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What Is a Duffy Boat? Important Details You Should Know!

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

what is a duffy boat

What is a Duffy Boat? For your information, they are electric boats that are designed for leisurely cruising. These boats are characterized by a comfortable and quiet operation and a spacious deck that allows a unique brand of guest entertainment.

Going on a boat ride and taking in the sights is a great activity for relaxing. However, this could be ruined by a boat engine’s sound. Then, in this case, a Duffy boat might be a better fit for you.

For this article, we’ll cover what makes Duffy boats unique. We’ll take a brief look at their history and how they came about.

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What to Know About a Duffy Boat


Duffy boats are motorized boats that make use of electricity instead of the more commonly found fuel-powered ships. They are designed for leisurely boat rides, usually in rivers and bays where the water is typically calm.

These boats cruise on the water at a slow but smooth pace, and their quiet motors that allow passengers to take in the scenic tour in peace are one of the boat’s most touted qualities.

Not to be confused with a Duffie boat, Duffy electric boats are intended for entertaining friends and family while traversing the water. Available in various models, Duffy boats are equipped with various facilities for guests, such as comfy couches and tables and other amenities that enhance the lounging experience on the water.

On the other hand, Duffie boats produced by Duffie BoatWork are geared for sports fishing and a more active lifestyle which contrasts with the easygoing pace for which Duffy boats are known.

1. Origin

Marshall “Duffy” Duffield made the first Duffy boat as a teenager living in California in 1969 by outfitting a worn-down boat with a used golf cart motor. The result was a boat, despite being slow, was steady and deemed ideal for boat touring.

Duffield Marine Inc. was founded with a production plant and a shop the next year. The first commercial boat model rolled out later that same year, proving popular enough that even Disney World in Florida bought and showcased the boats in 1973.

Electric boats were deemed limited in their utility, and the demand was low. The advent of Duffy boats reinvigorated the market for electric boats, which brought new life to the electric boat as a boating option.

Today, Duffy boats can be found in different parts of the world as rental tour boats and personal boats for people with a waterfront or living in a city with access to such waters. The company has significantly expanded over the years. It has come to represent a high level of comfort and leisure that Duffy boats epitomize.

2. Boat Specifications

The boats are designed to entertain, which is reflected by the design of the different models available today.

  • Measurements – The boats range from 16 to 22 feet and sport widths of 7 to less than 10 feet.
  • With a control console – This part is designed into the space to allow the boat operator to converse freely while maneuvering the boat.
  • Top speed averages of 5 to 6 MPH are consistent between the different boat models. The operation time on full batteries is also consistent among different models at over 7 hours when kept at cruising speed and lasting up to 3 and a half hours at top speed.
  • Capacity – The boats are spacious and can comfortably seat and accommodate up to 12 adults for the 22-foot models. These boats also feature various comforts and amenities such as bars and plenty of storage space, including most things you’ll need in a comfortable living room environment.
  • Roofing is foldable, covers the entirety of each boat’s seating space, and seems designed to allow exposure to sunlight and wind. However, shields are available as an option.

Furthermore, the boat itself is usually an open space where the wind can pass unimpeded and allows a clear view of the scenery. Duffy boats can also be customized, allowing you to furnish your boat with your choice of installations from the seats and cushions right down to the flooring and lighting.

3. Operation

Duffy boats are also marketed as easy to operate and maintain. Repairs are easy to make due to their simple construction, and the boats are low maintenance owing to this simple design. The boat’s motors are made with as few moving parts as possible to minimize any risk of malfunction and eliminate the need for frequent checkups.

4. Duffy boat price

Its prices differs\ based on each boat’s size and model, and customizing them results in varying prices. Stock models will set you back around $38,000 to $62,000. Curiously, the lowest priced model is an 18-foot long model instead of the 16-foot one, perhaps due to the type of installations made available to the smaller boat.


Duffy boats are marketed as a boating lifestyle, and it is clear that entertaining on the water is a forte that few other boats can match. If you’re looking for a calm and leisurely boating experience, then the Duffy boat will be right up your alley.

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