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Where is the VIN Number on a Boat Trailer? – Tips for Locating

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers


where is the vin number on a boat trailer

Let’s all admit it: doing a boat trailer VIN lookup only needlessly takes up your time. This is why I’ve made this compilation of the usual boat VIN location for folks asking, “Where is the VIN number on a boat trailer?”

The best answer depends on the make and model, which is why I’ve listed the locations for plenty of the popular trailer brands here. On the whole, though, the VIN trailer serial number should be on any portion of the frame, either printed on a plate or label.

Boat Trailer VIN Number Locations


First and foremost, do a thorough checkup of the frame’s both sides. Double-check key areas such as the pole tongue (clue: look behind it). Beyond the frame, you should also look at the right taillight, rear bumper, and drawbar.

I researched the usual location of the VIN number of various boat trailer brands and came up with this list:

  • The Calkins trailer VIN location is near the exterior of the right frame where the tongue intersects with it. It’s similar to how the VIN on a pontoon boat is typically printed on its right side. The tubes are another good place to look.
  • For those looking for the Yacht Club trailer VIN location, examine behind the tongue on the left of the frame’s interio Explore the right taillight on the side frame’s exterior. I can say the same for a Sea Lion trailer.
  • For a Continental boat trailer, besides the underside of the frame, it can be on a sticker inside a beam near the trailer’s rear.
  • If you have an Escort boat trailer, the VIN should be on the frame’s left side on the inner, forward part.
  • Owners of a Cox boat trailer should examine the tongue’s left side.
  • An EZ Loader boat trailer should have it printed on a sticker at the trailer’s front, passenger side to be exact.

Tips for Locating a Boat Trailer’s VIN Number


Here are a couple of tried-and-tested ways to get a VIN number for a trailer.

1. Be on the lookout for stickers or plates on the frame and tongue first and foremost, but don’t forget to check the other areas I’ve mentioned.

2. You’ll be less likely to have a hard time looking for it if your boat isn’t sitting on top of the trailer during your search.

3. Check the trailer’s title or insurance papers.

What if I Can’t Find the VIN Number on My Boat Trailer?


Once you confirm that there’s no VIN number on boat trailer anymore, the best step you can take is to contact the company you bought it from. They’ll likely supply the manufacture date or any other pertinent information you need.

Inversely, if you have the VIN but do not know its meaning, one option is to look for an online boat trailer VIN decoder. It’s a pretty straightforward and helpful tool that you can check out here:

Remember: the only way to register a boat trailer without a VIN number is to declare it as homemade, as is the practice in Florida. And you may even have to confirm if this applies to your state.

Do Old Boat Trailers Have VIN Numbers?

Yes, there are old boat trailer VIN numbers, but they’re often shorter, such as the 5-digit VINs found on boat trailers from the 1950s.

What Does a VIN Number for a Boat Trailer Look Like?


The modern-day VIN on a boat trailer is usually composed of 17 characters. The first 3 refer to the manufacturer identifier, followed by 8 characters and digits (the vehicle descriptor), then succeeded by 6 more (the vehicle serial number).


To summarize the answer to “Where is the VIN number on a boat trailer?” always begin with the trailer’s frame. Know the exact manufacturer, make, and model of the trailer, so you’ll gain information about its length, year of production, and more.

Don’t torture yourself further if you really can’t find it in the trailer. Rely on the tools and other avenues that other boat owners use.

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