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The Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

best pontoon boat cover support system

Covers are essential when storing a pontoon boat outdoors and even indoors. They are utilized for maintaining the structural and functional integrity of a pontoon and other vessels. Even though some of them display durability and snug fit, they’re still prone to rips, tears, and other sorts of damages. Due to this fact, you need to have the best pontoon boat cover support system.

A support system will prevent water pooling that may happen in winter and rainy season. You can DIY it, but to save time and effort, you can also just choose from what the market offers. Go over this review that introduces dependable support systems if you don’t have a lot of ideas. You’ll get to know their pros and cons, so you can find the one that suits your pontoon the most.


Top 1
Better Boat Support System

  • Durable poles
  • Wide mushroom caps
  • The poles can be adjusted

Top 2
iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System

  • With sufficient quality
  • Tough against strong wind
  • Stable pole with a 56-foot strap

Top 3
Extreme Marine Support System

  • Easy installation
  • Withstand snow, high wind
  • Remarkable, stainless steel braces

Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support System Reviews

1. Better Boat Store 2 PK Support System

These two poles save me from dealing with a pond in times of non-stop rainfall. I’m amazed at how they work with my aftermarket boat cover. Discover for yourself how it’s compatible with various kinds of boat covers!

You can rely on the strength and durability of these poles as they’re made of aluminum. Rust won’t be a problem at all. What I don’t like is when they are exposed to the sun for too long. You’d better wear thick gloves when taking them out as you may feel a burning sting. On the other hand, they have wide mushroom caps and rubberized button snaps to bear the load and resist tearing.

Aside from its versatility, the possible adjustments on this pole are terrific. It can be as short as 23.5 inches and as long as 56 inches.

When these poles are at the appropriate height for my pontoon, they can face various weather conditions. Even if it rains the whole day, they don’t let go of their composure. I was impressed that they still hold up when traveling with the wind at 550 mi.

Guy lines or webbing should be added above it to attain a snug fit. In this way, I’m sure that water pockets won’t form on the pontoon cover. It makes me happy that my pontoon is dry whenever I take off the cover. I can gain these benefits by just buying an affordable support system.
What We Like
  • Versatile as it’s compatible with various kinds of boat cover
  • The aluminum poles are strong, durable, and rust-resistant
  • With wide mushroom caps to bear the load of the cover
  • The poles can be adjusted
  • Can face various weather conditions
  • Doesn’t allow water pockets from forming
What We Don’t Like
  • Get too hot when exposed too long under the sun
  • Need to add webbing under the cover
Everyone can use this versatile pole as the height can be adjusted. You’ll get to set the support system the way you like and need it.

2. iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System

I was about to give up on getting pole support for my pontoon cover. The previous ones become useless when winter comes. I’m glad that I gave this one a shot as it has sufficient quality for the application. You can depend on it for outdoor storage as it’s not a lousy, freestanding pole.

The height of this pole can be adjusted based on your needs. The shortest it can get is 23 inches and it can extend to 56.5 inches. It has a triangular plate on the top to insert the 56-foot strap. A round base is added for stability. These components are for pontoons with a length of up to 25 feet.

Several storms hit my neighborhood every year. Storing my pontoon outdoors necessitates sturdy protection to ward off pooling and tearing. How triumphant I am with this pole system as these issues never came into existence. It’s not weak against strong wind and the water just slides down. The same thing happens with snow during winter. Hence, this pole support keeps the boat cover unburdened of any load.

Although there’s no instruction for installation, it can be done with ease. I envisioned the system’s structure before putting the parts together. Ideas just pop into my mind on how to put every single part in the right place. When everything is hooked up, I realized that this product is made out of inventive ideas to be an effective support system!
What We Like
  • With sufficient quality
  • The pole’s adjustable height
  • Stable pole with a 56-foot strap
  • Keeps away pooling and tearing
  • Makes water and snow slides down from the cover
  • Tough against strong wind
What We Don’t Like
  • No instruction for installation
You can’t go wrong with this pole for the security of your pontoon when stored outdoors. It’s easy to secure all-weather protection because of it.

3. Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support System

I should have bought this sooner as I’ve tried several support systems and nothing worked for me before. This system is composed of remarkable braces made of stainless steel. It’s right to say that they’re much better than straps and upright poles. I’ve been using it for over a year and I’ve witnessed how it withstands snow, rain, and high wind.

