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Choosing the Best Gifts for Boat Owners, Unique Gift Ideas for Boaters

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

When buying a present for someone, your goal is to ensure that the receiver would like it. It may be a struggle to many but taking some time to think through things will solve your problem. One consideration is a person’s hobby. If he or she loves fishing, sailing, or boating, it’s wise to focus on the best gifts for boat owners.

best gifts for boat owners

A boat is like a toy for grown-ups as they can make good memories in it. Thus, it’s no wonder that boat owners want to buy things for onboard use. To make them happy, you can buy what they need.

If you don’t have any ideas, let this review show you some unique gifts for boaters. You’ll get your money’s worth and you will make those people close to you happy.

Top 1
SassyCups Always Happy Hour 

  • Leak-free
  • Vacuum insulation
  • Made of stainless steel

Top 2

  • Coolers have machine washable cover
  • An affordable and cool gift pack
  • Offers 100% money back

Top 3
Heartland Boat Plaque

  • Made of brass
  • Ready for gift-giving
  • Has lifetime warranty

 Best Gift For Boat Owners Reviews

1. SassyCups Always Happy Hour at the Lake Tumbler

I bought this tumbler for myself first and I’ve been using it for some time. Since it serves me well when I’m boating and fishing at the lake, I purchased some as Christmas gifts for boaters who I usually hang out with. Now, we laugh whenever we take out the same tumbler as only one color that is similar to sky blue is available.

What’s not to love about this tumbler? It has vacuum insulation to prolong the coldness or hotness of any kind of drink. Expect that a cold cola can last up to 24 hours while a hot coffee can stay warm for 6 hours. I can easily grip it while scratches are prevented by the powder coating. Even the words ‘It’s always happy hour at the lake’ don’t peel.

It’s made of stainless steel so it has rust resistance. There’s no need to worry about chemicals that percolate from plastic and it’s also BPA-free.

Using this tumbler is not messy at all. It won’t leak because of its lid that slides. This feature makes closing it effortless as well. Moreover, it’s sweat-proof and shatter-proof. It has temperature retention too. With occasional deep cleaning, its stylish look is maintained. You can do it by hand washing. Even though you do this process multiple times, it doesn’t mar the tumbler’s surface.
What We Like
  • Has vacuum insulation to prolong the coldness or hotness of beverages
  • The powder coating makes easy gripping and prevents scratches
  • Made of stainless steel so it has rust resistance and no BPA or plastic chemicals
  • Leak-free because the lid can easily slide to close
  • Sweat-proof and shatter-proof for a stylish look
  • Occasional, deep cleaning doesn’t mar its surface
What We Don’t Like
  • Only available in one color
This is a great gift for boaters. You can give it as a gift for a boater on all occasions and it will surely be appreciated.

2. MEANT2TOBE Captain and First Mate Gift Packs

I gave these cool gifts for boaters to my neighbors who helped me a lot when I just arrived in the neighborhood. They’re a couple who likes fishing and sailing. I sometimes join them and I appreciate how hospitable they are.

This gift pack is affordable and cool. I’m pleased to see them happy about what they received. The items are always present during their water expeditions.

Hats, bottle coolers, and can coolers are the items that you can find in this pack. The portions for the captain are in blue while those for the first mate are pink. The front of the hats are embroidered to deliver an elegant look. Moreover, they properly cover the face from sunlight.

Being out on the waters on a sunny day can make you thirsty. These coolers will keep your beverage cool while your hands remain dry. The only thing that disappoints me is the typo error on the coolers. It should be ‘makes’ on ‘I’m the one who really make ship happen’. But, the covers of the coolers are machine washable which means you get to clean them and re-use.

Although they’re affordable, they’re not flimsy and cheaply made. To prove their worth and good quality, there’s a 100% money-back offer. Hence, you can confidently give it as a present to your parents or couples who love sailing during their anniversaries or weddings.
What We Like
  • An affordable and cool gift pack
  • Hats have embroidered with an elegant look
  • Coolers have machine washable cover to keep your hands dry and for continuous use
  • Offers 100% money back to prove good quality
What We Don’t Like
  • Typo error on pink, first mate coolers
The price and quality of this pack will not disappoint. Once you lay your hands on them, you’ll be convinced that they are the best gift option.

3. Heartland Boat Plaque

If you don’t know yet, St. Brendan is the patron saint of sailors. He’s depicted on this boat medallion. As a devoted Catholic, I bought several of these boat accessories gifts. I submitted them to the priest to be blessed before distributing them to my fellow boaters. All of them were delighted to receive this small present.

