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How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost – That’s Worth Your Investment

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how much does a boat lift cost

Have you been wondering “how much does a boat lift cost” for you to save on your spending? Indeed, most of us think about it when investing in boat lifts.

The cost depends on the weight, power use, and add-on service features you need for a boat lift. The average lift cost ranges $1,500, $12,000 to over $20,000 based on boat sizes, types and features.

Read on more details about it through this unbiased review.

Quick Guide About Boat Lift Costs


1. The Types of Boat Lift Costs

Here are a few common types of a boat lift, primary features and average cost of boat lift. This post includes factors about a boat lift installation cost, like boat size, maintenance, protection, add-ons and types:

  • Bottom Standing Boat Lift works best for permanent docks, especially for shallow depths of about 3 to 10 feet. It’s fairly priced at $1500 to $3,500 for smaller boats below 5,000 lb,like a pontoon boat.
  • Floating Boat Lift deals with erratic water levels preventing damages to mid or large-sized boats. It supports 10,000 lb boat lift cost to 40,000 lb at $12,000 up floating boat lifts price.
  • Pile Mount Boat Lift is sturdy and stable for any environment or mid to heavy-duty use. The cost comes around $8,000 or more, including add-ons, like the magnum boat lift price for instance.
  • Suspended Boat Lift is a solid type with platform boat lift cost add-ons like a boat house, or hydraulic boat lift prices. It may cost over $20,000 depending on features like the elevator boat lifts prices or deco boat lift prices.

2. The Best Boat Lift Types

The average cost of a boat lift is presented among the set of 4 post boat lift prices discussed above. Mostly, the bottom standing, or floating lifts are widely used based on what I have known from boating experts.

In cases of boating on shallow depths, the bottom standing lift is fit for this situation. Such boat lift type allows easily secured maneuver on shallow water parts with less than 3 to 10 feet depth.

While the floating lift works best on deeper water parts and comes with additional vertical lift features. Most boat owners consider this lift to be economically friendly and more affordable than the other types of boat lifting.

You may have a suspended boat lift when you often transport larger vessels which require a bit of expensive features. Always consider that the cost will increase with an added benefit for each feature, like a hydraulic or elevator lift.

The best boat lift cost always varies along with the choice of having a specialized lift like for a pontoon boat. Understanding the type and how much is a boat lift for a dock allows for an effective lift for specific environments.

3. Added Boat Lift Costs

Consider tapping the experts to do the boat lift for you, especially those who have specializations on marine installations. Despite the added cost of your boat ownership, the boat lift is an investment you need to keep in mind.

You can determine the additional costs you may have upon purchasing your boat. Asking your boat company or dealer is a smart idea to know if the boat lift installations are packaged already.

Working with your boat dealer can help calculate the carrying capacity of your boat lift for practical cost estimates. You can know better if a boat lift feature is a value-added cost to enjoy its benefits.

The installation costs will depend on the type of lift and the location you desire to have, plus its conveyance. Putting a railway-type conveyance or elevator lift can ease out lifting the boat from a pier, boat house or ashore.

More importantly, check the lift regularly if it’s working as designed as well as lubricating the cables and mobile parts. Doing these preventive measures can deter costly repairs or added boat lift costs and instead lower their chances of recurrence.

4. Helpful Tips To Lower or Prevent Recurring Boat Lift Cost

The use of recommended specifications, installation features and boat types affects how a boat lift is needed or even repairs. Installation and repairs may not be included in the marine boat lift packages so better know such added costs.

  • Live within the specifications and size or weight warning set by the manufacturers. Consider meeting the design specification to prevent damaging boat lift results and ensure longer life caused by the boat lift.
  • Consider your due diligence in every lift component,switching cables and their regular checks. Applying a penetrating oil is a good option for galvanized or stainless steel cables to preserve them from deterioration.
  • Check and rinse cables regularly to remove marine deposits, especially adhering to salt crystals before and after each use.
  • Properly drain the plugs while the boat is being lifted to prevent added weight. It helps maintain its weight when leaving the plug open while stored on the lift.
  • Prevent stress, strain or shock to the lift system whenever the boat is docked on the lift. Ensure there is no additional weight like people jumping out or into the boat while doing the marine lift.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Most Suitable Boat Lift?

The first thing you should do is understand and be clear about your needed boat lift, and its carrying capacity. Know well enough how a boat lift works, design specifications and factors to secure your boat with a lift system.

Then, check their usefulness at your private dock or a designated marina space for a secured lift. At this point, you will be prepared to choose the most suitable boat lift for your needs.

You’ll be assured knowing that any of the bottom standing, floating, suspended or pile mount lift and features all work. Consider your boat safety, especially when docked or moored frequently, to make it most suitable to your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Boat Lift?

Most boat owners prefer boat lift quality and safety over price as it will pave the benefits for the long term. Getting the best boat lift with the right boat materials can benefit itself and the lift components.

Get the appropriate boat materials and boat lift system that are impervious to any negative externalities for long-term benefits. Secure as well your boat hull is made of aluminum, plastic or fiberglass to prevent marine build up or deposits.

Ensure your boat lift does not only provide protection for your boat but it includes better storage conditions. Having a boathouse or boat lift canopy protects the boat from harmful weather and allows easy boating access.


Use these expert tips to help you know “how much does a boat lift cost” that’s worth your investment.

Understanding the basic and additional features of a boat lift is what this review is all about. We are happy to know these insights have helped ease your expectations for a practical boat lift costing.

Make these expert tips your practical guide in deciding the right boat lift cost. Continue learning the boat lift cost features and answers to the common questions from boaters.

Enjoy a damage-free and safe boat storage lift to make a worry-free boating experience.

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