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The Best Marine Antifreezes

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

Winter comes along with some queries about the effectiveness of the best boat antifreeze products. Recent research on various marine antifreeze for engines and winterizing marine engines produce interesting findings, which these reviews have. Knowing them would enable you to choose the right marine antifreeze that is less-expensive and environment-friendly to winterize your watercraft.

best marine antifreeze

Investing in the best marine antifreeze you need is worth spending your money on effective boat antifreeze solutions. However, avoid one rookie mistake of thinking to use an automotive antifreeze to protect your boat engine as well. A marine antifreeze contains non-toxic protectants and rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect the boat engine in the winter.

Get your brand of choice from this honest review of non-toxic antifreeze solutions for a safer and environment-friendly marine experience.


Top 1
SPLASH 619526 Antifreeze

  • Easy to use
  • Environment friendly
  • Fit to use for marine vehicles

Top 2
RecPro RV Antifreeze

  • -50°F pipe-burst resistance
  • Can lubricate the marine engine
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous formula

Top 3
STAR BRITE 31400 Antifreeze

  • Has anti-corrosion features
  • Provides pure marine protection
  • Non-toxic propylene glycol formula

Best Marine Antifreeze Reviews

1. SPLASH 619526 RV & Marine Antifreeze

Our first product is a recreation vehicle or RV & marine antifreeze, a bestseller manufactured by SPLASH in the United States. Comes with a handy container weighing 8 pounds you can directly pour to tanks, tubs, sink or drain traps. It has an easy-to-grip 1-gallon container, quick to remove the cap and inner seal and add to an RV system. I like its versatility for all-terrain vehicles, including utility, sport, or touring motorcycles, snowmobiles, and marine vehicles.

I’ve been using this boat engine antifreeze for my camp drains during hunting, and it went great without any issues. Even this product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic when incidentally comes in contact with pets and wildlife. I would be careful not to compromise the residual effect or impact it can pose to animals’ safety. Also, it has pipe burst protection down to -50 degrees that other RV antifreeze doesn’t go that low.

I found it a kind of thick engine antifreeze that is best for my water sink and tub drain traps. I even tried using it to winterize my home water system, and it did great at closing my pool before winter. There is no need to dilute, and I suggest using it economically as it’s pricey. I like reordering this versatile antifreeze product for my truck, other watercraft, and vacation home.
What We Like
  • Suitable for winterizing RV and marine water systems
  • Fit to use for all-terrain and marine vehicles
  • Easy to use a container without the need to dilute or mix
  • Environment friendly and non-toxic to pets and wildlife
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit pricey compared to its brand counterparts of the same type
Overall, I love this non-toxic and biodegradable antifreeze that is available in the market. I highly recommend buying it for the best value of your money even before using it. It does what it can give for recreational vehicles, marine watercraft, pools, and vacation homes. I am sure to reorder this product.

2. RecPro RV Antifreeze

This non-toxic recreational vehicle antifreeze protection from RecPro, which is a most sought product, assures a pipe-burst resistance down to -50 degrees. Its 1-gallon packaging is handy to directly pour to the RV, marine, and water systems to unfreeze it. This product also works to lubricate seals and gaskets of marine engines and plumbing systems, making it safe for marine engine blocks. I think this is the best antifreeze to shutter both marine and drinking water in my mobile home.

Not all RV systems fit extended living, especially the water system during winter, so you need safe drinking water systems that do not freeze during winter for your RVs, boats, pools, and vacation homes. And this RecPro’s winter-proof product is the one you need. It uses safe materials the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approves and considers non-toxic and non-hazardous. Unlike the boat antifreeze ethylene glycol with corrosive and caustic aspects, this safely fits your marine engines.

Using it will not harm any metal or steel, brass, copper, plastics, or other plumbing components of your marine engine and water systems. I highly recommend this brand for its safety, versatility, and level of burst resistance it can offer to you. This product can withstand even the coldest climates in the globe. I have been using this excellent antifreeze model to protect my RV water lines, keeping its pipes from freezing.