I placed it above the windshield of my new boat for protection when sailing. It looks splendid so it’s a nice accessory to be added to a vessel. This medallion with a 3.1-inch diameter is made of brass with exceptional quality. You’ll know once you touch it. Indeed, the manufacturer won’t offer a lifetime warranty if it’s not well-made.

This boat accessory is presented ready for gift-giving as it’s enclosed in a plastic container. You won’t have to spend more on gift wrappers. There are two screws to fasten it on the surface. But I used silicone instead to ensure that the medallion holds well on the surface. The screws could have been better as I feel like they might break when trying to tighten them.

Some may find it hard to select the right one among boat gifts. This medallion is the resolution. It will be a wonderful present for boaters. Plus, it invokes the interference of St. Brendan in keeping the sailor safe all the time. It can also be a good luck gift for a new boat.
What We Like
  • The patron of sailors, St. Brendan is depicted on this medallion for a safe voyage
  • Made of brass and with exceptional quality
  • Has lifetime warranty
  • Ready for gift-giving as it’s inside a plastic container
What We Don’t Like
  • The screws could have been better
Sailors can’t always avoid rough waters. Thus, this medallion with the image of St. Brendan, is a must-have to protect the boat owner as well as the passengers from possible dangers in the water.

4. ThisWear A-B-S-C0252-06 Beer Coolie Nautical Gift Set

If you’re looking for a cute gift for a new boat owner, you should purchase this set of 6 can coolies. I gave it to my friend during her boat warming party. She and some guests started giggling when they saw what’s inside the box. Aside from the coolies’ cuteness, there are hilarious lines too.

These can coolies are not bulky and they’re only thick enough to keep drinks cool. With this ability, cold beverages will always be refreshing onboard. Chatting and sharing stories on a boat tend to last long so this coolie set helps a lot with their high-density open-cell polyurethane foam. However, from a different perspective, I’m afraid that they’re not useful for warm drinks.

There’s no difference in how they look in photos. I was so happy to see that all of them have vibrant colors. The pictures and the letters are on both sides so they’re visible for everyone. They’re also conveniently machine washable. Since they have neoprene style, you can fold them flat before storing them. You don’t have to be hesitant to wash them as the colors are long-lasting.

These are wonderful coolies that can be used for a long time. Any sailing enthusiast will love them for sure. They can be a wonderful present on any occasion aside from a boat warming party.
What We Like
  • Cute with printed hilarious lines
  • Not bulky and thick enough coolies
  • High-density open-cell polyurethane foam and neoprene style to keep drinks cool
  • Has long-lasting, vibrant colors
  • Machine washable and can be folded flat for storage
What We Don’t Like
  • Not useful for warm drinks
It’s one of the gifts for sailboat owners that are cute and funny. I also marveled at how they serve their purpose well in keeping the drinks cool.

5. Captain Tshirts & Gifts Boat Owner Novelty Tshirt Gift

I checked boating gifts for him online because of my boyfriend who loves sailing. I’m glad to have found this shirt with ‘CAPTAIN’ print as I want to collect things related to sailing for his birthday present. He can wear it when we go water cruising!

There are five different colors which are royal blue, navy, black, heather blue, and dark heather. I bought all of them for my boyfriend. The colors are not the only variations but the material as well. All the solid colors are 100% cotton so they’re perfect for hot, sunny days!

The heather ones are half cotton and half polyester and they are ideal for cool days. As you can see, getting all of the different colors is worth it so my boyfriend can have it in different kinds of weather. On the other hand, the color and the material that you prefer may not match if you intend to be specific with your purchase.

These shirts are lightweight with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. The classic fit makes it more comfortable to wear. Just so you know, these shirts are not exclusive to males. Available sizes are from small up to 3XL so women and some kids can use them too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole family of boaters wearing matching shirts?

My boyfriend was so happy to receive my present and he said that he’s lucky to have me because I know what he needs. He pairs it with a boat captain hat that I also gave to him.
What We Like
  • Comes in different colors and materials
  • Lightweight with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Comfortable to wear due to classic fit
  • Available from small to 3XL sizes
  • Can be worn by adults and some kids
What We Don’t Like
  • The color and material that you prefer may not match in a single shirt
This shirt is not only suitable for water adventures because of its print, but it’s also. comfortable and versatile in matching the weather.

6. Personalized Gifts Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

I came to know this product because I received one as a gift from my nautical family when I had a boat warming party. It’s a personalized gift for boat owners as the boat’s name can be engraved on it. I hung it on the bulkhead as grilling time happens at the deck and this decoration looks like a chopping board.

