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How Much Does a Bass Boat Weigh? Let’s Find Out Right Now!

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much does a bass boat weigh

Are you interested in getting yourself a bass boat? Have you considered its size? Does the thought on how much does a bass boat weigh cross your mind? These are valid questions that will ensure that you are financially ready to have a bass boat.

Its weight, size, and other factors will matter when you move it around. Although it is known to be a lightweight boat, you should know how heavy or light it will be for storage, transfer, and other practical purposes.

What are Dry Weight and Packaged Weight?


The differences in dry and packaged weight will matter because you wouldn’t want to confuse yourself when you already have the boat.

Manufacturers refer to the dry weight as the ship’s weight and nothing else. This dry weight means that the trailer, the fuel, and other gear are not included.

The packaged weight is the weight that can vary depending on what is included in your purchase. Of course, this weight is heavier as it considers the other factors.

The Weigh of Bass Boat 


A bass boat is lighter compared to other fishing boats. It has an average dry weight of about 1700 lbs. This average can vary with the size of the ship itself.

Trailers designed for bass boats can weigh from 500-1100, and this will give you an average of about 2400 lbs for the bass boat with the trailer. These numbers will vary according to the bass boat model and where it is manufactured. The size, length, and material used for your bass boat will also affect its weight.

Why is the Weight of the Trailer Significant?

The trailer’s weight is a factor to consider when transferring the boat. It will be an additional weight for your vehicle to tow. Thus, you will need a trailer that will be good support for your boat and one with a reasonable value for your car to pull both together efficiently.

What other Factors Affect the Weight of the Boat?


While a bass boat is made to be lightweight, other factors will weigh it down when it is ready for use. You can’t let the boat go on its own without these accessories. Thus, it is also pertinent to know how these accessories affect the weight of the boat. It will help you consider what things to prioritize when loading and unloading your vessel.

Here are the common ones you can add, ranging from the trailer to the usual fishing gear on bass boats.

  • Trailer

A boat trailer is necessary to carry your boat out of the water. Some boat owners also keep the boat on the trailer in storage, so it won’t be tricky when it is time to bring it back on the water. The weight of trailers may vary. But you need to note that the trailer size should match your bass boat. Trailer weight has a range of 500-1100 lbs.

  • Motor

Motors add a significant amount of weight to bass boats. For you to get the right motor size is another topic, but it will also depend on the size and capacity of your bass boat for a heads up. The bigger the bass boat will most likely need a bigger motor size.

An 18-foot bass boat will likely need a 150 horsepower motor and will weigh around 460 lbs. However, this is an approximate measurement, and it can still change depending on your boat’s needs.

  • Fuel

Gasoline fuels most bass boats. And you can’t neglect its weight, especially when you head out for fishing.

A gallon of gas usually weighs around 6.1 lbs. When you go on a full fuel tank, of course, this can be multiplied depending on your tank’s capacity. A full fuel tank has an average of 39 gallons. So when you consider one with full gas, you will have an additional 237 lbs of weight for the fuel alone.

  • Batteries

Having a battery is essential to start the motor of your bass boat. Most bass boats will need one or two deep cycle batteries best suited for bass boats. Each battery is about 70 lbs, so having two would add about 140 lbs of weight on your vessel.

  •  Tackle Box

This box is specifically designed for fishing. You can place a lot of fishing materials here. While it is great to have a large tackle box, you need to know that a medium-sized one is about 10-20 lbs. A bigger one will be great, but it will also add weight and shrink up your space inside.

  • Anchor

When you have decided an excellent spot to fish for bass, you would want to keep your vessel steady on the water with a good anchor. Aside from the anchor’s weight, it would be best if you considered the chain that comes with it. In general, this will be about another 10-20 lbs.

  • Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is the absolute must you don’t want to miss. Most boat owners have more than one rod of their own. Each is about 30 lbs. You should be aware of how many rods can fit inside your boat without causing too much crowding.

  • Life Jacket

Having around 2 lbs of these life preservers will make your boat safer. We can never tell when we will need one, so it is safe to have one or two in your bass boat.

  • Cooler

Although a cooler is not necessary for a bass boat, having one will keep your fishing activity cool. An empty medium-sized one can be as light as 24 lbs while a cooler filled with drinks can be up to 50 lbs or more. The cooler can be more massive with ice and with the fish that you might catch that day.

Will my SUV be able to Tow my Boat?

Midsize SUVs can tow a bass boat and its trailer. If you have a small SUV, you don’t want to risk getting in an accident. A full-size truck can also tow your boat. A list of well-known SUVs with how much they can pull comfortably can guide you on your bass boat purchase.


Knowing the features of your bass boat will help you become confident and even wiser on your investment. Its weight is a factor in transferring and storing it away, and having this information will prevent you from physical accidents in the future. Moreover, most accessories such as tongue of boat will also add weight to your bass boat.

If you are self-assured in answering your friend’s query on the question – how much does a bass boat weigh, we know you are ready to get one. This crucial knowledge will help assess if your vehicle, storage area, and trailer are aligned for your bass boat.

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