What Is a Stand on Vessel? Everything You Should Know!

what is a stand on vessel

COLREGs or the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea defined two terms to identify vessels that cross paths. Water vessels can be distinguished as stand on and give-way. This article is mainly about ‘what is a stand on vessel’. It’s recognized as the vessel that maintains its speed and course until …

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What are SSB Radios? Detailed Explanation for Newbies!

what are SSB radios

An SSB or Single Side Band marine radio is used for communication when a boat or yacht is at sea. It’s a very important feature for marine radio channels. The SSB system was deemed essential because of the interference of the AM radio system. Good thing that SSB radios offer several services like two-way communication …

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How Fast Can a Boat Go? The Answer May Amaze You!

how fast can a boat go

Question: How fast does a speed boat go? Answer: The fastest boat speed on record is 345mph. While commercial speed boats can go as fast as 170mph, different boat types have differing average and top speeds. People often talk about how fast cars, motorcycles, and aircraft can go. There is such a fascination with vehicle …

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Sterndrive Vs Inboard: Differences and Comparison

sterndrive vs inboard

In the sterndrive vs inboard matchup, sterndrives win by a nose because of four main things: they’re more fuel-efficient at higher speeds, guarantee smoother rides, especially when trimmed up, provide better overall control, and leave plenty of onboard space. Inboards are far easier to maintain, though, and their propellers and engines are generally positioned safer …

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Which Class of Boats Has Priority When Using River Locks?

which class of boats has priority when using river locks

One of the questions you’ll find in a boaters examination is ‘Which class of boats has priority when using river locks?’ The privilege is given to commercial boats and crafts in consideration of river lock usage. Originally, most river locks were established for commerce and trade. Thus, commercial class vessels are more prioritized than recreational …

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