What Color is On the Starboard Side of a Boat?

what color is on the starboard side of a boat

If you haven’t been hoisting the blue peter for long, you probably still want to brush up on a few navigation basics. Are you already aware of the fundamental boat orientation terms but still don’t know the standard port and starboard colors? Did you know that they do well to ensure boat safety? For the …

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Skiff vs Jon Boat: What is the Difference?

Skiff or Jon Boat

Skiffs and Jon boats can both provide benefits to anglers who are fond of inland waterways. They are usually spotted in the same body of water, but they still have differences. Hence, this article will show you the details of the skiff vs Jon boat. You’ll find out about their distinct designs and how their …

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How to Clean Fiberglass Boat Deck?

how to clean fiberglass boat deck

It is no joke to own a boat. The insurance, docking fees, and registration are quite expensive, too. Not to mention, it needs regular maintenance to keep it looking new and in good condition. It would help if you were minding not only some fees but also the upkeep of its fiberglass deck (and hull). …

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How to Restore Teak Wood on a Boat?

how to restore teak wood on a boat

Are you unhappy with the old look of your teak wood on your boat? There is an excellent chance of making it look brand new if you know how to restore teak wood on a boat. Teak wood is an ideal material for home furniture. It is popularly used because of the durability and the …

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