Just one thing, though. It can effectively protect your tanks, pipes, sinks, and drain traps but goes with an extra cost on your budget. I’m not too fond of its higher price; better get it online as it costs a lot less than the local sellers. Overall, you will not regret the performance quality you can benefit from.
What We Like
  • Uses non-toxic and non-hazardous formula that the FDA approves
  • Assures a -50°F pipe-burst resistance during winter weather
  • Can lubricate the marine engine and water system seals and gaskets
  • Works with RVs, boats, pools, vacation homes, and marine diesel engines
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit pricey that can cost extra from your budget
To conclude, this unit is perfect for winterizing your water systems and protecting your RV water lines from getting frozen during winter.

3. STAR BRITE 31400 Non-Toxic Antifreeze

This STAR BRITE non-toxic antifreeze propylene glycol solution provides a 6-gallon pack to winterize your water system and engine storage. Its anti-corrosion features protect metal engines and seals; and are safe for copper, brass, and plastic components. Due to the excellent cold weather protection, it makes water systems and engines stay unfrozen during winter without any burst pipe down to -50F.

I love its bulk packaging with 6 gallons of west marine antifreeze to ensure I have enough to winterize my RV. I can use it for other marine watercraft, sinks, pools, and tub drain traps of my vacation home. The antifreeze solution is a kind of ready to go from purchase to actual application process. It doesn’t need mixing or dilution so I can directly pour it to protect my RV’s system quickly.

One concern about this antifreeze is its price. Compared to a similar product, you have to pay a high price to purchase this product. When I computed the cost per gallon for smaller applications, it gives me a second thought, though. I have probably got some other option or brand at a fairly affordable price when purchased in smaller packaging. But overall, it has provided me a strong brand and made my life hassle-free, especially during the mixing process.

Last but not least, its non-toxic propylene glycol formula stops you from worrying about its impact on pets, kids, and the environment.

What We Like
  • A strong brand that provides pure marine protection right away
  • Made of non-toxic propylene glycol formula
  • Makes water systems & marine engines stay unfrozen when stored in winter
  • Has anti-corrosion features that protect all metal engines
What We Don’t Like
  • Higher price compared to its counterparts and similar types
Getting this non-toxic antifreeze can ease you up with a great winterizing experience. It can certainly give you hassle-free use for more than one application and long as you have the budget.

4. TRUEGARD Marine RV Antifreeze

Another bestselling brand, the Truegard marine RV antifreeze, is manufactured by Keller-Heartt Co. comes with a 55-gallon drum packaging. Works well as antifreeze for marine diesel engines with burst protection down to -100 degrees, which similar brands cannot match. This product can winterize any marine watercraft or boat with a diesel engine while stored to prevent freezing. You can use this product on your sprayer pumps, potable and non-potable water storage systems to winterize them.

This product can work with RV water systems, vacation homes, travel trailers, swimming pool, tub drain traps, among others. On the other hand, it has non-corrosive and acidic components that are safe for your marine engines, human health, pets or animals, and the environment. It also has an inhibitor formula that provides rust prevention and metal corrosion protection. Furthermore, this product is made of non-toxic propylene glycol material, safe for all metal and plastic pipes in water or plumbing systems.

I would suggest using this brand for its unmatched burst resistance and bulk packaging for larger and repetitive applications. It can help your marine RV water system stay unfrozen in the coldest winter season. Using this RV antifreeze can satisfy your need for performance quality, versatility, and a practical and reasonable price.

You can mix or dilute this marine RV antifreeze solution with water but take extra care in doing it. When you add more water to dilute the product concentration, it decreases the freeze protection you can benefit from. Other than this extra task, the rest of its features can provide you the best value for using this brand.
What We Like
  • Minus 100 degrees burst protection
  • Suitable for RV water systems, mobile & vacation homes, swimming pool and drain traps
  • Works well winterizing both potable and non-potable water storage systems
  • Rust prevention and metal corrosion protection
What We Don’t Like
  • Too much water added to the solution decreases the freeze protection
Get this high-rated antifreeze solution, especially for your larger application needs to benefit from its versatility and high-level burst protection.