It works as I expected as no water pooling and mess burdened my pontoon cover. No more saggy cover after heavy rain or winter! I even used it when towing and the cover stays in its designated position. Moreover, it saves the cover from getting caught up and torn on the sharp sections of my pontoon.

The four braces or brackets still need poles to complete the system. Make sure you use the gray PVC pipes as they’re tougher than the white ones. They’re also more rigid to have a better hold on the cover.

I like the nice fit of the brackets together with the cover on my 24-foot pontoon. My friend uses this support system too even though her pontoon is smaller than mine. Thus, they’re also great for small pontoons.

Installation is easy as long as you have the necessary materials, including the PVC pipes. If there’s a bimini top on your vessel, better remove it before adding the brackets. All in all, this is the best arch support system for pontoon covers.
What We Like
  • With remarkable, stainless steel braces or brackets
  • Can withstand snow, rain, and high wind
  • Saves you from dealing saggy cover and pooling
  • No cover will get caught up and torn in sharp sections of a pontoon
  • Easy installation
What We Don’t Like
  • Need to buy the pole separately
These brackets are perfect for pontoons and I even recommend them to friends who are fond of sailing and fishing. I think the pontoon cover agrees with me as they’re a great match.

4. Taylor Made 55745 Marine Pontoon Support System

If I had bought this support system earlier, I could have saved some money from buying several brands and paying for repairs. I had one that caused interior damages to my dismay. These two poles and webbing straps have proven to be much better. Thus, this doesn’t give me any headache.

I even gifted it to my parents who love sailing. They’re comfortable with it since they don’t need to crawl under the pontoon cover.

Another thing to admire about this product is how straightforward it is to set up. Easy taking down of the parts also follows. I started by connecting the straps made of polypropylene. To make adjustments, I have to deal with the buckles and hooks. Then, I always check if all the parts are secured once connected to the deck.

Next, adding the poles is trouble-free. Once the parts are properly attached, the system is ready to face the blowing wind! The poles can be adjusted too. I erected it to direct the water to the rails, so it will just fall off. Also, I can lay out the straps in a way that can prevent heavy pooling.

Everything is great about this support system. However, the pivot points and hardware are made of plastic. I can’t exactly complain as it’s way better than having pontoon cover support PVC made. Those parts don’t give me hard times at all.
What We Like
  • Straightforward set-up
  • Adjustments can be made with the buckles, hooks, and poles
  • Adding the poles is trouble-free
  • Can withstand blowing wind
  • Prevents heavy pooling
  • Better than a DIY pipe support system
What We Don’t Like
  • Pivot points and hardware are plastic
Since it works better than DIY support systems, I don’t need to spend more effort and time to provide support to my pontoon cover. This product is indeed awesome in offering convenience!

5. Vortex Pontoon Cover Support Pole System

The items of this support pole system are what my 24-foot pontoon needs. As an experienced boater, I can say that it’s suitable for pontoons with a length starting from 20 feet. A single purchase gives you a set of straps and hooks as well as an adjustable pole that has a topper and base to secure its position.

It’s a piece of cake to install but you’ll be able to achieve a well-constructed support system. I have enough straps for my cover and it’s a big advantage that they’re adjustable.

Vortex has a reputation for producing reliable products. That’s why this support system doesn’t disappoint. Even if heavy rains and high winds persist in our area for a week, I always find the pontoon cover in good condition and free of any ripping and rotting. I only need to pull the oversized pontoon cover to release the water.

This shows that it tightens the pontoon cover and it also improves fitness. I like that the deck and everything in my pontoon remain dry after extreme weather conditions.

Leaves don’t hang around on the cover because of it. It doesn’t allow any stains to remain on the cover too. What you need to be careful about is a load of snow. It doesn’t snow that much in the place where I live so it’s not a problem for me. However, you have to watch out for it if you’re in a heavy snowfall zone.
What We Like
  • For pontoon boats with a length of 20 feet or more
  • With adjustable pole and straps
  • Can make a well-constructed support system
  • Counters extreme weather conditions
  • Tightens the cover and improves its fitness
  • Hinders leaves, stain, and water from hanging around on the cover
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for a load of snow
I couldn’t ask for more as this system works perfectly for me. It makes me happy as I don’t have to worry when downpours and high winds visit my area.

