How to Clean Fiberglass Boat Deck?

how to clean fiberglass boat deck

It is no joke to own a boat. The insurance, docking fees, and registration are quite expensive, too. Not to mention, it needs regular maintenance to keep it looking new and in good condition. It would help if you were minding not only some fees but also the upkeep of its fiberglass deck (and hull). …

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The Best Marine Varnishes

best marine varnish

Let’s face it, we don’t give as much credit to the almost perfect combination of boats and varnishes. After all, vessels aren’t exactly cheap. They aren’t immune to deterioration as well. If there’s one solid way for you to preserve the life of your investment and even take her beauty up a notch, wouldn’t you …

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How to Repair an Aluminum Boat? – Easy Care Guide

how to repair aluminum boat

An aluminum boat is more advantageous than vessels made of wood and fiberglass because they are lightweight, maneuverable, and fast. Nevertheless, aluminum boát have their weaknesses. Aluminum is prone to damages from hard grounding or collision. You may have to deal with cracks and leaks that can interrupt your sailing. That’s why it’s crucial to …

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