5. STAR BRITE Wintersafe Non-Toxic Antifreeze

Another best selling product is the one from the STAR BRITE Wintersafe antifreeze produced in the United States. This product comes with a 1-gallon package and I really like using this as it is ready-to-use without needing to dilute or mix with water. Formulated with corrosion protection components, it ensures drinking water systems and all engines have burst protection down to -100°Farenheit (-73°Celsius).

It also comes with a formulation containing virgin, non-toxic USP-compliant ingredients, and no alcohols or caustic additives. This is a premium brand that I love using for quite some time. Thanks to its high-grade and well-blended additive components, this product helps prevent corrosion or rust in my marine vehicle engines. You can use the safest formula with solder, copper, brass, aluminum engines, plastic, rubber, seals, or hose materials.

What made me fond of it more is its 3x-died blue-colored solution that eases up visibility. It makes it easy to spot as the solution goes through and embed in the marine engine or water system. It is no doubt that this product is the safest and most effective solution I’ve used to winterize all marine engines from freeze-up damage during winter weather. You should order this marine antifreeze 5 gallon at once for longer use with your marine watercraft and water systems.

However, there is only one thing you need to check before getting excited about buying this product which is a shipping restriction. It means shipping access may not include your place yet, so the best option is to check and order it online. Search whether you are listed or for possible delivery arrangements and expect your products shortly on your doorsteps.
What We Like
  • Safe for all engines, seals, and hoses made of solder, plastics
  • Provides visibility thanks to 3x-died blue-colored formula
  • Ensures pipe burst protection down to -100 degree Fahrenheit
  • Contains additive elements that prevent corrosion
What We Don’t Like
  • Shipping restrictions
I highly suggest this well-blended product as part of your most effective and safest marine antifreeze kit. Order now to save time and effort in winterizing your marine engine storage and water containment systems during winter.

6. Sanco Industries Antifreeze Solution

Sanco Industries made sure their product is what you look for in a food-grade propylene glycol multi-purpose antifreeze solution. This crystal clear, non-toxic and zero alcohol antifreeze product comes in a 1-gallon formulation with the highest purity and USP-certified ingredients. I like what it can do for many things, such as a humidifier, humidor, and marine RV antifreeze solution. The multi-purpose solution is also used as a de-icing fluid for aircraft to lower the water’s freezing point.

Dyed-pink indicates the mixture also substitutes ethylene glycol, automotive antifreeze, and winterize plumbing systems in vacation homes during winter. Easy and handy to use, the 1-gallon only weighs about 9.64 pounds of 99.7% pure antifreeze solution. It is also available in 3 size variants, 32 ounces (quart) minimum, 64 ounces, and 128 ounces (gallon). You can also buy a 4-gallon value pack for the best price worth the value of your money.

This product perfectly works for homemade usages, including soap, shampoo, moisturizer, massage oil, and other applications. Moreover, it is used as a solvent, preservative in food and coffee-based drinks and other edible items.

A minor note for you is that you should secure this multi-purpose antifreeze product in a dry, well-ventilated, and cool area as excessive heat may pressurize the containers. So, better keep this product out of reach of children. When you reuse it, make sure to cool and vent the container before opening it to prevent the solution from dislodge. Overall, this great food-grade antifreeze solution is what it is, a quality USP-certified.
What We Like
  • Non-toxic and zero alcohol product made in the United States
  • Can substitute ethylene glycol and used as an automotive antifreeze
  • Easy and handy to use
  • Works as an ingredient for homemade usages and solvent
What We Don’t Like
  • Container get pressurized when improperly stored under excessive heat
Get your winterization set complete with this food-grade and multi-purpose marine antifreeze product. So you can benefit from using it for many things.

7. Mercruiser Quicksilver Antifreeze

Lastly, this new Mercruiser Quicksilver extended life coolant antifreeze is original equipment manufactured (OEM) and not made aftermarket. Ready-to-use, brand new, and genuine premixed formula that ensures anti-gelling when stored in freezing weather conditions. It needs no dilution and provides antifreeze protection down to -34F (-36C) and a red-colored Dex-Cool compatible antifreeze product.

