How to Start an Inboard Boat Engine Out of Water?

how to start an inboard boat engine out of water

Easy Step-by-step Guide to Start Your Inboard Boat Engine Out of Water Prepare your boat and tools Attach the water hose to the flusher Place the flusher Inspect placements and attachments Turn on the water then the engine Allow the engine to run for several minutes Boating is an activity where safety is given priority. …

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How to Pump Out Boat Holding Tank at Home?

how to pump out boat holding tank at home

How to pump out boat holding tank at home? Pumping out your tank is an important skill to learn. However, it might sound like a lot for a beginner that has just started boating. Yet, you don’t want to empty your tank at a dump station. Do not worry, because you can quickly learn how …

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How to Winterize a Pontoon Boat: 9 Steps to Remember

how towinterize a pontoon boat

Winterizing a pontoon boat is usually a task that is dreaded by boat owners new and old alike. While it is a long and tedious process, it could still be simple, and that’s how we will approach this whole thing. In this short guide, we will cover the essential steps to ensure that your precious …

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How Much Does a Speed Boat Cost? – Updated in 2023

how much does a speed boat cost

The preferred recreation of some people is influenced by their love of speed and adrenaline rush. Speed boats suit their personality when they wish to enjoy the sun and the water in the summertime. If you’re one of them and you don’t own any vessel yet, curiosity will be over the question: how much does …

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The Best Marine Antifreezes

best marine antifreeze

Winter comes along with some queries about the effectiveness of the best boat antifreeze products. Recent research on various marine antifreeze for engines and winterizing marine engines produce interesting findings, which these reviews have. Knowing them would enable you to choose the right marine antifreeze that is less-expensive and environment-friendly to winterize your watercraft. Investing …

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The Best Fuel Additives for 2 Stroke Outboards

best fuel additive for 2 stroke outboards

It’s no accident that fuel additives are synonymous with fuel treatments. Once paired with the right type of fuel and engine, these concoctions become no less than power drinks and sprays for most various vehicles and motor-run equipment. I can say the same for the best fuel additive for 2-stroke outboards. From a smoother-running, quieter …

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