My dad who likes cooking left for a sailing journey in Australia and I also gave him this item. He loves it! We both like sustainability so this one aligns with our principles. It’s made of 100% bamboo, which makes it light but strong. You can find two forms: a rectangular shape and a paddle.

Every recipient of this product will like it as there’s a personal touch. Aside from using it in a water vessel, you may have it in the kitchen. You can hang it in a way that shows the engraved name then chop it on the other solid side. Therefore, this item can be decor and a kitchen tool at the same time. Based on its material, it’s easier on the kitchen knives.

This personalized board is not only considered as one of the best boat warming gifts, it’s also appreciated as a kitchen essential by chefs. Thus, it can be a present on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. Every piece may be unique so some may come darker or slightly lighter.
What We Like
  • Can engrave boat’s name or whatever you like to personalize
  • Made of 100% bamboo so it means sustainability
  • Lighter than other kinds of wood but it’s strong
  • Can be used as a decor and kitchen tool at the same time
  • Relatively easier on the kitchen knives
  • Can be a present on different occasions
What We Don’t Like
  • Boards may vary from a darker or slightly lighter hue
This is the perfect gift for someone who loves boating and cooking since it works well as a decor and a chopping board.

7. LUMOMIX Funny Cruise Tanks

It was good timing when I found this tank as I was searching for funny gifts for boat owners. I bought this for my brother who has a playful personality and likes pranks and sailing. The print that says ‘But did we sink?’ made him chuckle when he received it.

You can also give this tank to any gender on all occasions. It’s more preferable to give it to individuals who own a boat or any water vessel. Nevertheless, the words printed on the tank don’t matter as much as the comfort that it brings.

There are different colors and materials. Solid colors are 100% cotton and they’re great for hot weather. The ones in the heather gray are almost similar to the preceding color as it’s 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Half cotton and half polyester are for the other heathers. Since my brother just sails and goes fishing in summer, I bought him one that was 100% cotton.

This tank is also well-made as it has a double-needle sleeve and double hem. Once you put it on, you will know how comfortable it is due to its classic fit. My brother jokingly told me that he feels naked when wearing it as it’s lightweight. It’s the ideal clothing under the sun. When the weather gets a bit cool, you can just wear it under a sweatshirt, jacket, and other kinds of upper garment.

It’s recommended that this tank should only be cold washed together with other garments of the same color. Be attentive with this subject as it may discolor other clothes.
What We Like
  • Can be gifted to both male and female boaters on all occasions
  • Available in various colors and materials
  • Well-made with double-needle sleeve and double hem
  • Comfortable due to its classic fit and being lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Recommended to cold wash with garments with the same color as discoloration may happen
Gifts for people with boats who sail all summer long can be something comfortable like this tank. Wearing it would let you embrace sunny weather and ultimate fun on the waters.

8. Coffee & Tea Gift Mug

In my opinion, presents for boat owners should be useful. So, I bought this mug for my best friend who recently got himself a boat. Although it is simple in white color, it’s imprinted with unique words. Thus, I can say that it’s not just a common mug that you can find in the market.

When it comes to materials, this mug excels as it’s made of the highest-grade ceramic. However, it’s still breakable so handle it with care. What my best friend likes the most about it is its capability with dishwashers and microwaves. He has a microwave onboard and he can easily make some hot tea or coffee. Heating soup can be done with it as well.

This mug like any other mug has an easy-grip C handle. You can feel the warmth from the drinks when you enfold your hands around it. It’s such a nice feeling when you’re sailing, right? Based on your preference, you can choose either 11oz or 15 oz.

The sublimation imprints are excellent as they can be seen on both sides. This process also results in full color! My friend has given this so many praises that I am even thinking about getting one for myself.
What We Like
  • Has unique words or lines
  • Made of highest-grade ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Has an easy-grip C handle
  • Excellent imprints as they can be seen on both sides in full color
What We Don’t Like
  • Breakable
The imprints are quite appealing to most boat owners. Hence, I can say with confidence that they will like this microwave-safe mug as a gift. I am sure they will like it even more if they like drinking coffee, tea, and other hot beverages while enjoying their time on the water.

9. Boating Gifts Funny Apparel TVH Boat Owner Tshirt

I gave this T-shirt to a friend that I met at the river where I sail my pontoon. It was his birthday and to my delight, he thanked me with a big smile. He likes it a lot since he’s a boating enthusiast.

This shirt is not only for men but for women and kids as well. Sizes range from small to 3XL. Kid sizes are numbered 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. Hence, it can be worn by the whole family when venturing together on a pontoon ride.