DEX-COOL compatible means an antifreeze or coolant orange-colored, ethylene-glycol based that may be used in all motor vehicles. These motor vehicles, cars, marine crafts, and light-duty trucks with aluminum radiators require DEX-COOL antifreeze and coolant engine winterization. Thus, by using this product, you will offer warranty protection for all gasoline engines with closed cooling systems.

This antifreeze solution is also best to work with ordinary antifreeze formulation; that is what I like the most. You can use it with other known compatible engine coolants or antifreeze to winterize your marine and automotive engines. Except, I would suggest not to dilute it with conventional antifreeze and not add water in any case. Diluting this product with unrecommended solutions can reduce its extended life benefits.

This product is perfectly working and worth the value of money. However, one concern about this product is that it is harmful and fatal when swallowed. So, I use it with more caution, keeping it in a secured, locked, and well-ventilated place away from children. You should also carefully read and follow directions for use as it can endanger lives when improperly stored and left unsecured.
What We Like
  • Brand new, genuine antifreeze product, a factory original equipment part
  • Premixed ready-to-use OEM antifreeze and antigel formula
  • Effectively winterize marine and automotive engines and DEX-COOL compatible
  • Worth the best value of your money
What We Don’t Like
  • Poisonous, read directions carefully as it is harmful and fatal if swallowed
Better be ahead in getting this brand new, Mercruiser antifreeze solution to winterize your marine and automotive engines. Ensure to follow the directions and cautions at the container’s back panel for safe use.

8. RV & Marine Antifreeze Coolant

This antifreeze coolant will do an amazing job at keeping your pipes protected when extreme weather hits them. Its -50 degree freezing point will certainly help in this regard and prevent them from becoming frozen. Best works with RVs, boats, spas, pools, mobile homes, vacation houses thanks to its biodegradable, non-toxic, and aquatic-friendly features. Plus, I’ve been using it without mixing or diluting it with water providing a high-level of convenience.

You can use its 1-gallon container for a straightforward application and user-friendly components for heavy-duty marine RV and boat engines. This versatility is routinely earning positive reviews from the consumer’s end. This brand offers more excitement from effective results than dealing with extreme cold weather conditions, which I experienced personally.

A high-rated product receives excellent marks in the online reviews for its effective results and customer service. I believe this is something you don’t see much from other similar products when researching the best brands. I’m amazed that people affirm this model of choice to provide the right solutions regardless of price. It is noteworthy to mention that a US manufacturer is made and available at marine stores and home depot.

One slight gripe I found a bit unlikely about this product aside from its price is its packaging. Probably needs to secure a cap and inner seal that doesn’t leak the solution from its container, which is messy.
What We Like
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic and aquatic-friendly
  • Best works with RVs, boats, pools, spas, and vacations homes
  • Receives high-rated customer reviews for customer service and effective results
  • Does a good job in protecting pipes in extreme weather
What We Don’t Like
  • Messy leaks from its packaging components
Overall, it is still far better worth your final decision to buy. It is best if you hurried to add it to your online purchases to expect it on your doorstep shortly.

9. Camco 30757 RV and Marine Antifreeze

Pack in 6, this RV and marine antifreeze by Camco ensures features for fulfilling freeze protection. Protects all pools, tub drain traps, summer houses, and recreational and personal marine vehicles down to -50F weather. It is also suitable for all-terrain vehicles, including street-cruiser and off-road motorcycles, utility, snowmobiles, and personal marine vehicles. Easy to use 1-gallon container you can directly add to the water system that does not require dilution or mixing.

This antifreeze prevents aquatic weeds like algae, fouling, and corrosion, which I believe can benefit your water system pipings. It helped me lubricate the valves and pumps of my RV water system. Environment-friendly, tasteless, and has a safety level (i.e., freshwater systems) that other brands cannot match. I love its quality features, and it allows safe use to winterize your water systems at a fairly reasonable price.