6. Camco 41971 Pontoon Boat Cover Support

I saw this product in a thorough pontoon boat cover support system review and buying it is a wise decision. A telescoping support system like this is quite effective in inhibiting saggy cover and water pooling. It’s essential to prevent these from happening to prolong the longevity of the pontoon cover.

After putting it on my pontoon, outdoor storage during the rainy season and winter doesn’t bring many worries.

In every package, there are three support poles, a boat hook, and two straps, which could have been better if they’re made of steel. The poles are designed to help you meet your goals in supporting the pontoon cover. It happens because of adjustments that can be done every 2.5”. Every pole has a minimum length of 30” and maximum length of 50”.

Installation is easy and I finished it quickly. It’s great that the support plates at the bottom of the pole have foam pads. So, my pontoon’s floor won’t be harmed. The additional pad is also for the stability of the pole that will no longer twitch or shift.

The straps are around 33 to 34 feet long. Note that they would mostly fit pontoons up to 33 feet long. I think I’m one step ahead of protecting my pontoon boat because I have this support system for my pontoon cover.
What We Like
  • Inhibits saggy cover and water pooling
  • Secures outdoor storage during rainy season and winter
  • Adjustable poles with plates and foam pads for stability
  • Easy and quick installation
  • With straps that can be hooked easily
What We Don’t Like
  • Hooks could have been better if made they’re made of steel
This pontoon boat cover support pole system is exactly what I need. I don’t have to add anything since there are three poles and long straps. All in all, it prolongs the lifespan of the cover, which ensures that the pontoon is well-protected.

7. NEXCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole

This pole support is the absolute solution to my pontoon cover that gets a lot of water. But its usage is not exclusive for this reason. It’s also the pole that I paired for my winter cover as some components stabilize it for bearing the weight of water or snow. Use this pole to raise any sections on your cover and you’ll be free from troubles.

I was surprised when I received a small package but I understood upon opening. The pole being in multiple pieces is an advantage on my part. They allow me to easily adjust the length in exchange for making a relevant and useful support system. Due to its flexibility, you’ll find the right height needed to tighten the cover. Although it properly holds up my pontoon cover, it is not suitable for transport.

I like the large, rounded flange at the bottom of the pole. This is the part that enables the pole to carry the weight of the cover and some elements on it.

I was reluctant to use the pole at first but I realized it’s made of sturdy gauge plastic for long-lasting performance. So far, it’s consistent to prove its reliability after being securely installed. You can’t doubt the quality since there’s a 12-month warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee offered for this product. Since it’s plastic, no rusting issues will arise.
What We Like
  • Used to raise any sections of the cover to prevent pooling
  • The pole has a large, rounded flange at the bottom for stability and to carry the load
  • In multiple pieces for easy adjustment of height
  • Made of sturdy gauge plastic for long-lasting performance
  • Offers a 12-month worry-free warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for transport
Adjustments make this pole a reliable support system for my pontoon cover. I know that it can last for a long time from the moment I start using it.

8. Classic Accessories 05900-SC Boat Cover Support Pole

A pontoon boat must have a podium to support its cover. I found it in this product and so, winter storage of my 20-foot pontoon goes smoothly. The snow and water just shed from the cover instead of pooling. No sagging has ever happened on my pontoon cover since I started using this pole. It’s praiseworthy in staying sturdy despite high winds.

The best feature of this support pole is that it comes in sections. There are connectors available for assembly. Its hollow body is made of good quality, ABS plastic. The minimum length of this pole is 12 inches but you can go all the way to 54 inches. Therefore, you can set the appropriate height that you need for your pontoon.

However, you need to do some work if you wish to use the whole length. Placing it inside a PVC pipe with a wider diameter is wise to ensure that this support pole won’t buckle or bend even when the cover is loaded. I used gorilla tape to wrap the entire pole and make sure that it won’t give in to any obstruction.

I also added some straps on top of it to provide more support to the cover. I may appear prudent but all of my diligence is paid off. Water, snow, and debris can’t easily weigh down my pontoon cover. What I have to ponder upon is the small price that I have to pay to keep the cover in good shape!
What We Like
  • Water, snow, and debris shed from the pontoon cover
  • Stays sturdy despite high winds
  • Made of good quality, ABS plastic
  • In sections; so, appropriate height is attained
  • An affordable support pole
What We Don’t Like
  • Need to do some work when using the whole length of the pole
I don’t need to test my patience in making homemade boat cover support poles as this product is sufficient enough for the application. Maintaining my pontoon cover doesn’t require a lot of money since this pole is affordable in the first place.

