Tritoon Vs Pontoon Boats – Similarities and Differences

tritoon vs pontoon boats

Nothing can stop the evolution and advancement of pontoons. As various models and styles surface, you’re surprised to see three pontoon boats. This is called a tritoon because there are three toons instead of the usual two pieces. Hence, some people are confused with tritoon vs pontoon boats. It usually happens before a purchase. Not …

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Where Onboard a Boat is the Transom Located?

Where Onboard a Boat is the Transom Located

Boaters tend to inspect their boats’ hulls regularly and some may fail to notice the transom. What is a transom? It’s a flat, rear section of the boat and it’s also called the stern. Some novices have no idea about it. The outboard motor on small vessels is clamped on a transom. Hence, the life …

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How to Tow a Tube Behind a Boat?

how to tow a tube behind a boat

Spending the weekend with family and friends over watersports is a great idea. This recreational activity is a fun way of riding along the waves of the sea or a river. Riders are towed behind a boat and will surely enjoy every pull along the water. It is crucial to know how to tow a …

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What Size Motor for 16 Foot Aluminum Boat?

what size motor for 16 foot aluminum boat

There are a ton of reasons why aluminum boats will get you ahead of your fishing game. But are you well-informed of the right size of the motor for your boat? Do you want to keep its performance at its peak for an extended period? It is best to know what size motor for 16 …

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How Much Does a Speed Boat Cost? – Updated in 2022

how much does a speed boat cost

The preferred recreation of some people is influenced by their love of speed and adrenaline rush. Speed boats suit their personality when they wish to enjoy the sun and the water in the summertime. If you’re one of them and you don’t own any vessel yet, curiosity will be over the question: how much does …

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What Size Motor for 24 Foot Pontoon Boat?

what size motor for 24 foot pontoon boat (and 20 foot)

Do you enjoy quality leisure time lounging on a pontoon boat? Are you interested in giving your pontoon boat the best motor possible? If you want to maximize your time in the river or the lake, you should know what size motor for 24 foot pontoon boat is the best for you. Being familiar with …

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How to Drain Gas from Boat Fuel Tank?

how to drain gas from boat fuel tank

Is the offseason for your boat looming around the corner? Are you concerned about any residue buildup in your fuel tank? There are a lot of reasons you should religiously drain your fuel tank from time to time. To cut costs, you can do it yourself effectively. You only need to know how to drain …

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How to Mount a Trolling Motor On an Aluminum Boat?

how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat

Ways to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat Bow mount Transom mount A trolling motor is an essential piece of equipment in certain boating activities such as troll fishing. However, installing a trolling motor can become a complicated affair due to the number of considerations you may end up having to think about. …

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