Apart from sizes, you have the liberty to choose from varieties of color. You’ll surely find one that fits the gift-recipient’s personality. There are navy, black, asphalt, cranberry, royal blue, olive, brown, heather blue, dark heather, and purple to consider.

Shirts in solid colors are 100% cotton while heather gray is composed of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The other heathers are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Unfortunately, the color that you like may not have the material that you prefer. To prioritize comfort, I think you should select based on the material.

Being lightweight with a classic fit, it’s comfortable for every wearer. My friend confirmed it. This shirt is undoubtedly well-made because of its double-needle sleeve and double hem.
What We Like
  • With hilarious imprints
  • Available sizes are for male and female adults and kids
  • Various colors and materials
  • Comfortable and lightweight for every wearer due to classic fit
  • Well-made as seen on its sleeve and hem
What We Don’t Like
  • The color that you like may not have the material that you prefer
Pontoon owners would love wearing this shirt. I can guarantee that it will warm their hearts if you give it to them as a present.

10. DoraDreamDeko On Lake Time Can Sleeve Cooler

The items in this set are great gifts for boating lovers. There are six can coolers and six-bottle coolers. Half of the can coolers are blue and the other half pink. The same thing applies to bottle coolers. Hence, it’s perfect for my friend and her husband who like to host parties at the lake after long days of fishing and boating.

The coolers have copper-coated inner walls so beverages can be kept cold or hot for long hours. Based on my friend’s story, cold drinks can last for a couple of hours and coffee remains hot for around 3 hours. Thus, it’s useful on board and when hanging out at the lake.

These coolers prevent mess since you’re dealing with liquid. No condensation build-up can be seen on cans and bottles. My friend feels comfortable using them as her hands remain dry.

I think the printed words that say ‘Life is better at the lake’ apply to its abilities. Sipping on warm or cold beverages makes time onboard and at the lake or river more enjoyable.

Products that serve their purpose well like these coolers have high quality. Therefore, the manufacturer is confident to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. However, one thing that bothers me is that I can’t find the information on whether these coolers are washable or not.
What We Like
  • Has a dozen pieces of coolers (6 can coolers and 6 bottle coolers)
  • Good for parties onboard
  • Copper-coated inner walls so beverages can be kept cold or hot for long hours
  • No condensation build-up so hands remain dry
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • No information if whether these coolers are washable or not
With a dozen coolers in this set, parties onboard will be more enjoyable. They’re effective in maintaining the warmth and coolness of beverages.

11. MEANT2TOBE Lake Tumblers

Finding nice gifts for boat lovers is a daunting task. That’s how I felt at first as I didn’t know where to find a thank-you present for my new friends. They are a couple and I thought that it’s better to give them matching stuff.

This pair of tumblers from MEANT2TOBE look so sleek in blue and pink colors. They come with straws that are made of safe materials such as silica gel and ABS in the same colors. A small brush for cleaning the straws is included too.

When the couple thanked me, they gave positive feedback about the present. They said that the tumblers perfectly fit their hands. Any kind of drinks can be placed in them. Drinks can be kept icy cold for 9 hours or scalding hot for 3 hours. It’s amazing, isn’t it? So, they can always enjoy their favorite drinks while boating.

They’re not prone to breakage as the body is composed of 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. This material is used to ensure high quality and it makes the manufacturer confident in offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Moreover, these tumblers have copper inside the wall of the body which gives it the ability to prolong the warmth and coldness of any beverage. With this material, no condensation may bother you. My friends only said that these items could have been better if it’s possible to close the lid’s opening.
What We Like
  • With straws made of safe materials and a small brush for cleaning the straws
  • Perfectly fit the hands
  • Keep drinks icy cold for 9 hours or scalding hot for 3 hours
  • No condensation bothers you
  • Not prone to breakage
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • Could have been better if the lid’s opening can be closed
Spending time at the lake with these tumblers becomes lovelier. Based on the weather, you can sip on cool or warm beverages. Thus, it’s one of the best gifts for boaters.

12. Berkley Rose Engraved Tumbler, Mug, Cup

I’ve gone sailing and fishing with my son, and realized that boaters always rely on drinks to quench their thirst. Hence, I gave this set of tumblers, mugs, and bottles as a birthday gift to my son. He could not thank me enough and even said that mothers always know best. Honestly, I’m not particular about many boat gift ideas and other marine accessories. That’s why I opt for things that are simple but useful onboard.

My son told me that the 20-oz and 30-oz tumblers are perfect for boating use. Furthermore, it keeps all of his beverages cold for a long time. It’s possible to store ice in it and only half would melt after 10 hours. Another function to expect is that any hot drink will stay warm for 6 hours.