It has proven its high efficacy in marine environments such as for boat engines, which I attest it did great. For over three years, this antifreeze has kept my RV system unfrozen when down to -50 degrees while in storage. There’s a bit of concern for the manufacturer’s packaging or shipping of these liquid products, which seems disappointing if it reoccurs. I received my latest order, and I found that this antifreeze has some leaks coming out through its brim
What We Like
  • Suitable for use with all-terrain vehicles and marine watercrafts
  • Easy to use that requires no mixing or dilution
  • High-efficacy in winterizing water system and marine watercraft
  • A reasonable price worth buying for the best value of your money
What We Don’t Like
  • Leaks from its packaging
So far, everything is good about this RV & marine engine antifreeze. This Camco product provides the propylene glycol marine antifreeze I need for my watercraft. That is why I like reordering it again. It satisfies my need to protect my RV water system when poured in pure strength. I did make sure to flush and dispose of it properly after winterization to avoid toxicity issues.

10. PEAK RV and Marine Antifreeze

A guaranteed -50°F protection when using this PEAK’s recreational vehicle (RV) and marine antifreeze product manufactured in the United States. Easy to use 6.1 pounds container to pour into the water system or watercraft tanks, sink or drain traps. For this product, you can use it directly without the need for mixing to optimize its pure strength and effective pipe burst resistance.

Use it accordingly to work fine, especially for the plumbing system of your RV and marine vehicle. It can fit for use with cottages, boats, swimming pools, trailers, RVs, snowmobiles, among others, for more than once easily. This marine antifreeze solution is versatile, and you can use it a bit longer, making it worth buying it.

This product seems ordinary and may not stand out among similar types, but I’ve been using it for years. It eases the application process to work best when storing your marine assets in the winter. This formulation is a kind that every boat owner would look for repetitive and long-term use. And for its disposal, you can take it to any local auto parts store.

Though I paid a little more, it is reasonably fair because of the solution’s performance quality and application. I like paying extra for an antifreeze that can cover multiple-use, and safer for my RV’s water system. There is one minor drawback about this product is it has limited availability and shipping access in all locations. So, I would recommend researching for its authorized sellers before buying it to avoid misinformation and end up being disappointed.
What We Like
  • Easy application and effective results when used accordingly
  • Proven -50°F burst protection when used at pure strength
  • A must-go winterization solution for marine and other vehicles or water system
  • Safe for RV’s and other marine vehicle water system
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited supply availability and shipping access for certain locations
To sum up, this item does help me winterize my marine vehicles and other water systems with its non toxic propylene glycol antifreeze.

11. Camco 30611 RV Antifreeze Concentrate

This RV antifreeze concentrate by Camco, another bestselling brand, comes in 2-pack with each containing 36 ounces of 1-gallon concentrate. It is highly versatile, not only as marine antifreeze but also for swimming pools and vacation homes. By buying this product, I have enough winterization antifreeze for my RV and other marine watercraft.

This product can be used to concentrate for several applications, and you can dilute it with water once you need it. Moreover, you can have an antifreeze that provides strength in an easy-to-measure application process. I assure you will have longer use of this brand as it guarantees a -50 degree weather pipe-burst resistance. Having this brand will ease your worries and keep your pipes and drain traps unfrozen during winter.

It has various safety and performance quality features that will make your life better as a boat owner. Safer is 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-toxic antifreeze solution when in contact with children and pets. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about spillage as it will not damage the soil or body of water.

I’m not too fond of this product because its price is much more expensive than its similar type. If your budget fits such quality and safety features, consider this one as your best choice. It is worth investing in at the start when you know of its long-term features. And having two gallons would give you several uses and save your time when you need it.
What We Like
  • Biodegradable and safe when in contact with children, pets, and the environment
  • Highly versatile and easy application process
  • Guarantee a pipe-burst resistance on the weather not below -50 degrees
  • Adequate quantity for longer use with watercraft/ home
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive marine antifreeze product
Overall, if you are looking for the same volume and quality you deserve paying a competitive price, the go for this antifreeze solution.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Boat Trailer Tires


Consider these factors in your selection process of the best marine antifreeze products. It covers key topics on RV and marine antifreeze, from types to the best brands you can consider when deciding. Providing you the knowledge you needed to make a sound choice and serve as baseline information for your search.

