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How Much is a Paddle Boat? – Average Price in 2023

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much is a paddle boat

Pedal boat rentals are popular among many people, especially families, and it would not be strange to consider getting one for yourself. But how much is a paddle boat, and how do features affect them?

Prices usually start at $300 but expect to spend $500 for decent ones. Those with premium features may bump prices up to $1000 and above. Other factors come into play as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Cost of Paddle Boats

Paddle boat price ranges vary from $300 to over $1000. Prices can change, depending on available features, which can go up as high as 4-$5000. Used paddle boats are cheaper, but it’s not uncommon to find products that rack up to $1000.

Cheap pedal boats can be found at the specified $300 price point or even lower. However, the quality may not be good, even for a small paddle boat. Therefore, you should expect to pay around $500 for a high-quality vessel, which I recommend for safety reasons.

Types of Paddle Boats


  • The number of seats:

Paddle boats vary drastically in size, depending on how many seats capacity. In general, you can find paddle boats from 2 to 4 seater or even 5. One person paddle boats, while somewhat rarer, are still available for those in need.

The price of paddle boat increases according to the number of passengers. For instance, a high-quality 2-seater pedal boat may cost around $1000. However, the price may increase to more than $1500 for a 5-seater with the same features and quality.

  • Manual or electrical:

In addition, paddle boats can also be categorized according to whether they’re manual or electrical. For instance, the Tractor Supply paddle boat from Sun Dolphin is listed at roughly $680. To get the same model with an electric engine, you’ll need to fork up at least $1000.

Material Quality and Boat Features

The quality of materials used for the boat construction is another factor that directly affects the price. Polyethylene is commonly used because it is lightweight, sturdy, and affordable.

High-end models, especially those intended for frequent use, may be made from fiberglass because they can offer a smoother ride. Nonetheless, fiberglass boats are not cheap. Expect to spend thousands on such models, even for a 2 person paddle boat.

Other features that affect the price when you buy a paddle boat:

  • Canopy (roof)
  • Entry ladder
  • Seat cushions
  • Adjustable seat (height and recline)
  • Storage space and cooler
  • Inflatable paddle boat

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it a paddle boat or a pedal boat?

In most cases, when you say “paddle boat,” you’re referring to the foot pedal boat, or pedalo. To operate this type of boat, you’ll need to push on the paddle wheel for propulsion.

However, a paddle boat may sometimes refer to a vessel paddled by an oar, such as a canoe or kayak.

How big is a 4-person paddle boat?

Such a boat would be around 11 feet in length and 6 feet wide, although these dimensions may vary depending on manufacturers and models.

How to ride a paddle boat for beginners?

All you need to do is to place your feet on the pedals and turn them just as you would on a bicycle. Control your direction with the steering lever.


How much is a paddle boat? It’s not easy to specify a single price, but now you have a better idea of what to expect depending on your needs for recreational vessels. Consider your purchase well so you can focus on having fun later on.

How much would you be willing to spend on a paddle boat? After finding out the price range, would you rather stick to rentals? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Remember to boat safely.

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