I think the tumblers are his favorite. But the mugs and the wide-mouth bottles are not put aside. His friends use them when they have a boat party. All of these items have double vacuum insulation which makes it possible to keep drinks warm or cold. You can have any beverages like coffee, soda, cocktail, and even soup.

You may hold onto them without getting your hands sweaty because of the sweat-free design. There are various colors and this set is great for both men and women. I can’t find anything wrong with these products. If you ever find some problems, a full refund or replacement can be availed.
What We Like
  • Tumblers are in the right size for onboard use
  • Tumblers can keep beverage cold and warm for hours
  • All of the items are made of double vacuum insulation
  • Any beverages or even soup can be placed on the items
  • Has a sweat-free design
What We Don’t Like
  • Open for full refund or replacement if a buyers find something’s wrong
If you run out of gift ideas for boaters, this set will surely end your tedious search. There’s nothing I can complain about. I only have praises for it!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Gift For Boat Owners

The best gifts that you can give boat owners are the things that they can use when sailing. It’s also important to consider the receiver’s personality in your decision before purchase.


When choosing what to buy for a boat owner, decide whether it should be nautical-inspired or useful in the boat. Clothing and decorations with quotes that pertain to sailing or boating are appropriate for boat owners. They usually like to see words that convey a message about their hobbies.

Being practical, things that are useful on the boat will be appreciated by the receiver. It won’t be hard to find them as there’s a lot of stuff needed when sailing.


In some aspects, usefulness may not be the main basis but the purpose. The goal of giving gifts is pleasing the receiver. So, you should spend some time to find what would make the boat owner happy. You can refer to the boaters’ personality and sailing routine.

Considering the purpose in buying a present, you would also think of how the receiver uses it and where he or she will put it. Then, there’s a great combination of usage and purpose.


There are various types of boaters out there. Some are saltwater enthusiasts who own a big yacht and they usually indulge in multi-day sailing journeys. Others have small speed boats that wrap things up before the sun goes down.

Knowing what type of boat owner you’re going to give a gift to will narrow things down for you.

The Occasion

It will be less complicated to decide what item to choose if you consider the occasion. For instance, it’s good to get something personalized for birthdays and boat warming parties. If you will give a present to a couple during a wedding or their anniversary, matching products are ideal.

What Is A Good Gift For A New Boat Owner


Gifts for a new boat owner don’t need to be extravagant. Some personalized items like monogrammed caps, throw blankets, or bottle openers with the boat’s name will be great.

If you know a boat owner who is fond of throwing parties, you can give that person some edible treats. For this, you can also add utensils like spoons, forks, glasses, tumblers, mugs, and coolies.

Below deck decorations are wonderful too. You’ll help the new owner to make the boat feel like home. To show that you care about them, you can give safety items like a flashlight and first aid kit.

What Does Every Boat Owner Need

Sailing means being away from the shore. So, it’s best to load all the necessities on your boat before leaving. To not interrupt the fun on the waters, it’s best to have sunscreen and bug spray all the time. Typically, sailing is done under the sun.

The authority requires first aid kit onboard as accidents can also happen. Immediate attention should be given to burns, scratches, cuts, bruises, and other problems. The kit is not only for minor injuries but for serious cases as well. It would take some time to reach professional medical assistance. Some items in the first aid kit can alleviate conditions in this situation.

A fire extinguisher is also necessary. It’s additionally common among boats and water vessels to have lifeguards. To respond during an emergency, signal flares should be included too. In the process, you’ll get the attention of the rescue team for the assistance that you need.

You’ll need food and plenty of water. Some beverages are also good as it’s based on your preference. Even though you’ll sail for a day, you should see to it that you don’t have a rumbling stomach spoiling the fun.

Where To Buy Gifts For Boat Owners

You can surely find good stuff in marine supply stores. Aside from marine gear, there are items that every boater would like. If ever you think that your local store has limited options, you can explore the internet for more. There is an array of products, even personalized ones.

But you have to make sure that you’re scrolling through a reputable website. It will guarantee that you pay for a quality product.


The best gifts for boat owners is something that can be utilized onboard. The main goal in gift giving is making the receiver happy and grateful. Thus, cute, funny stuff and personalized products that are useful will be wonderful options. With these, fun-filled memories with heaps of laughter can be created. Moreover, the receiver will feel that you support their hobbies. Besides these gifts, you can refer to other gifts such as marine watches or boat flag, I think they are also meaningful gifts.

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