Why Are Boats White? – 5 Main Reasons

why are boats white

I imagine most people who gaze at the wondrous, chalky form of cruise ships and sailboats traversing open waters will, one way or another, ask, “Why are boats white?” Well, being able to immediately notice that most cruise ships are white already tells you one of the reasons why. The color makes them more visible, …

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How Much Does a 17 Foot Boat Weigh? – Average Weight

how much does a 17 foot boat weigh

It’s not a surprise that many boat owners tend to ask me, “How much does a 17 foot boat weigh?” online or offline. After all, 17 feet is a fairly common boat size for popular vessels like center consoles, fishing boats, sailboats, etc. You can’t expect a static number when answering this because boat weight …

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How Much Does a Fishing Boat Weigh? (Weight Chart Included)

How Much Does a Fishing Boat Weigh

Because “fishing boat” is too general a term, it’s difficult to provide an exact answer to “How much does a fishing boat weigh?” Based on length, type, and material alone, the discrepancies in weight become glaringly apparent. The ever-popular Jon boat has an average weight of 650 pounds, but fiberglass center consoles push that up …

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How to Register a Boat in California? Here’s What to Do?

how to register a boat in california

Assuming you’re living in the state and own an 8-ft plus sail-powered or motorized watercraft that’s not documented, you have to know how to register a boat in California. Otherwise, you’ll likely put up with a needless can of worms once your local DMV boat registration office finds out it’s unregistered. With the detailed guide …

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Boat Propeller Cavitation vs Ventilation: What’s the Difference?

boat propeller cavitation vs ventilation

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to distinguishing between boat propeller cavitation vs ventilation. The two big reasons why are that the two often cause the same problems, and people use them interchangeably in everyday boatspeak. Boat cavitation is the formation of air bubbles due to a low-pressure area typically caused by the …

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