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The Best Paints for Aluminum Boats

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

best paint for aluminum boat

Boaters prefer to customize their boats made of aluminum material and even paint them with color to look better. Though aluminum materials are robust, lightweight, and rust-resistant, it needs continuous special care using any best paint for aluminum boats.

Use only paints that are best for aesthetic purposes, durability, and saves money from costly repairs. Get the right aluminum boat paint available in the market through these reviews. Choose paints for an aluminum boat carefully as they differ and have essential things you need to be aware of:

  • Long-lasting and simple to apply. Look for paint and priming systems to discover complimentary materials for best protection; eventually saving time by using a paint that serves as a primer.
  • Includes copper ingredients. To eliminate these invasive species and prevent marine development, the ideal aluminum boat painting should include antifouling ingredient, which uses a high concentration of copper powder as its biocide, especially when painting aluminum boat hull. Invasive plant species, mussels, and barnacles may grow under the boat if it sits for an incredibly long time and cause major damage.
  • UV-resistant product. Painting aluminum boat helps protect the boat from UV rays damaging and peeling the paint off the boat. UV rays may harm the boat hull if paint is flaking which a marine paint for aluminum boat can resolve.
  • Non-skid paint. If you need paint for inside aluminum boat, ensure it allows for adding non-skid substances. A decent non-skid bottom paint for aluminum boats creates a slip-resistant surface on the boat or deck. It works well on the best days, or even in bad weather.

Look for features, factors, buyer’s guide, and common questions on the top-rated paint to use on aluminum boat here. Reading on will help you choose the marine grade paint for aluminum materials that fits your maintenance needs.


Top 1
Rust Oleum 207000

  • Quick-drying
  • Long-lasting
  • Restores painted surfaces

Top 2
TotalBoat ‎511784 Boat Paint

  • Cleaning is simple
  • Minimal VOC and odor
  • Protects against hazards

Top 3
Duralux Marine Paint

  • Reduces painting time by half
  • Colors achieve camouflage effect
  • Paint and primer in one formulation

Best Aluminum Boat Paint Reviews

1. Rust Oleum 207000 Marine Coating Topside Paint

This marine paint works on aluminum boats and is designed for applications over water lines. Highly effective on aluminum boats and other surfaces like wood and fiberglass, it offers a fresh appearance and repairs old ones.

I like painting an aluminum boat with its silky gloss that exudes attractiveness, and noticeable gloss retention. These results make the boat appear brand new. You may choose your favorite aluminum boat paint colors and correctly apply it to the boat for a beautiful finish. The formulation is strong and oil-based elastic, making it easy to apply and dry in a couple of hours.

Keep in mind though that it’s not a good idea to create more than one coat in one day. Heavy or excessive use of this boat paint is not recommended. It would result in insufficient drying and less than expected results.

I only dislike how the paint can be smelly, which is common for paints of this type. So, perform the work either in a well-ventilated or outside location. Doing so prevents extreme heat of the sun and boating environments from damaging decks and hulls after finishing the job. The paint coating endures and is long-lasting since it is resistant to peeling, chipping, cracking, and breaking.
What We Like
  • The colors are smooth and shiny
  • The formula is oil-based, strong, and versatile for most surfaces.
  • Long-lasting, quick-drying coating
  • Maintains and restores painted surfaces like brand new
What We Don’t Like
  • It is not recommended to apply more than one coat in one day.
  • There are some stench during the application of the paint to the boat surface
The aluminum boat paint rustoleum gloss is excellent for restoring and preserving a boat’s attractiveness. Because of the positive end effect, I am excited to paint the hull of the aluminum boat for my next boating trip.

2. TotalBoat ‎511784 Boat Paint

Natural hues of the paint entices me to continue purchasing it. It has excellent color variations:army green, earth brown, khaki, black, light gray, and white. A camouflage effect is also possible to create, which is useful for those who like fishing and hunting. I like how it does not annoy you with low VOC and odor level during application.

This aluminum boat hull paint has an amazing low shine finish.You will undoubtedly feel and become one with your surroundings, while enjoying the boat’s robust and long-lasting reflecting quality. Old boat repair is also possible because of the product’s strong capabilities and rapid adherence to aluminum.

I love how it’s not only visually appealing, but also resistant to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays. The paint also works on other aluminum boats used for fishing and hunting. It’s alright to skip the priming and etching; just sand for half a day before applying the final layer.

