Why Are Pavati Boats So Expensive? – 4 Main Reasons

Why Are Pavati Boats So Expensive

The first time I searched for new and used Pavati boats in marketplaces online, price tags of $250,000, $415,000, $525,000, etc. immediately greeted me. Naturally, much like you, “Why are Pavati boats so expensive?” crossed my mind. Upon further investigation, it’s mostly because the company doesn’t skimp on its materials and design. These all-aluminum wake …

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4 Types of Boat Stabilizers & How Do They Work

types of boat stabilizers

The more we learn about the various components and mechanisms boats integrate, the more we realize just how crucial the role of each one is. This could not ring truer once you learn about the different types of boat stabilizers and how they minimize rolling motion.   Passive and active stabilizers all play a role …

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How to Waterproof Plywood for a Boat? – 2 Methods

how to waterproof plywood for a boat

Got a plywood boat that you’re just finishing up? Perhaps, you’re just doing a reseal of a used wooden boat? If you find yourself in the dark with regards to how to waterproof plywood for a boat, no worries, this guide has got your back. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest way to waterproof plywood …

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