How to Reupholster Boat Seats? – 6 Quick & Easy Steps

how to reupholster boat seats

Boat seats get a lot of beating compared to car seats. It happens because of outdoor elements like sunlight or saltwater. They also contact some unpleasant stuff such as bait, hooks, fish, or ground down jean fibers. Thus, every boat owner is interested to learn how to reupholster boat seats. You’re in luck to find …

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What are SSB Radios? Detailed Explanation for Newbies!

what are SSB radios

An SSB or Single Side Band marine radio is used for communication when a boat or yacht is at sea. It’s a very important feature for marine radio channels. The SSB system was deemed essential because of the interference of the AM radio system. Good thing that SSB radios offer several services like two-way communication …

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The Best Boat Carpets

best boat carpet

Choosing the best boat carpet for your boat is not easy. From the color to size and design, there are a million things to consider. You want something durable, looks nice, and of course, fits your budget. But with all the choices out there, how do you make a wise decision? Don’t worry! I’ve been …

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The Best Boat Carpet Cleaners

best boat carpet cleaner

There is no better way to increase the lifespan of our boat carpet than regular maintenance. The best boat carpet cleaner removes stubborn stains and dirt, leaving our carpet looking brand new. Many of us may feel that cleaning the boat carpet is a hassle, but the task turns out to be easy and even …

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