In 2 days, the drying process was complete, which made me more amazed. It only takes a little patience. I’m pleased with the end result that does not fade or peel off. Cleaning is easy, since soap and water are needed.
What We Like
  • For fishing and hunting, a camouflage treatment is used.
  • Has a minimal VOC and odor.
  • Great for restoration of aging boats with best finish and sheen
  • Protects against hazards such as chemicals, corrosion, and UV rays.
  • No need for etching or priming, and cleaning is simple.
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs sanding prior to applying the final layer
  • Drying time of 48 hours
This product works awesome not only for repair but also for fishing and hunting. The hues will enable you to become one with your surroundings, resulting in a plentiful trip.

3. Duralux Marine Paint

The paint works as the finest aluminum boat primer with a fantastic blend, allowing you to forgo the priming entirely. It ensures quick application and reduces work required for my boat’s upkeep.

Ensure to gently sand the area before application and apply with a roller or clean brush for an effective coating layer. The paint may then be simply applied to produce a vinyl-like covering. It is important to know how much you need for the application considering its thickness. The formulation of alkyd enamel was developed primarily for painting aluminum boats and caring for galvanized steel surfaces.

Once dry, the paint protects the aluminum boat against rust, harsh washing agents, engine oils, and discoloration. Having this paint with protective features in my maintenance kit keeps my boat sleek and clean for years. It is not just for recreational boats but works for industrial purposes as well.

This top-rated paint among Duralux bestsellers provides aid in the fulfillment of various activities like renovating shower rooms. It is the kind of paint that is versatile to the user’s color preferences with 20 shiny colors to choose from. There are also three colors you can use to produce a camouflage-style to make your boat become one with nature.
What We Like
  • Paint and primer in one formulation
  • Reduces painting time by half
  • Vinyl layer for galvanized steel and aluminum
  • Protects against corrosion, gasoline oils, and other contaminants.
  • Suitable for both personal and business purposes
  • Colors that are glossy and good to achieve camouflage effect
What We Don’t Like
  • Due to its thickness, the quantity applied must be considered.
Get significant benefits from this product with its effective primer and paint formulation. This duralux aluminum boat paint lessens time and effort while delivering a good protective glossy coating.

4. TotalBoat ‎409304 Marine Wet-Edge Topside Paint

I’ve used this Totalboat aluminum boat paint for repairs and restorations and it’s fantastic. Apply the coating over the water lines without worries as it is a top side kind of paint.

This product has a tough-duty and heavy-formulated composition designed for commercial use. It works best on aluminum, fiberglass, and other surfaces like wood and plexiglass. The paint’s finish is glossy and full of color; you will surely find one that suits your needs from its 21-color selection. Its coating can last for long periods since it is resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, and scratches.

Avoid immersing it in water longer than 3 days to ensure it works well on the surface. Apart from the hull of any aluminum boat, this product may be used to cover the doors, exteriors and cabins. It is available in varied sizes for you to obtain the right amount for your job.

This boat paint is simple to apply in a variety of ways, like using a brush or roller. To guarantee appropriate curing, apply thin layers rather than thick ones, and 2-3 applications should be sufficient. Ensure to apply it with a roller with vertical movements that are ideal for ensuring uniform coatings. It is also feasible to spray the paint with a sprayer and apply a thin coating for a good finish.
What We Like
  • Formulated with tough heavy-duty composition designed for commercial usage and various locations
  • Maintains optimum shine and color for a brand new look
  • There are 21 colors and three sizes available.
  • Produces a long-lasting covering
  • Effortless application for more longer periods
What We Don’t Like
  • The coating finish should not be submerged for longer than 3 days.
This boat paint offers worry-free tasks in making any aluminum boat safe from the weather. Getting this product into your boating regimen allows easy applications to maintain your boat’s brand new appearance.

5. Majic Paints 8-0851-2 Camouflage Paint

Painting any boat or other kind of vehicle or watercraft can be done with the Camouflage paint featuring this product. People like myself do it in order to blend or connect with nature. Thanks to this boat paint, I can conceal my boat if I go fish or duck hunting on the lake.

This boat paint may be purchased in a variety of ways, and depending on your requirements, you may choose various sizes. There are many color choices available, including black, dark gray, olive drab, khaki, desert tan, and earth brown. Only when the surface is unpainted, a second coat is required.

Keep in mind that minor sanding is required before adding another coating. The flat surface is ideal for harmonizing with nature. The paint looks great on trailers, watercrafts, duck blinds, tree stands, and other marine items. I have enjoyed its flat finish that other brands don’t have.

