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How Much Does a Cigarette Boat Cost: Latest Prices in 2023

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much does a cigarette boat cost

Cigarette boats are among the most widely recognized performance luxury vehicles on the water. We know they cost a fortune, but how much does a cigarette boat cost?

If you’re ever in the market for one of these, prepare to shell out up to over a million dollars for high-end models. However, there is a variety of details to understand before we have a clear image of what these vessels are worth.

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The Cigarette Boat


Cigarette boats are high-performance vessels that are also known for being a status symbol due to their expensive price. But before we delve deeper into their worth, it is important to understand what these boats are all about.

These boats are known for their long and narrow body that is well-suited for planing and high-speed operation. They are also called go-fast boats but were known as rum runners much earlier.

Rum runners came about during the prohibition era and were used to smuggle alcohol. Their primary characteristic was their speed, which was necessary to outrun government patrols. It was through this need that their signature design came about, to be able to travel at high speeds and still be able to carry cargo.

Cigarette boats retained the characteristics of rum runners, and modern models allowed people the luxury of high-speed boating with ample space for entertainment.

There exists the downside of discomfort from the strong wind felt by anyone away from the windshield, but even this may be a luxury to some.

The boats typically range from 28 to 48 feet in length, though some models can go higher than 50, and older ones could go below that range.

They are capable of reaching speeds of 90 knots or 104 miles per hour. Equipped with two or more outboards and a v-hull, these vessels have stood the test of time, with even older models retaining their value.

Name and History


The name comes from a boat built by Donald Aronow in the 1960s called The Cigarette, referencing its long and narrow body. Aronow promoted this boat and won multiple championship races with it, bolstering its popularity.

His design became the template for boats produced by Aronow’s own company, the Cigarette Racing Team, which he established after building The Cigarette.

Watercraft production by this company decreased after being sold by Aronow, and such boats are now rarely produced. They have become prized collector boats, with the likes of billionaires being common owners.

Price of Luxury


Now that we have a better idea of what Cigarette boats are, we can begin to establish how much is a cigarette boat. However, establishing one price as an average is difficult because of their limited availability. Your best shot at landing one is to buy it from someone else, a broker, or a shop platform.

When looking at lists of boats for sale, you will see a wide variety of prices starting in the tens of thousands. But prices will change depending on many factors, such as the model and how well-maintained it is.

2011 42x Cigarette boat lists at around 500 thousand USD on selling platforms, though you might get a better deal from a broker.

A 1975 20 ft Cigarette boat would price at around 17 thousand USD, while a 1986 24 Cigarette boat would be around just 90 thousand. Those are not cheap by any means, especially for used vessels, but this is the cost of a Cigarette boat.

In addition to these options, check out some of the more modern designs from Cigarette below.

Boat Listing

1. 41 Nighthawk

The 41 Nighthawk is a new model from Cigarette that is closer to classic models than most modern ones while also sporting modern features such as a hardtop.

It has an 11-foot beam with outboards and 1800 horsepower. Combined with its twin-step hull design and low center of gravity, it sports improved handling that allows it to be high-performance yet comfortable to operate at the same time.

There is also a special collaboration edition between Cigarette and Mercedes-AMG to create a limited production 41 Nighthawk based on Mercedes-AMG’s V8 720hp GT Black Series car. This vessel is equipped with five V8 supercharged engines that combine for 2250hp.

The 2023 Cigarette 41 Nighthawk price lists at around 1.4 million USD, but expect prices to vary depending on where you’re able to purchase it from.

The Cigarette 41 Nighthawk AMG Black Series, on the other hand, started with a 1.2 million USD price tag, but expect this AMG cigarette boat price to be much more expensive now, considering how limited production for it was.

It may even compare to a Mercedes yacht price of 1.7 million USD or even exceed it.

2. Tirranna

The Cigarette Tirranna is a 59-foot vessel with a 14-foot beam and 2700hp. It sports forward and back lounges for relaxation with a center console and hardtop cover that provides excellent protection during operation.

It is equipped with comforts expected of a premium Cigarette, such as tempered safety glass, integrated flood lights, boarding handrails, ambient lighting, and an electrically actuated sunshade.

The helm is equipped with a 24-inch display, cup holders, and a titanium-fastened nano-coated panel. There is a side electric sliding cabin door, and the control area is every bit as functional and luxurious as the boat itself.

The 2023 Cigarette Tirranna price is at 4.715 million USD. This price is nothing to scoff at, as this is the most expensive Cigarette boat. What’s more outrageous is how it may even be more expensive in the future.

3. Cigarette Auroris

This 42-foot vessel is another of Cigarette’s newer boats that focus on the marriage between performance and comfort. It is equipped with four outboards with a total of 2250hp, giving it enough versatility for a multitude of situations. The manufacturer also added bow thrusters to make docking more accessible.

The 2022 Cigarette Auroris price is around 1.4 million USD.


How much does a Cigarette Boat cost? Now, you have a better idea of whether you can afford this vessel, and if you can, consider yourself rich by my standards. If you don’t know any racing boat price, even a used cigarette boat seems like a match for it.

Anything you’d like to share about this topic? Please drop them in the comments section below. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Remember to boat safely.

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