9. CSR 4333785051 Pontoon Boat Cover Support System

Outdoor storage of vessels is a challenge because of some elements and weather changes. A responsible pontoon owner should collect the necessary items to build a protective structure. You must know that a boat cover may not be sufficient to keep up with the weight of water, snow, and ice. So, the need to have a cover support system can’t be ignored.

While I was looking for support systems in the market, I didn’t have a lot of ideas on what to buy. I opted for this as it has a universal two-system that contains two sets of poles and straps.

Each set of the pole is composed of two pieces and that gives you a total of four poles. They are adjustable from 40 inches to 70 inches. I also got 4 pieces of straps and each of them has a length of 20 feet. It may seem complicated because there are tons of things but assembly is easy with its simple design. I snapped the straps on the rear tow hooks with no trouble. There is also an instruction manual included in the package.

It snows in the place where I live but there’s no chance of a snowstorm and this support system has helped me protect my pontoon. The cover didn’t sag even once. Also, I think this support system won’t be able to withstand high winds.
What We Like
  • Can bear the weight of rain, snow, or ice on the cover
  • Contains two sets of poles and straps
  • Has adjustable poles
  • Straps can be hooked easily
  • Easy assembling due to its simple design and instructional manual
  • Stops cover from sagging
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for high winds
This is one of the best pontoon boat cover support system with 4 poles and 4 straps in total made it easy for me to provide the support needed by my pontoon cover.

10. Leader Shrimp Pontoon Boat Cover Support System

The universal fit in the description of this pontoon boat cover system caught my attention. Being practical, I bought it because it’s a set of boat cover and some straps. I have three pontoons and I use this for all of them.

Since I use the same cover and straps on different models, I’ve seen how versatile it is. Moreover, it’s for boaters who are not sure about the cover and support system that is ideal for their pontoon boats.

The one-year limited warranty affirms the durability of the components. Marine-grade polyester was used to create straps for lasting service. There are 10 straps in a single purchase, so it’s adequate for my needs. Since it’s universal, you can use it for pontoons with a length from 17 feet to 28 feet and beam width around 96 inches to 102 inches. That’s why it favors someone like me who owns more than one pontoon.

I save time and money by not having to separately buy the cover that is made of polyester and double PU coating. This material is marine-grade so my pontoon boat gets protected under different kinds of weather. I know that it’s resistant to water and it won’t be easily blown by the wind.

However, pole support is missing in the set. It’s fine to separately purchase it as I was able to get the various lengths that suit my pontoons.
What We Like
  • With universal fit
  • A set that has a boat cover and straps
  • Compatible with most pontoons
  • Has one-year limited warranty
  • Cover and straps are made of premium, marine-grade materials
What We Don’t Like
  • Has to separately buy a pole support
It just makes sense to buy a set like this because of its universal fit. I didn’t have problems properly putting them on my pontoons. There are plenty of straps provided!

11. Redneck Convent 7585 Boat Cover Support

I’m glad to have picked this durable and universal telescopic pole. It does its job well in supporting my pontoon cover, which forms a tent shape. In this part, it’s not only about the form but how it can fend off water pooling and sagging. You’ll be in awe of how it works as additional support to your winter cover!

Installation of this pole can be challenging as the instructional manual is not available. Be aware that there’s a snap fitting at the top of the pole. I pulled it smoothly to prepare the mushroom plate to make contact with the pontoon cover. The snap fitting needs to be replaced by a stainless bolt to ensure that the pole and cover are securely connected. This modification requires enlarging the tiny screw hole to give way for the bolt.

If you know how to set this pole properly, it can’t be taken down by snow loads and high winds. Expect an adequate strength from it as it’s made from non-corrosive, anodized aluminum. The pole has a twist lock so it won’t slip without notice.