The different types of marine antifreeze

Briefly and simply, I will discuss a few different types of marine antifreeze in the market today. Each of these marine antifreeze types will help you decide to choose an antifreeze solution you need.

  • Glycol-based marine antifreeze

A glycol-based antifreeze coolant is a universal type and the best anti-freezing and cooling solution in vehicle radiators. Using it alone, however, usually comes out with unfavorable results. It means you have to mix the glycol-based antifreeze with a certain amount of water to dilute it.

You should avoid adding glycol to the water tank as it can attract biological growth. This type of marine antifreeze can also come as blended propylene glycol and ethylene glycol formulations.

  • Propylene Glycol-based Marine Antifreeze

This type of marine antifreeze is the most common product, and you will see these marine and RV antifreeze at your local RV shop or online stores. For this type, you can find it a bit pricey. The good thing is, these types are non-toxic and usable in all marine and RV plumbing systems. They mostly come with biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, and safety features that free you from any potential hassle and issues.

  • Ethanol-based marine antifreeze

This antifreeze product is the most preferred type as the highly reasonable marine antifreeze for boat or boat trailer owners. This marine antifreeze solution is available in almost all hardware and marine stores at a lower price than the propylene glycol type. Ensure to check for the quality aspects as this lower price may have a few limitations or issues.

Take caution when using this type of marine RV antifreeze. It can be highly flammable and should not be anywhere near a pilot flame or lit cigar.

  • Ethylene Glycol-based Marine Antifreeze

This marine engine antifreeze coolant has a concentrate formulation intended for optimum performance in heavy-duty diesel engine applications. Works well for light-duty use in automotive cars and light trucks using inhibitor technology, phosphate, and amine-free. Unlike other types of marine antifreeze, ethylene glycol can endanger lives when swallowed. Can form acidic components in the body and transform into acidic states affecting the kidney, lungs, heart, and nervous systems.

Lastly, as this antifreeze can harm humans and pets, consider not using it on your drinking water lines. Circulate propylene glycol into the water containment lines to fully purge all spots and leave the antifreeze in the plumbing for the winter.

Benefits and drawbacks of marine antifreeze

The main use for antifreeze includes protecting engines against freeze damage. It can winterize potable water containment, sanitation, engines on storage, and air conditioners during winter seasons. It also serves as an effective coolant for running marine and automotive engines.

Some of these antifreeze products can pose a threat or endanger lives when not properly handled and directions for use are not followed. Here are a few of its advantages and disadvantages you need to consider.


  • Better temperature protection as these liquids dissipate heat than coolants.
  • Formulated with high-grade inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Prevent engine failure as these antifreeze products can ensure winterization of both running and non-running engines. It also lubricates engine components, gaskets, and seals.
  • The food-grade types work best for homemade usages, industrial and food.
  • Provides extended life of engine components.


  • Marine antifreeze solutions come with a high cost that can affect your budget.
  • Some can harm or endanger humans and pets, take extra caution in handling and storing them.
  • Ensure not to use glycol-based solutions on potable water tanks as these can attract biological growth.
  • An excessive amount of water decreases the freeze protection.
  • Limited supply availability and shipping access for certain locations.

Other essential factors of marine antifreeze

  • Maintenance

Antifreeze formulations such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol have inhibitor components that can indefinitely retain their basic properties. These corrosion inhibitors are gradually used up and have to be replenished regularly. Most automotive and marine antifreeze manufacturers recommend periodic replacement of engine antifreeze/ coolant to renew corrosion inhibitors and remove contaminants.

  • Mixing

You will have one critical decision about the antifreeze’s packaging, whether it can be easy-ready-to-use or needing some dilution with water. You can purchase it in size variants that are premixed or 99.99% pure application suitable for your needs. Check for those antifreeze brands that still require fresh water to power it up before using it.

