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What Trolling Motors Have Spot-lock to Improve Fishing

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

what trolling motors have spot-lock

What trolling motors have spot-lock that thrills out every fishing experience while keeping you on target spots? Get these spot lock trolling motor options like a Minn Kota spot-lock and other bestsellers from this review.

Learn how the Minn Kota trolling motor with spot lock and counterpart brands come in various designs and functionalities, including:

  • Features of a GPS trolling motor or a motorguide trolling motor with spot lock, and
  • Steps on how a trolling motor with spot lock

Read on this review for high-quality as well as a cheapest trolling motor with spot lock brands that fishermen love.

Spot-lock Key Features to Consider for a Trolling Motor


Adding or using a GPS-enabled anchoring technology, known as “Spot-Lock” is a great boost to your boating or fishing. Here are a few of the featured functionalities you need to consider to get your best brand of choice.

1. GPS Anchoring Technology

Adding a trolling motor spot-lock, a GPS-enabled anchoring technology or GPS Anchor maintains your boat in desired spots or places. Having this feature makes virtually anchoring a boat handy with a press of a button.

This technology advancement increases stability and accuracy control to find target fishing locations. It allows you to keep your boat’s angel even in high currents and focus your energy on finding your catch. You can easily adapt your positioning at any time and cope with unprecedented changes in the wind or water current.

2. Easy To Set-Up, Mobilize and Operate

Boaters always recommend using spot-lock trolling motors that are fit all year long and can extend for a longer lifespan. You can virtually anchor on remote areas above fishing waters with simple operations using a foot pedal or remote control.

These are trolling motors that are easy to set up needing no special tools while cruising lakes and open seas. They are comfortable to carry with an ergonomic lifting handle, easy to use a digital lock system, among other unparalleled operational functionalities. You can effortlessly set up and mobilize your trolling motor away from your boat every time and in any weather condition.

3. Quality of Materials

These GPS-enabled anchoring devices are engineered for excellent durability. It can withstand corrosion with components like an anode and is easy to mobilize. I really love these types of trolling motor anchor locks because of their lightweight design for a super quality carrying option.

The quality of materials used to build these spot-lock models is not only user-friendly. Each of these trolling motor spot-locks appears excellently. It has also included a lift handle and other carrying components for effortless movements.

Always consider the industry or manufacturer-recommended best practices to optimize operations and further the quality of each material. These practices can influence each material’s fitness for longer use and more fishing escapades. It can also prevent unprecedented damages while extending its life expectancy for a more lengthy lifespan.

4. Remote Access Control

These are widely-sought brands for trolling motors, especially the Minn Kota trolling motor, especially the PowerDrive, Terrova, Ulterra, and Ultrex. The aforementioned models have spot locks that are easy to operate remotely for more effective navigation and fishing.

Only a few electronic equipment and appliances used in various industries and at homes have less remote access options. By simply pushing a control button or hitting a remote sensor, operational efficiencies are getting enhanced and better than before. In such a case, you can effectively lock your boat in your desired exact position using remote access. Thanks to such touring motor advancements providing fast and secured navigation with a press of a remote button.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

Your remotely accessed trolling motor with Bluetooth connectivity enables you to operate it anywhere in your boat. For most instances, adding a spot lock is easy; you do not have to do it yourself.

Most trolling motors, especially the Minn Kota trolling motor have spot locks with Bluetooth capabilities already. They are compatible with wireless handheld control devices. It can effectively hold your boat’s position at the top of your target spot. Using a spot-lock system with Bluetooth connectivity becomes handy at your fingertips or even attach it around your neck.

You can maintain your boat speed and location to spend more time hooking your catch with this spot-lock wireless feature. It will help your boat hold in place right on top of the fishing spot using a Bluetooth GPS-enabled spot-lock brand.

6. Spot-lock Trolling Motor Specialty brands

The spot-lock features we pointed out are found on Aquos, Garmin, Motorguide, Minn Kota, PowerDrive, Rhodan, Terrova, and Ultrex brands. These specialty brands are vital among other GPS-enabled anchor lock features that make every boat owner secure and productive.

You have to carefully choose the right one to make the best out of your money. When you dive into the available trolling motor virtual anchor lock products in the market, consider the brands sighted above. Add to these especially brands’ anchor lock features the need for precision, compatibility, quieter operations, and a lot more.

Steps on How Your Spot-lock Trolling Motor Works


Step 1: Setup And Test Your GPS Virtual Anchor and Location

Setup and start your spot-lock system working for your boat with these tasks.

  • Check and choose the suitable place on your boat to install your spot-lock
  • Ensure the location allows you to fix the mountings firmly
  • Check your spot-lock system before and mount them on your chosen location
  • Check the connections of your boat and attach them to the circuitry of your trolling motor
  • Test the spot-lock system before putting them on actual use
  • When all are set and you’re certain the system is functioning, you are good to go.

Step 2: Calibrate Your Spot-Lock System

Make it a habit to verify your spot-lock system to ensure smooth navigation and fishing time. Each brand may vary a bit on its controls, but the procedure works the same.

  • You can do it off and on the boat by pressing the power push button of your spot-lock control. Then go down on the menu to find the sensor calibration.
  • Push the enter key and follow steps to start and point the motor in your target direction.
  • Be familiar with the indicators of your spot-lock system, especially the speed, power, and so on.

Step 3: Use Your Spot-lock Manufacturer’s Specifications

Every electronic equipment has their design specifications, and life expectancy depends on how they are used. Much more, operational timing provides longer running periods and performance following manufacturer specifications.

Always adhere to their recommended operations, and maintenance servicing for an optimized virtual anchoring or spot-lock experience. Use them only for the purpose they were manufactured to avoid damages that shorten the life of your spot-lock device.

Step 4: Properly Care For Your Trolling Motor Spot-Lock

Your boat’s trolling motors can make a difference using the spot-lock models in this review. Using these virtual anchor lock technology would prevent some problems from arising.

Be familiar with common problems and how to solve them for proper care and maintenance of your spot-lock system. These problems may include overheating or delay in booting up, low torque, excessive noise, unresponsiveness or delayed response, and overheating.

Watch this YouTube Video from Capt. Peter Deeks for more spot-lock capabilities of your trolling motor to improve your fishing.


Make your navigation and anchoring easy with the use of a trolling motor spot-lock you can find in this review. Having it onboard your boat can position yourself towards your target or achieve smooth and hassle-free fishing trips.

Use the recommended spot-lock trolling motors from this tutorial to make your angling or fishing a game-changer. Whether you are searching for a new or replacement trolling motor spot-lock, you can select the right one with these tips. Include in your key list of premium features for a spot-lock the efficiency, performance, durability, affordability, among other essential functionalities.

Hope you like this article on what trolling motors have spot-lock. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank for reading!

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