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Who Makes G3 Boats for Big Fishing and Family Fun

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

who makes g3 boats

Are you wondering “who makes G3 boats” for fishing, lake hunting, and family fun?

The G3 boats came through in 1960 by its first maker J.B. Appleby, founder of Appleby Boats company. Then, Brent Appleby, J.B. Appleby’s grandson, launched the Generation 3 brand in 1992.

Five years later, the Yamaha Boat Company bought the Appleby Boats company and gave it a new name” G3”.

Learn more details about G3 boats across the globe by continuing to read.

The G3 Boats Origin, Ownership, and Features


1. The Development of G3 Boats

The G3 boats were first built in 1960 by J.B. Appleby, founder of the Appleby Boats company. In 1992, Brent Appleby, J.B. Appleby’s grandson, launched the Generation 3 boat brand in Lebanon, Missouri, USA.

Here are some fast facts on the rich roots of the G3 boat’s development:

  • The roots of the G3 boats: John Bell “J.B.” Appleby, started creating the first aluminum boats in Lebanon, Missouri.
  • The Generation 3 brand was then launched by his grandson Brent in 1992 at the Lebanon town.
  • Lebanon, Missouri is a town known for its experienced boat-building workforce, and among them is the Appleby Boats company.
  • Brent sold the company to the Yamaha Boat Company in 1997, which was later renamed to G3. G3 boats built an array of aluminum boats for fishing and sports.
  • The Yamaha Boat Company continues to manufacture and distribute high-quality Yamaha G3 boats through certified dealers in the US and worldwide.

2. A Snapshot on John Bell Appleby: First Maker of G3 Boats

Mr. “J.B.” Appleby came up with the idea of making aluminum Jon boats during his travels. Specifically, he got his idea from a Big Piney Riverman named Dablemont while he was visiting Lebanon in 1959.

While selling Rich Line’s boats, he spent a day in the Big Piney banks, observing Mr. Dablemont building a boat.

JB Appleby asked to use the details of that boat out of seemingly slanted and bowed rakes on all sides. JB was granted his request and designed aluminum riverboats on the condition that Mr. Dablemont and Ozark folks afford them.

JB stood by the condition and built affordable aluminum boats at his small place in Lebanon in March 1959. He started Appleby Boat Company in 1960 and made his first shipment of 10-foot long aluminum Jon boats to the company Sears and Roebuck in Kansas City.

The Appleby Boats grew out of JB’s strength in sales and boat manufacturing and became the world’s largest aluminum boat maker in 1964. What JB has founded in Lebanon has forged it as a great ship-building city for G3 boats.

3. G3 Boat Owners and Dealers

The Yamaha Boat Company continued producing G3 boats thanks to their first maker, JB Appleby founder of Appleby Boats. Each high-quality G3 fishing boats and pontoon products come with excellent customer service and value to loyal owners and dealers.

The G3 boat makers have established refreshingly-priced aluminum boat products across dealers and owners. They gained an increasing value over the years in the USA and internationally among G3 boat owners.

You can find a G3 boat dealer near you through this dealer locator for plans or solutions to any drawbacks. The locator will guide the way not just within your proximity but also to other authorized dealers in some places worldwide.

Now that you know who is behind G3 boats, get to know the models along with each attribute and useful feature for your angling, sports, and other marine use.

4. The G3 Models and Features


If you’re asking “are G3 boats welded or riveted?” then you need to know their features. The G3 boats and each G3 model copes with various use.

  • Highly hybrid, wide-aluminum-body and lounged-design suitable for multi-species angling, big fishing, skiing, or other sports activities and large crowds
  • Competitively priced aluminum boats that are solidly built for rugged conditions and family fun.
  • They are not a highly regarded brand like Lund but have excellent resale value and user-friendly features for anglers.
  • Features all-aluminum, all-welded or all-riveted, and modified-v hull with wide-range livewells with ample rod lockers for flexible use and storage
  • Strong and beautiful surface or floor finish, and numerous storage compartments for safekeeping
  • They have a unique GX2-exclusive reinforced body with the double-plating structures for a solid base and sturdy bottoms
  • G3 Boat variants include 16 to 21-foot and other customizable models
    built to endure various marine use. Choose your model among Angler V’s, Bay Series, Eagle bass, Gator Tough Jons, Sportsman, and Sun Catcher pontoons.
  • G3 is known for its customer service and goodwill that warrants excellent advantages to its local customers.
  • The G3 boats’ come with limited lifetime warranties transferable to second owners from their original purchase within a 5-year period.

Know more value-adding features about the G4 boats and their advantage warranty giving value to its loyal owners.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Select G3 Boats?

The G3 boat makers assure high-quality and trustworthy performance for fishing and other needs including consistent customer service.

Each G3 model of fishing boats and pontoons is made by skilled boat builders and comes with an advantage warranty. It means you are guaranteed of a solidly built design that exceeds the strict maritime standards that boat owners deserve.

You may still wonder why you need to choose these G3 boat variants over the leading brands in the market? Simply, most fishermen loved how G3 boat makers crafted them as better boating partners that other brands failed to provide.

2. Are G3 Boats Of Any Good?

We recommend you decide upon these features you find to learn how good G3 boats are made. Read in this section the answers to your question “are G3 boats any good?”

Mainly, all G3 boats have good weldability compared to counterpart brands though some of them are riveted for specific purposes. All of the G3 models have excellent workability to cope with big catch species, high-environmental pressures, and corrosion elements.

The decades of experience of skilled boat builders made G3 boats a competitive aluminum boat brand packed with great features. Durability, great design, ample storage, roomy layouts, and spacious hulls with livewells, among other attributes are loved by boaters.

Better compare these G3 boat features that Yamaha Boat Company produces with other aluminum boat brands available in the market. It will confirm how great those who make G3 boats assure your prime boating happiness factor.


Choosing your favorite G3 model can be daunting and lets you ask “who makes G3 boats” by the way? Understand what to look for among G3 variants to end up with something similar to your expectation.

Having this independent review helps you learn better about these G3 boats. Use the boating expert insights from this article knowing you need them after buying one.

Continuing your learning about these suitable models ensures your adaptability for fishing, sports, or any season. Consider the development, features, and commonly asked questions of G3 boats as your guide.

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