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How Do You Keep the Weight Evenly Distributed on a Trailered Boat

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how do you keep the weight evenly distributed on a trailered boat

How do you keep the weight evenly distributed on a trailered boat? Are you one of the first-time users of the trailer who have this concern? You’re on the right page as you will find the necessary details here.

You can start with the things you load on your boat. See to it that heavy items are in the front while smaller or lighter ones are in the rear and on the trailer’s top. When you use an open trailer, you have to avoid putting things that are higher than the sides of the trailer box.

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Tools for Evenly Distributing Weight on a Trailered Boat

There are different axles used in a trailer, such as single, dual, or tandem and torsion. Luckily, there’s one tool that can help you level your boat despite the type of axle that you have. It’s an adjustable trailer hitch. But those who have dual axles can manage things easier.

Since the dual axles have two parts, the weight is divided into two as well. Hence, the weight is evenly distributed. The tire won’t be worn out easily and rather, increase the longevity of suspension mechanics.

However, you need to use an adjustable trailer hitch if you have dual axles. You have to know that this case is imperative. When you’re too confident of your dual axles and neglect the need to ensure that they’re even, they’re at risk of damage and failure.

If you have a single trailer, you can add a solid ball mount to level the weight effortlessly. If issues still exist, you can rely on adjustable trailer hitches. You’ll be able to make height adjustments depending on the load and type of trailer.

It’s also essential that you tie the items or equipment together in your boat. Then, crisscross the chain that goes through under the frame when you connect your trailer to the vehicle. Use a chain that is tough enough to hold the entire load. It’s to establish safety if ever the hitch breaks apart.

Final Words

How do you keep the weight evenly distributed on a trailered boat? To sum it up, you have to arrange the load. Place the heavy ones on the front side and the lighter items in the rear. Then, you have to tie all of them.

It’s a good thing that an adjustable trailer hitch can back you up if you find it difficult to evenly set a trailer boat.

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