatly affects its resulting weight, so let us look at two commonly used types for these vessels: polyethylene and fiberglass.

For example, a 5-seat polyethylene Sun Dolphin paddle boat weighs 110 lbs, which is lower than the range specified earlier. This is very light, especially considering that this measurement includes a canopy.

In comparison, a 4 person paddle boat of fiberglass construction weighs in at 320lbs. Even a 2 seater fiberglass design is much heavier than the plastic paddle boat above, measuring at 280 lbs compared to 110 lbs of high-density polyethylene.

3. Accessories and Features


Accessories and features result in increased weight totals. While many installations do not weigh much, having more of them on board at the same time will significantly increase the total heft of the vessel. 

However, many of these items provide convenience or comfort that may be worth the additional weight. It’s just a matter of prioritizing which ones you want to have. Here are some common amenities found on pedal boats:

  • Specialized, adjustable, or cushioned seats
  • Cooler compartment
  • Canopy or Umbrella
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Beverage/cup holders
  • Electric motor

Why It is Important to Know How Much a Paddle Boat Weighs


Knowing the weight of your paddle boat allows you to plan for transporting it. However, there is another benefit to this; it can also tell you how much weight can a paddle boat hold.

Below are a few common load limits for such recreational vessels.

  • Boats weighing 100lbs have a limit of 532lbs
  • 800lbs maximum capacity for a 350lbs vessel
  • A 500lbs vessel can hold 1084lbs at maximum

While these are estimates, they are still quite reliable if no specifics are available as far as passenger weight is concerned. For instance, by looking at the Water Wheeler pedal boat from Sun Dolphin, we can see that the estimated 545lbs matches the specified capacity pretty closely.


How much does a paddle boat weigh? Whether you’re on a fiberglass paddle boat or a plastic model, it can be surprisingly useful to know the weight of your vessel, not just to plan for transporting it, but also for determining its passenger capacity as well.

Do you find this information useful? You may not have a use for it right away, but it will come in handy someday if you go boating with your family.

Remember to boat safely.

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