What is a Day Marker? – Reading Markers & Buoys

what is a day marker

You need to pay attention to the navigational markers you see when boating, like how you pay attention to the road signs. You need to know many navigational signs, but this article will answer the question: What is a day marker? A day marker is a navigational sign that aids a boater during daylight hours …

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What Trolling Motors Have Spot-lock to Improve Fishing

what trolling motors have spot-lock

What trolling motors have spot-lock that thrills out every fishing experience while keeping you on target spots? Get these spot lock trolling motor options like a Minn Kota spot-lock and other bestsellers from this review. Learn how the Minn Kota trolling motor with spot lock and counterpart brands come in various designs and functionalities, including: …

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How Much to Tip a Charter Boat Captain in 2023?

how much to tip a charter boat captain

Figuring out how much to tip staff at a nice restaurant may be easy, since most people will dine out at least a few times in their lives. Knowing how much to tip a charter boat captain and crew is a different beast. What is the right amount? Different factors affect the acceptable amount for …

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What Should You Do Before Letting Someone Else Operate Your Boat?

what should you do before letting someone else operate your boat

What should you do before letting someone else operate your boat? First and foremost, you should be sure that they know basic maritime navigation and safety guidelines and are capable of handling specific vessels at present. They shouldn’t be influenced by anything (i.e. alcohol and drugs which may impair their sailing skills). To anticipate accident-real …

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