Sterndrive Vs Inboard: Differences and Comparison

sterndrive vs inboard

In the sterndrive vs inboard matchup, sterndrives win by a nose because of four main things: they’re more fuel-efficient at higher speeds, guarantee smoother rides, especially when trimmed up, provide better overall control, and leave plenty of onboard space. Inboards are far easier to maintain, though, and their propellers and engines are generally positioned safer …

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How Much Does a Brand New Mastercraft Boat Cost in 2023?

how much does a brand new mastercraft boat cost

Whether you’re into skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, cruising, or any kind of leisurely boating activity you can think of, you can bet that you’ll have a blast doing them with a MasterCraft boat. That’s precisely why people don’t mind paying for brand-new models. But how much does a brand-new MasterCraft boat cost exactly? Based on the …

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How Should Boat Rest on Trailer? Things to Know!

how should boat rest on trailer

“How should boat rest on trailer?” is a question related to one fundamental skill every watercraft owner should have: securing a boat to a trailer. The thing is, there are many factors to consider here, as there are different types of trailers, boats, and bunk setups. At best, you need to keep the boat level …

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