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Can You Live on a Yacht? Things to Know of a Dream Lifestyle!

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

can you live on a yacht

Question: Is it possible to live on a yacht?

Answer: Yes. With proper planning, comfortably living on a yacht is possible, but it might not be an ideal lifestyle for everyone.

Due to the numerous depictions in popular media, living on the water has become a dream lifestyle for many. The degree of freedom that this sort of life affords is almost synonymous with a life of adventure.

However, when you think about the preparations needed to make this a reality, it’s inevitable to end up asking, “can you live on a yacht?”. Here, we’ll talk about important considerations that need to be made for a successful yacht lifestyle.

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Living on the Water


Yachts are among the bigger recreational boats that are accessible to most people. Being at least 35 feet long and having quarters on board, it’s fully equipped for people to live on it days at a time. But what if you want to live on a yacht for longer periods?

To live on a boat, several considerations need to be made, but it is doable. Among the more considerable challenges of living on a boat is the small living space. Because of the bigger space that yachts afford us, this becomes somewhat easier to manage.

The Right Boat

Having the right yacht to live on is the first thing you will have to address. Since yachts are at least 35 feet long, they usually have enough space for people to live on them. Other good choices are tugboats and barges.

However, be prepared to address issues regularly since boat amenities can be more demanding as far and maintenance and repairs are concerned. This is especially true if you’re living on the boat full time and using them every day.

Space Management

There are things you have to prepare for to make life on a boat manageable. By planning properly, living on a yacht full time can be comfortable. Among the next things you will end up having to plan for is managing space.

Having a bigger boat such as a yacht does give you a bigger space to work with, but that space will still be limited.

Food and Connectivity

This also means that storing supplies can be quite a challenge. Food, clothing, water, power supply are the things we have to prepare.

Also, you must ensure good connectivity and means of communication. You must provide good internet access for entertainment and also in case of emergencies.

License to Live

After planning the space on your yacht, you also have to prepare the room on your boat. It’s important to check with the management of the marina; it’s also likely that additional fees will be incurred by applying for a living slot.

Unfortunately, not all cities are accommodating to people living on boats. You may have to move to a city where living on boats is more accepted.

You Need a Flexible Job

Many people dream of a life living on a boat in the Caribbean or a similar place. However, living on a boat full time is very different from doing so for a fixed amount of time. Having a job is necessary for most people, and you usually can’t do that if you’re always out on the sea.

Some people live many of their days at a mooring or anchorage. However, this is something that you should consider carefully. Yacht living has disadvantages, and these difficulties can become harsher if you are further out at sea. You do get more privacy, so some people consider this a reasonable tradeoff.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Cheaper to Live on a Yacht than in a House or Apartment

If you look at rent for the slit compared to rent for housing, it may seem like it’s cheaper. However, prices are different depending on where you live, and if expenses on a boat pile up, it can cost more than most people think. It includes slip fees, boat mortgage, and insurance, energy, and not just food and clean water.

What are the Biggest Benefits of Living on a Yacht

The most significant benefit of living on a yacht is the freedom it affords. Going out to sea when you want privacy and being closer to nature; are things that many people dream of. Living in a treehouse may also bring you closer to nature, but that’s a different cup of tea.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Living on a Yacht

Difficulty sleeping on stormy nights and limited space are common problems that people living on boats deal with. However, the biggest challenge for a boat-living life would be the amount of effort it takes to make life comfortable.

Doing groceries, laundry, waste disposal are all chores that are more difficult and tiresome due to managing them on a boat. It takes much more energy to accomplish them, and while this should be expected of a life of adventure, some people overlook this point.

Maintaining personal hygiene is another challenge, but this can be addressed with proper planning.


Every lifestyle has its pros and cons, this applies to boat-living life as well. It’s all up to you to make it work. We hope this guide was able to provide you with the information you need to consider things properly.

Just remember that living life to the fullest and making yourself happy is what matters most. If you know anyone else wondering “can you live on a yacht?”, please share this with them as well.

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