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How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Cost? Important Things to Know

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much does a pontoon boat cost

Pontoon boats are popular for relaxation and leisure on the water. But how much should you expect to have to spend in order to afford yourself the benefit of such luxury? There are a lot of things you can choose to do on a pontoon boat which makes estimating the price difficult.

In this article, we’ll try to address the question of how much does a pontoon boat cost. We’ll take a look at the different options available for pontoon boats and try to glean the cost of a pontoon boat.

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Pontoon Boat Price

There is a wide price range for pontoon boats. While a more reliable entry price would be around $16,000, prices can easily reach up to $100,000. Depending on specific aspects of the pontoon boat, prices can get to hundreds of thousands.

Many different factors come into play regarding the price of pontoon boats—some essential and some for additional security or convenience. We’ll focus on just a couple that usually affects prices the most, along with common additions to the boat.

Major Factors Affecting Pontoon Boat Pricing


Pontoon boat sizes can be divided into three groups; small, medium, and large. While some boats may overlap where they may be considered part of two groups, knowing the distinction between groups will allow us to have a better idea of what prices to expect.

Different models also end up having different ranges for prices. General-purpose and fishing models are usually priced close with one another, with simple features, keeping costs grounded at below $30,000. However, luxury models reach well over $100,000, and top-tier models from popular manufacturers are at $300,000 or more should not come as a surprise.

1. Pontoon Boat Size

  • A single-person boat is the cheapest, as the inflatable model costs buyers below $500. A slightly larger pontoon boat for two can range from $2500 to $15000, depending on the manufacturing and material quality.
  • Small pontoon boats are typically below 20 feet in length and are usually around 8 feet wide.
  • The entry cost of small pontoon boat at $16,000 should only be expected for basic models. And prices can easily drive up to $30,000 and above if you choose to buy from one of the more reputable manufacturers. However, small pontoon boats can be rather limited in the bodies of water that they can traverse.
  • While mid-sized pontoon boats are below $30,000, don’t expect them to be from the more popular brands. At around 20 feet long and 8 to 10 feet wide, these pontoon boats mean more space for additional amenities that can easily rack up the bill.
  • However, mid-sized pontoon boats easily accommodate 8 to 10 people, in addition to providing a degree of stability that small pontoon boats can’t match.
  • Large pontoon boats at around 23 to 30 feet can accommodate a dozen or more people. These boats are large enough and powerful enough to set out at sea or take on rough waters. Expect to spend over $50,000 on these, but don’t be surprised to see them easily reach prices of $100,000 depending on which engine and options you go for.

2. Boat type or model

Due to pontoon boats being highly customizable, they can be outfitted to cater to personal preferences. It is easy to find pontoon boat manufacturers offering certain models that cater to specific boating activities such as fishing or watersports. However, prices for these variations may differ significantly.

  • A general-purpose model is the most affordable since it focuses mainly on seating passengers comfortably and a basic engine.
  • On the other hand, high-performance models and those for watersport activities are expected to be much more expensive due to being outfitted with high-performance engines.
  • Pontoon boats geared for fishing should be similar to general-purpose models, but installing additional conveniences such as storage for fish will cause a considerable increase in price.

Some take it up a notch higher by installing cooking equipment to enjoy freshly caught fish for lunch while out on the water. That means having to invest a bit more.

Pontoon Boat Add-ons and Customizations


As mentioned earlier, pontoon boats are highly customizable. Even when a boat is geared for specific activities, most manufacturers still offer customization options for them. While some options are offered outright, more specialized options only come to light once you start talking to a dealer.

Below are several customizations that many people opt to take or at least consider when purchasing a new pontoon boat. Prices for these are represented in ranges due to the wide array of options available.

1. Engine

Engines are usually the costliest things on a boat; the more powerful it is, the more expensive. Depending on the pontoon boat, they are usually equipped with a simple engine that gets the job done. People who anticipate doing more with their pontoon boat will have to be willing to upgrade with engines costing a few thousand to about $15,000.

High-performance engines will be pricey and reach up to over $30,000, while twin engines can be even more expensive.

An additional trolling engine may also be considered necessary for certain activities such as troll fishing, and these can range from a few hundred to over $1000. However, trolling motors for large pontoons can be much more expensive.

2. Paint and Appearance

Paint color is often available as a customization option. Some colors are available as a free option, but an additional $50 to 70$ may be needed for others. Premium paintwork with specialized finishes may also be available but at higher prices of a few thousand dollars.

Aside from paint, additional texture options may also be available for the console panel or even the rails, with prices usually below $500. Decal and logo options may also be available, and popular manufacturers have them priced at around $300.

3. Furniture Options

Available furniture options usually include the type of upholstery for seats. While additional seating may also be available, installing larger fixtures such as a dining table or a bar can be more complicated. These are usually available only for larger boats, and accommodating them as an addition will require rethinking placements on the pontoon boat.

4. Additional Installations

Certain additional installation options are available, but prices for them vary greatly. Stainless steel ladders and radios may cost up to around $500 each, while windshields and top covers cost up to $2000 each. A motorized top cover may also be available depending on the model of the boat, but these can cost around $5000 or more.

Other Costs

Here are other items you’ll need for your boat which you’ll be better off planning for. These items fall outside of the boat itself but are otherwise considered essential for your boating activities.

1. Boat trailer

Expect prices to fall somewhere between $2000 to $5000 depending on the length and material of the trailer. Remember that the trailer is recommended to be slightly larger than the boat itself for additional protection against impact.

Bunks and rails are additional things to consider installing to provide stability to the boat while on the trailer. Spending an extra few hundred dollars seems like a reasonable amount to protect your investment worth tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Pontoon boat cover

Depending on the size and material, pontoon boat covers can cost as little as $50. However, it is vital to have a cover that can give the pontoon boat as much protection, including protection from the weather while in transit. Expect to spend as much as $500 for good quality covers.

3. Trailer winch

A winch is essential for retrieving the pontoon boat and securing it while on the trailer. A winch can cost as low as $35, but it is important to have a reliable winch that can support your boat’s weight.

Winches with a higher weight capacity can cost up to around $150. On the other hand, motorized winches are more expensive at about $300 to $500. It’s a good idea to consider upgrading the winch if the one you have is falling short.


It can be challenging to plan for big purchases, and it’s a good idea to look at how prices change depending on the situation. Now that you have a better idea of how different items affect pontoon boat prices, you’ll be able to plan a little better.

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