I also find the paint excellent for metals such as aluminum, which may also be used on wood. The paint’s longevity features also prevent corrosion or rust development and is thus, an effective aluminum boat paint for saltwater environment. It forms a strong glue that allows surfaces to resist severe and damaging weather.
What We Like
  • Camouflage paint is available in various application sizes and hues.
  • Rollers, paint pads, and brushes may all be used to apply it.
  • On painted surfaces, a second coat is not usually required.
  • Produces a flat finish other brands failed to offer
  • Paint that is both versatile and long-lasting for boats
What We Don’t Like
  • Before adding another layer, lightly sand it for better results.
This boat paint is helpful for fishermen and marine hunters when faced with adverse boating environments. I must confess that I like the natural themed color for making my boat alive.

6. TUFFCoat UT 100 Black Gallon Non-Skid Paint Coating

The product made my decades of maintaining boats handy with its non-skid paint features. This Tuff Coat model makes applications more easy especially, if you’re unsure on how to paint an aluminum boat.

Its thickness is what I liked most, plus its non-skid and highly rubberized composition for simpler mixing using drill mixers. Providing great pleasure except that some of its materials may slip when applied incorrectly on aluminum surfaces. Overall, I like using the paint to coat the interiors of aluminum and fishing boat’s floors.

It works best as well on the front deck’s bass setup, the pontoon deck, as well as their wooden parts. I assure you will certainly get the hard coat result no matter where you use this non-skid coating paint. I also don’t mind bringing my boat under the sun since it can resist UV radiation.

I am amazed by its toughness, making my boat endure any rigid hunting and fishing activities. You can select lighter hues like Caribbean blue, light blue, light gray, medium blue, sand, and white. It is chemically resistant and has safe components that keeps a variety of boats safe.
What We Like
  • The formula is thick, rubberized, and non-slip when used properly.
  • Contains no harmful components that is safe to apply in a variety of boats
  • A long-lasting, strong finish that is chemically resistant and protected from UV rays
  • Simple to clean, mix and apply on a variety of surfaces
  • There are many different hues to choose from its available color variation
What We Don’t Like
  • Has thickness needing drill-mixing tools for effective blending of the paint formula.
Overall, I can use this boat paint to maintain my boats, especially the aluminum one. Using this product leaves no worries as it is safe to handle.

7. SeaHawk AH7033GL Paint Aluma Hawk

This is among the best products to paint aluminum boats, and has plenty of quick-drying components. I have a Jon boat that was w painted with this and collided with a boat ramp. There were neither scrapes nor scratches when I looked, making me depend more on this product for below or above waterline applications.

The aluminum boat’s covering protects it against corrosion, just like every boat owner or user wishes. I like the green hue since it has a clean and sleek appearance. My boat has been covered with paint and maintained a beautiful look, clean, and does not wear off. With this applied, little bumps and mishaps will not readily harm aluminum boats and Jon boats.

What I enjoy about this product is how simple it is to use and the end results it delivers. It adheres quickly to bare metal and does not need the use of a primer. Because of the thickness of the paint, you can add a thinner and it won’t impair its performance. I used a spray as well as a brush that worked nicely, and the drying time is constant.

However, this device is not without flaws. Before you start working with this boat paint, it is advisable to look for a well-ventilated location to avoid inhaling the fumes. Also, be careful that it may also consume plastic.
What We Like
  • The formula for quick-dry is thinnable
  • It protects against corrosion and abrasion
  • With proper cleaning, it will last the passage of time
  • No priming is required for simple application using a spray or brush
  • Beautiful shade of green
What We Don’t Like
  • Some vapors produced after application consume plastic
This Sea Hawk aluminum boat paint has all of the best characteristics suitable to aluminum and Jon boats. The kind of marine paint with a quick-dry formula protection without the need of priming.

8. Rust Oleum 254170A3 Professional Aluminum Primer Spray

This bestseller has met my expectations for a high-quality marine oil-based enamel spray aluminum boat primer. It is designed for unpainted aluminum to prime the surface for painting, give corrosion protection, and a strong, weather-resistant finish.

I commend this primer spray paint on how it preserves constant, corrosion-resistant color in the face of the weather. It offers features that double the protection of paint alone. It covers up to 14 square feet and dries in 15 minutes as a topcoat application. I loved using it in both indoor and outdoor applications without any issue at all for the last few years.

What I find pleasurable in this commercial, industrial paint formulation is that it can be sprayed at any angle. It serves as a foundation for good adhesion and can endure demanding heavy-use situations. I’m confident that this is the top-rated primer for an aluminum boat.

