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How to Build a Tiki Pontoon Boat With Natural Looks to Enjoy the Party

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

how to build a tiki pontoon boat

Turn your floating tiki bar plans into reality and enjoy a party aboard a tiki bar pontoon boat with the tiki boat design ideas featured in this how to build a tiki pontoon boat guide.

It can be daunting to choose among tiki boat builder methods. But you’ll love the variety of pontoon tiki bar builder methods that we have prepared. Also, learn practical, coastguard approved tips.

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Essential Ways to Make Floating Tiki Bars


1. Tiki Pontoon Boat Plan and Design

Spend time learning each type of wood and material vis-a-vis tike models before starting your tiki hut boat building process. List down what you want for your floating tiki bar and have an easy design, procurement, and building process.

Consider plotting your DIY tiki boat design, specifications, and materials for a natural-looking styled platform, shed, and counter structures. You can use alternative perspectives and designs to get a safe and nature-friendly party ambiance without leaving the city limits. Make use of PVC-based design insights for planning a floating tiki hut that looks like real bamboo or lumber.

Layout your design plan to include tiki bar and hand-craft sections for a grill or torch and a swim-board area. Practicality-wise, you can make use of any recycled, weathered, or indigenous materials. Not just for the sake of entertaining your family and friends but also for a more satisfying cocktail party boat, get tiki bar design ideas that evolve for long periods, minimizing the need for frequent refurbishing.

2. Materials To Use

Setting your plans into motion starts with the kind of materials you need for your tiki boat. If you opt for a nature-themed tiki bar, creating from scratch or having it homemade is possible.

Here are a few materials to secure a tiki boat builder task while innovating along the process.

  • Plywood sheets or marine boards, several timber or logs, galvanized, wooden or stainless nails, and exterior screws are your primaries. Include rubber, concrete, sand, or marble elements for your pole, foundation, wallings, and flooring structures. Pints of wood glue, bamboo, PVC-based alternatives, acrylic paints, decoratives, and other materials are useful for solid structures.
  • Customize the framing and decors of your tiki hut using cladding, rope railings or hangers, and straw fences or palings. Torch shed or hut, patio, counter, bartop, and other tiki boat section stylings are what make it warm and friendly.

You can secure from recycling or purchase from garden centers, marine, and home supply depots. Ensure your tool kit includes a measuring tape, pencils, power drill, G-clamp, hammer, string, cutting saw, and chisel. Always remember to keep yourself safe in using these materials and tools as you build your tiki boat.

Effective Steps to Build Tiki Pontoon Boats


Step 1: Prepare the materials

Make sure that all materials for the base platform are cut and ready to fit your pontoon boat dimensions. Layout the lean base platform, braces, and frames of your tiki patio designed to fit the pontoon boat deck.

Double-check that the area you are building your tiki boat is grounded on an even surface. Excavate if needed to level it proportionally and stabilize it while building it to balance the floor base and deck. For example, you can fill all sides of the boat with enough gravel to keep it stable and square while building the tiki hut.

Step 2: Build the tiki base platform on your pontoon boat

Lay down the timbers or logs as the deck frame and base of your tiki bar shed. Secure and tighten the deck frames to the pontoon boat to hold your tiki bar platform.

Place the boards over the deck frames and screw them well but leaving gaps on each board for aeration and expansion. Mark and leave enough space for the tiki hut pole tensioning, framing, walling, swim-boards, awning, and other platform annexes. Don’t forget to check the level of the deck boards to ease drainage for your guests.

Step 3: Make a flexible tiki hut

Ensure your tiki hut frames and rails, including its posts, braces or brackets, and bolts are fastened properly. Then, assemble the tiki hut as designed; the shed height should be based on who’s gonna board your tiki pontoon boat.

It may sound trivial but making it shorter can cause inconvenience to your guests. Taller guests may hit their heads on the hut’s gutter.

Ensure all posts, walls, and rails are nailed securely to withstand involuntary pressures when the party is happening. It’s a good idea to mounting them with support hangers that can stabilize the base platform.

Step 4: Customize your tiki hut bar

Customize your tiki bar with a cooktop, small fridge, sink, dishwasher, and exteriors that sync with your decoratives. Your decoratives and fixtures influence the tiki hut deck ambiance you want to experience while afloat. So, be sure to make the most of your primary and alternative materials.

Step 5: Tips for Tiki Decoratives

Your decoratives reinforce the look of your tiki boat, influencing the style of floors, walls, and bartop, among others, providing not only a stylish appearance but also a smoother, friendly, and safer boating trip.

PVC pipes for poles, walls, railings, hangers, and fences making it look natural and eco-friendly are great decoratives. Applying caulk several inches apart and painting them makes natural wood or bamboo styles. Tiki art patterns using leaves, chains, palms, and even native tiki bar streamers are other great additions.

Check this YouTube video for step-by-step insights and guides in building a tiki pontoon party boat.

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Get solid tips from this tutorial on how to build a tiki pontoon boat and hit the waters. Forget your bad experience and enjoy new boating memories.

I bet you have all the essential tips, effective steps, and benchmark videos here. Learn more about almost anything that helps you build on your own through this detailed guide. As you build your DIY tiki hut bar boat, make it a continual improvement process to get into the trends. It’s all you need from this review to take your family and friends aboard your tiki pontoon boat.

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