Tritoon Vs Pontoon Boats – Similarities and Differences

tritoon vs pontoon boats

Nothing can stop the evolution and advancement of pontoons. As various models and styles surface, you’re surprised to see three pontoon boats. This is called a tritoon because there are three toons instead of the usual two pieces. Hence, some people are confused with tritoon vs pontoon boats. It usually happens before a purchase. Not …

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How to Start an Inboard Boat Engine Out of Water?

how to start an inboard boat engine out of water

Easy Step-by-step Guide to Start Your Inboard Boat Engine Out of Water Prepare your boat and tools Attach the water hose to the flusher Place the flusher Inspect placements and attachments Turn on the water then the engine Allow the engine to run for several minutes Boating is an activity where safety is given priority. …

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How to Winterize a Pontoon Boat: 9 Steps to Remember

how towinterize a pontoon boat

Winterizing a pontoon boat is usually a task that is dreaded by boat owners new and old alike. While it is a long and tedious process, it could still be simple, and that’s how we will approach this whole thing. In this short guide, we will cover the essential steps to ensure that your precious …

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How Does an Outboard Motor Work? (All Explained)

how does an outboard motor work

Was “How does an outboard motor work?” one of the first questions that floated into your mind when you laid eyes on it? Let’s satisfy that curiosity, then. An outboard boat engine works by powering a propeller that moves the vessel. How it manages to do that involves the creation of power and motion that …

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How to Winterize an Outboard Boat Motor in 8 Easy Steps

how to winterize an outboard boat motor

“Winter is coming,” is a common remark among boaters, marking the start of busy preparations for the changing of seasons. Surely everyone wants to winterize an outboard motor before the cold weather arrives. Especially when there is a high chance of snowflakes, you’ll be happy to winterize an outboard motor 2 stroke. The sooner you …

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