If you are looking for a spray paint for an aluminum boat that has more options, then you will like this product. The product has a semi-gloss surface, which is a good balance that is neither too glossy nor too flat for most uses. It also has a large output of 12 square feet.
What We Like
  • Dries quickly, at around 15 minutes suitable for busy boating schedules
  • Won’t have to worry about annoying bugs falling on your new lacquer and destroying it
  • Comes in a spray can that is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grasp
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires 1 hour settling period before recoating it for optimum effects
  • Needs 24 hours for complete dry time for a great finish
Once you start using the paint aluminum boat, you can say goodbye to a sour finger joint, no matter how large the job is.

9. Hunters Specialties 003-quart-8 Liquid Paint

Do you like exceptional aluminum duck boat paint colors that may offer your duck boat a fresh camouflage appearance? Then, this boat paint choice may do wonders for you and your aluminum boat.

This bestselling paint product is created using an oil-based enamel composition that is easily applied to any hardware you desire. While it’s not intended as marine paint, it’s claimed to be capable of withstanding water when properly prepared and applied. Please keep in mind that this boat paint is designed to be thick. Therefore, you can expect certain heavy pigments.

However, some thinner will be required to ease the application and it must be rolled and painted well. It takes two days for two coats of paint to dry completely because it is too thick for easy coating.

What I disliked about this paint is its very long drying time s. It may be difficult to apply and leaves heavy pigments when it dries because of its thick and heavy colors. Fortunately, you may avoid this problem by thoroughly mixing the paint or thinning it down.
What We Like
  • Premium grade certified paint formulation
  • Excellent value for money you invest on this marine paint
  • Can offer eye-catching and long-lasting camouflage color
  • Tree stands, equipment, decoys, cars, boats, and blinds come highly recommended.
  • When dried, it ensures a professional appearance
What We Don’t Like
  • Is very thick and contains heavy colors.
  • The drying process may take at least two days for great results.
On the whole, this boat paint is an excellent choice for those who want a fascinating camouflage hue. It is somewhat more expensive than its rivals. However, the cost seems to be well worth it since the end result is both gratifying and delightful.

10. Diamond Brite 46000 Boat Paint

This boat paint is intended for use on metal surfaces, plus I like using it on an aluminum boat. The product is even used to paint numerous metal objects in my home, vehicle garage and completely covers them.

There are individuals that I know who put this boat paint product on their home roof and industrial equipment. They used it for years, and it made it through a severe winter unscathed, which other brands fail to do. That’s why I’m surprised to learn that this product has a wide range of uses for a variety of surfaces.

This implies that the boat paint ensures durability when applied on everything composed of aluminum or metal materials. I like using it on my boat and other watercraft for its brilliant surface finish covering any aluminum boat. Since it’s ready to apply, no thinning is required, which saves you money, effort and time for effective applications.

You can apply it using a sprayer, roller, or brush in temperatures ranging from 60˚ to 90˚ Fahrenheit. A brush is good for uniform coating and maintaining consistency of applications to prevent smears especially on hidden areas. I tried it once on a breezy day, and the outcome was great, it worked out what it’s designed for. However, be careful; it can slip across cold surfaces when mishandled during application.
What We Like
  • The boat paint is designed to be used on metal surfaces like aluminum and other types
  • Fit to a variety of applications on most surfaces of a boat or marine vehicle
  • Surfaces are well-covered and seem bright when applied with this paint.
  • Defends against severe winter weather
  • No thinning is required for effective application results.
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs careful application as it could slip over cold surfaces
I highly recommend this boat paint for metal surfaces. This boat paint protects while also looking nice and tidy on most surfaces.

11. KiwiGrip KG10171R Non-Skid Paint Coating

I find KiwiGrip as a very durable and effective anti-skid paint. It applies fast and simply due to the accompanying roller. The texture of the non-slip may be changed by changing the application method, from mild for a leisure boat to more aggressive for a cruiser or industrial boat. This coating is available in five different hues.

The KiwiGrip paint prevents difficulties from many elements that must be loaded (sand, beads, etc.) thanks to its homogenous composition. Traditional anti-skid coatings or paints often lose their loads by leaving potentially hazardous bridges difficult to clean, retouch, and recreate. This Kiwi deck system is one of the best solutions on the paint aluminum boat market for three major reasons.

First, it is a cost-effective choice since it requires just one coat, which saves a significant amount of money. I recommend you to consider the paint in your boat maintenance supplies.

The second reason is that applying this coating with the KiwiGrip roller is very simple. It will not only cover the surface in one coat, but it will also eliminate the need for further fillers. Furthermore, no residues of shells, rubber particles, or sand will remain on the coated surface.