  • Concentration

Each container formulation does provide quality and performance benefits, fairly reasonable price, and keeps the antifreeze’s strength for longer use. I’d go for the pure concentrate or the premixed formula for the best concentration level and avoid concentration efficacy issues. It is a vital factor to maintain the marine antifreeze level of purity and protective abilities.

  • Formulation

While concentration focuses on the purity level, the antifreeze’s formulation needs your full attention on its additive components. Most marine RV antifreeze is worth considering and ensures it will not have any phosphates present in its components. These substances can damage the engine’s metallic parts and turn into rust, known to most boat owners. So, if I were you, getting a biodegradable and non-toxic antifreeze solution is a good start.

  • Pricing

Pricing mainly depends on your preference and budget, which means setting up your monetary ceiling is your top priority consideration. You have to account for what is best in terms of the type of antifreeze, and how much you can go high. Include the strength and versatility of use in its budgetary ranges. Adjust your budget if you opt for a propylene glycol-based antifreeze, it will help your trim and limit your options.

  • Style

Your marine RV antifreeze would optimize its purpose in your life when you can make it useful in other applications. Make it part of so many usages to winterize your tub drain traps, sinks, boats, pools, and homes. Make sure to do your best and obtain an antifreeze with multiple usage cycles.

How Does Marine Antifreeze Work


The working process of marine RV antifreeze is a simple process when you start winterizing it. The solution goes into your RV or motorhome water lines to ensure your pipes are unfrozen and are burst resistant. When the antifreeze is pumped in and circulates into the plumbing system, it increases the water’s freezing point. You can see that most of the antifreeze products are alcohol-based, making the entire process much easier.

What Kind Of Antifreeze Do I Use To Winterize My Boat

It would help if you used a non-toxic marine propylene glycol antifreeze to winterize your marine watercraft, potable water systems, and other boats.

Marine Antifreeze Vs. Auto Antifreeze: What Is The Difference

A common mistake to make is assuming auto, and marine antifreeze are the same thing. The formula of an auto antifreeze is made of toxic materials that are only usable in closed-loop cooling with engines. The marine type is different as it’s non-toxic and protects plumbing systems of houseboats, RVs, and mobile homes.

Also, the marine antifreeze gets pumped into and flushed out of the plumbing systems. In contrast, the regular auto antifreeze remains in the engine at all times. They have quite a huge difference that has things in common except for their names.

What Is The Best Brand Of Antifreeze

As mentioned in our product review section, the top RV marine antifreeze brands provide the best products and customer service.

But even among this group of amazing RV marine antifreeze brands, some five (5) of them deserve a special shoutout. Special mention to Splash, Camco, AMRS, STAR BRITE, and Peak – time and time again, they have proven as the fruits of the loam.

Does Marine Antifreeze Go Bad

Once your sealed antifreeze is opened but kept on the original formulation and container, it can keep its life for years. But when mixed or diluted with water, it can have a shorter period as it loses its efficacy and burst protection.

Should I Drain Antifreeze After Winterizing The Boat

Basically, “it depends on your boat engine” better check your owner’s manual to identify the type of engine your boat possesses for proper winterization. Nevertheless, if it needs draining, place a bucket under the hull drain plug and pour in the antifreeze. Keep a steady stream until you see the colored stuff running out of the block drain plug. Tip the trailer up to drain it well.

Why Do You Need RV And Marine Antifreeze

Start with understanding that a marine RV’s plumbing system is not protected as it would be under normal conditions. It needs a bit more protection to ensure your water pipes do not start expanding, freezing, and even bursting out. It would help if you had the marine antifreeze into your water lines when freezing hits, making the unfrozen water flow through the pipes.


You now have these choices of marine antifreeze vs. auto antifreeze products to complete your needs. Thank you for reading this far, and it feels great when you share it with other boaters or mariners. I hope this in-depth and impartial review helps you compare each brand or model with the features you need.

Choose the best value of your money at a fair price and high-quality marine antifreeze the environmental protection law approves. Head out to the store and get your best marine antifreeze promptly. Besides, you also can refer to fuel stabilizer or fuel additive to use for your boat motors.

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