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What Size Motor for 16 Foot Aluminum Boat? Get the Facts Here

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

what size motor for 16 foot aluminum boat

There are a ton of reasons why aluminum boats will get you ahead of your fishing game. But are you well-informed of the right size of the motor for your boat? Do you want to keep its performance at its peak for an extended period?

It is best to know what size motor for 16 foot aluminum boat works optimally. The right size motor will keep you safe in the sea, and will also protect your aluminum boat for a long time.

Does The Size of The Aluminum Boat Matter?

Aluminum boats are versatile motorboats. They can be brought around the open sea for fishing, or only for leisure activities. These boats are lightweight and can be customized depending on the owner. So aside from its versatility in usage, you can modify this boat internally.

The size does matter for the right size motor. You would want to keep yourself and your boat safe while being outdoors. The quote that says ”the bigger, the better” may not always apply in this case.

What is The 16-foot Aluminum Boat Mainly For?


Boats come in handy for traveling from one island to another. Most boat owners enjoy fishing with aluminum boats. Before you shell out cash for a motor, consider what the mini ship is mainly for. The boat’s speed will also depend on the usage. Knowing the primary purpose of using one will help you decide on the size motor you will buy.

How Many Passengers Do You have In Mind?

A typical 16-foot aluminum boat can hold about four people easily. But you would also want to consider if they would bring other things along during the boat ride. Most boats are tested with two people aboard. Having around two people on test drives will approximately be 10-15% higher than its actual speed with additional people. Boat capacity can also be calculated before buying your motor.

What Is The Anticipated Weight The 16-foot Aluminum Boat Can Take?

The number of passengers and their weight are important things to note when getting a motor. But that alone will miss the other stuff inside the boat. If you are mainly going to use your boat for fishing, you need to check the weight of the gear, fuel, and the amount of fish you are possibly going to catch. Having those in mind will help you clinch on the right motor size.

What Is the Recommended Size Motor For a 16-foot Aluminum Boat?


Aluminum boats are among the easiest boats to install a motor. It can have a range of 50-300 horsepower motors for maximal efficiency. This range already considers the boat’s size and usage. For a standard 16-foot aluminum boat, a 60 horsepower motor will suffice.

On average, it can have a speed of about 25-30 miles per hour. The load of the boat matters because it affects the speed. Depending on who is inside and what is loaded, the speed varies every time you will use this motor.

Based on the boat’s size alone, there is a guide where you can establish the size motor.

What other Factors Should I Consider For my Boat’s Motor?

Besides the previous questions you might ask before getting a motor beforehand, other thoughts might shape your decision before reaching the engine best suited for your 16-foot aluminum boat.

Check the manufacturer’s limit on the motor size. They may have a preferred motor size, so prior to buying one, read on the boat’s manual or capacity plate.

The weight of the boat is sometimes a consideration before buying one. Aside from the usual length related to the motor size, professionals consider the boat’s horsepower per pound.

Fuel consumption will also cross your mind. The motor uses fuel to let the boat move around its course. The amount of power is also related to the horsepower of your engine.

Price Concerns

Don’t be disheartened if the motor you have chosen is on the pricier side. It is undeniable that more significant outboard engines tend to be more expensive. But in the long run, these can be more reliable. In cases wherein you would want to resell your boat, these motors tend to sell better and faster than others. Overall, these motors also get you more money back.


What size motor for 16 foot aluminum boat? The right size motor for your aluminum boat is vital before you go fishing or traveling across the sea. Before purchasing one, you should be knowledgeable about what size motor for 16 foot aluminum is best.

Underpowering a boat can be detrimental, while overpowering can also have sanctions, depending on your state. Factors such as the number of people and boat use come into play. It would help if you were decisive about this, or you can also have a safe motor size for versatile use of your aluminum boat.

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