Another thing that I appreciate about this pole is the adjustments that I can make. Its length starts at 28.5 inches and can be extended to 51.25 inches. I can surely set it in the height appropriate for my boat. It repels water and debris because it doesn’t make the cover droop.
What We Like
  • Made of durable, non-corrosive anodized aluminum
  • Gives the cover a tent shape
  • Fends of sagging and pooling
  • Can’t be taken down by snow loads and high winds
  • Has a twist-lock to prevent slippage
  • Can be adjusted
What We Don’t Like
  • Knowing how to install it properly as there’s no instructional manual
I admire this telescopic pole as it’s more effective than its expensive counterparts. With the cover in a tent shape, my pontoon is secured in winter and other seasons.

12. Carver 60008 Boat Cover Support System

I can stop the intrusion of rain and wind when my pontoon is stored outdoors with this support system. In a single purchase, there’s an adjustable pole and two pre-installed, adjustable 20-foot straps. The pole can be on its shortest length of 22 inches and stretched up to 70 inches. I like that it has a rounded top so it won’t poke the cover.

This system offers so much for my 19-foot pontoon. It’s impossible to fall short on the components while I assemble it. My friend’s pontoon is 22 feet long and he needs to add another pole. It gave me an idea that longer pontoons would need two poles.

From the moment I started using this support system, it went through a lot of things. It survived two weeks of rain and two snow storms with high winds. Still, it continues to serve me. Despite heavy spring rains, it hasn’t shifted or collapsed. You have to trust the sturdiness of this pole as it’s made of aluminum.

Installation is easy as long as you know what you’re doing. What I did first is connect the straps and the pole to create the sought-after frame. Once they’re in the right position, I made the adjustments so the structure is congruent to my boat’s size. You should make sure that they’re not too low on your pontoon.
What We Like
  • The adjustable pole has a rounded top to prevent from poking the cover
  • Includes adjustable straps
  • Can survive heavy rain, snowstorm, and high winds
  • Sturdy due to the aluminum pole
  • Easy to install
What We Don’t Like
  • Two poles may be needed on longer pontoons
I rely on this support system when it comes to storing my pontoon outdoors. It has proven its worth by facing and surviving in all seasons. No more puddling and sagging on my pontoon cover!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pontoon Boat Cover Support System


This section will show you how to get the right support system for pontoon covers. You’ll spend less time and effort compared to carrying out a DIY pontoon cover support system. So, continue reading.

The Application

The pole in the support system should, by all means, carry the weight of the cover and some elements on it. Also, the pole’s top part must not be sharp so it won’t pierce the cover.

Apart from the pole, you also have to think about the expertise of a certain support system. Some of them are made to keep out thick snow. Others are good at hindering rainwater from creating a pond on the cover. The same objective must be applied when you’re getting a pontoon cover so it can work hand in hand with the support system.

Length can be extended

The pole support for pontoon boat cover is generally crafted as telescopic. You may find a lot in the market but they differ in length or their capacity to extend. So, get a pole that can stretch further if you have a large cover. In the case of smaller pontoons, the regular length will do.

Ease of installation

You won’t have a hard time with installation as most effective kits have simple and uncomplicated designs. This process can usually be done by one individual. However, you may face difficulties in assembling if you’re not handy and experienced. To relieve you from confusion, you can read reviews or watch tutorials for guidance.

How Do I Install A Pontoon Boat Cover Support System


A kit of a support system contains one pole or more and several straps. It’s created to suit various models of pontoons. Connecting these components together will create a frame that tightens the pontoon cover.

You can start by inserting the straps to the top of the pole which usually comes as a flat plate. Then, you have to find a solid part like the cleats on the pontoon to attach the straps in the front side. Next, you will focus on webbing and looping. You have to find a section where you can connect the straps on the back part.

When the straps are all set, you can add one or more poles. At this point, it will be easy for you to adjust the height as you’ll base it on the straps. Last but not the least, you have to double check if everything is secured and well-connected.

How Do I Stop My Pontoon Boat From Collecting Water

To stop water from collecting on a covered pontoon boat, you’ll need a proper cover support system under the cover. Even though the cover has a snug fit, water can potentially make the fabric create low points. Wind may also contribute to tolerating pooling. But with a support system, covers or tarps won’t shift because they have become tight.


You can’t just buy a pole to ensure that the cover doesn’t sag or collect water, instead, the best pontoon boat cover support system is needed. This should match the size of your pontoon and its cover. It’s also important to consider the elements that you’re trying to beat in outdoor storage. Then, you can pick the ideal type of support system to liberate your pontoon and its cover from damages.

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