The third reason is that its eco-friendly water-based formulation is safe for users and the environment.
What We Like
  • Includes a 4-inch KiwiGrip roller
  • Saves you money since it only requires one coat in each application
  • Environmentally-friendly paint with water-based formulation
  • Makes the application surface non-slip and easy to handle when applying the paint.
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires any metal surface to be prepared before applying the coating.
  • Needs the KiwiGri roller non-skid effect
Recoating is a breeze using Kiwigrip, and repairs are almost unnoticeable. Getting this product for your maintenance kit lets you save money and enjoy environment-friendly components.

Factors of Aluminum Boat Paints to Consider


The different types of aluminum boat paint

  • Marine enamel paint. When correctly applied, it provides a timeless high gloss look to your paintwork. It is also known as topside paint since it is primarily utilized on the inside of the boat and on sections above the waterline.
  • Non-skid coatings. It offers a slightly rubbery texture that provides much-needed traction on the inner surface of your aluminum boat.
  • Marine ablative antifouling bottom paint. This one provides excellent hull protection, is copper-free, and is simple to apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun.
  • Camouflage paint. If you are a waterfowl hunter, your boat will have the traditional drab olive finish that will help it blend in with its surroundings and make your hunting more bountiful.

Benefits and drawbacks of aluminum boat paint


  • Allows boatbuilders and component makers to continue reaping the benefits of aluminum boat paints, while improving the alloy’s aesthetic attractiveness.
  • Fouling and chemical corrosion are slowed by the paint.
  • For keen fisherman, camouflage paint eliminates the tell-tale indication of metal that normally deter the prey.
  • The copper used in antifouling paint slows marine development between the aluminum hull and bottom paint.
  • Galvanic corrosion can be prevented using aluminum boat paints, since aluminum is anode to other metals, except zinc and magnesium.


  • Aluminum can no longer acquire its strong, transparent, and corrosion-resistant oxide layer once it has been coated.
  • The paint is effective until it has been breached, allowing water into the gap.

Essential elements in deciding for aluminum boat paints

  • The Boat Is Genuine Aluminum
  • You can be a victim of buying aluminum paint when the boat lacks this element. Since all metals may have similar appearances, it is important to know their construction when purchasing a used boat. It is critical to determine if the material of the vessel is aluminum compatible or has its components.
  • Budget
  • Paints vary in terms of price and composition. Having lots of choices is beneficial since you can constantly discover one that fits your budget. There are several that are less expensive but offer enough protection for the boat. While some can give a gloss that also improves the appearance of the surface.
  • It Is Simple To Apply
  • Most aluminum boat paints are simple to apply and dry quickly. It is a component of an easy solution. Check to see whether your selection has these characteristics.
  • Color Of Preference
  • The boat’s color is important because when you reside in a humid environment, you can use a light shade. When you modify it into a dark-colored boat look, it loses its capacity to shield sunlight. Also, darker hues are appropriate for tiny boats for fishing that travel in muddy seas. If it’s on filthy water, it is just more reason to avoid vibrant colors.
  • Understand Your Needs And Wants
  • Weigh your options and determine if you want a matte coating or a glossy finish paint. Some boat owners and users are extremely picky about the look of their boats once repainted.

Can You Paint Over Old Paint on the Aluminum Boat?

Securing ideas for the most suitable paint to use on aluminum boat really helps tackle the common flaking with aluminum. Make sure to sand away the previous coat of paint until you have a flat surface.

Can You Paint an Aluminum Boat with a Roller?

Aluminum boat paint may be applied using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Use it between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal drying or sheen. Apply after 12 hours of the first coat before sanding gently with 320-grit sanding paper to remove flaws and residues and adding the final layer.

Does an Aluminum Boat Need Bottom Paint?

While the boat is unused, it may occasionally remain on the water. As a result, you need to preserve the base of your aluminum boat. Putting a two-part adhesive or polymer on the paint mixture is a good idea.

Does the Primer Need to Be Applied Every Time I Paint the Aluminum Boat?

Professionals often advise that before painting an aluminum boat, you need to apply a primer. This concept no longer works because of new paint formulations. Many paints are now designed for various surfaces without priming prior to application.


Even though aluminum seems strong, it still needs upkeep and protection to cope in marine environments. Secure aluminum boat paint ideas for informed decisions to choose the best paint for aluminum boats with the same high-quality material.

Since you’ve read this far, you have the essential information for your boating care. Make use of the tips and practices on these reviews to keep your boat looking brand new and performing well.

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