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The Best Boat Deck Cleaners

Written by J. Harvey / Fact checked by S. Numbers

Sustaining a boat is a difficult task, but cleaning it regularly, particularly the boat decak, is essential for a pleasant experience while out on the water. But, finding the best boat deck cleaner can be difficult due to the abundance of available options. Furthermore, you cannot use just any cleaner because it may contain toxic chemicals that will affect your deck’s layer.

best boat deck cleaner

I understand how challenging it can be to select a cleaner with the most desirable results. Thus, I created this review on the reliable boat deck cleaners to clear your confusion while finding the befitting cleaner for your boat deck.

Top 1
Star Brite 085900N

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Minimal scrubbing
  • Protects surfaces

Top 2
Better Boat Deck Cleaner

  • Simple to use and apply
  • Offers non-slip protection
  • Eliminates tough stains easily

Top 3
Star Brite 096332

  • Quick to use and apply
  • Protective substance
  • Lake-safe formula

Best Boat Deck Cleaner Reviews

1. Star Brite 085900N Deck Cleaner

Star Brite is my most trusted brand when it comes to cleaning and maintaining my boat. So, I immediately went down to its marine shop and bought this cleaner. My boat deck hasn’t been cleaned for ages due to serious lockdown. Unsurprisingly, its results and overall performance do not disappoint.

I like this as it is easy to use and apply. First, I transferred the solution to a spray bottle for convenience and even application. Second, I wet the deck with water and sprayed the formula. You can also use a deck brush to apply it if you don’t want to transfer the cleaner. After that, I let it dwell for two minutes, then agitated the deck using a brush. Once done, I rinsed the entire deck with water twice to ensure a residue-free deck.

What’s great about this cleaner is that it lifts off dirt, stains, or grimes quickly. Although it doesn’t have a fast-acting formula, you will see instant results. You just have to scrub some parts to ensure cleanliness. In my experience, an hour is enough to finish, and I still have spare time for snacks.

It also only requires minimal scrubbing. You don’t need to tire yourself out brushing every part of the deck. Allow the solution to work its magic and assist it with light scrubbing. Further, this Star Brite non-skid deck cleaner with PTEF protects surfaces from future dirt and stains.

I also love this the most because besides cleaning and protection, it is also ideal to use on various marine surfaces. It makes me work comfortably without panicking when I accidentally splash on some sensitive materials.

One downside I noticed about this is that heavy stains may need additional applications. You have to reapply the solution several times to achieve your desired results. Apart from that, all is well with this cleaner.
What We Like
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Lifts off dirt, stains, or grimes quickly
  • Requires minimal scrubbing
  • Protects surfaces from future dirt and stains
  • Ideal to use on various marine surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavy stains may need additional applications
This is among the most recommended cleaners by boaters who like to clean their boat decks quickly.

2. Better Boat No-Slip Finish Deck Cleaner

My friend recommended this Better Boat Deck Cleaner when I asked him for a cleaner recommendation. He even gave me a bottle to try since he can’t use his boat at the moment. I tried it at home and its outcome is surprising.

I like that it is simple to use and apply. Here’s what I did to clean my deck. I sprayed the water on my deck and spread the solution afterward. After that, I let it sit for two minutes, then scrubbed it gently using a deck brush. To complete, I rinse it with water thoroughly.

What I like most about this is its ability to eliminate tough stains easily with a few amounts of formula. I cleaned my boat deck entirely but still had a generous amount left. I think a bottle will last for at least two seasons.

It also offers non-slip protection from future staining and weathering. All boaters want a non-slippery deck to be able to move freely and flawlessly. Moreover, a cleaner that protects your boat deck from stain build-ups and weather deterioration is beneficial to economize and prolong your boat’s life span.

I also like that it needs zero to minimal scrubbing. Even stubborn stains don’t need rigorous movements. My father likes this for the same reason. He told me he’s able to clean his deck without getting tired. Furthermore, it is safe to use on different surfaces, making it easier to clean a boat deck.

Since boats are navigated on waters, and some boaters clean their vessels near the lake or other water bodies, it is essential to find a biodegradable cleaner. However, this is formulated as a non-fully-biodegradable solution, which poses higher threats to the environment.
What We Like
  • Simple to use and apply
  • Eliminates tough stains easily with a few amounts of formula
  • Offers non-slip protection from future staining and weathering
  • Needs zero to minimal scrubbing
  • Safe to use on different surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Formulated as a non-fully-biodegradable solution
I know how important it is to maintain a no-slip finish when cleaning a boat deck. Thus, I strongly suggest boaters use this best boat deck cleaner.

3. Star Brite 096332 Deck Cleaner

Ever since I learned about Star Brite, I always make time to try all of their products, from old to newly-released ones. I immediately bought three bottles of this Star Brite Deck Cleaner when I saw it at a nearby shop. I tried it on my boat deck and the results were outstanding.

This is quick to use and apply. First, you wet my pontoon deck with water. Next, you apply this onto the surface using a deck brush. When you’re done spreading it evenly, let the formula dwell for at least a minute. You can let it sit longer if you see the need to. After that, gently scrub the deck, then rinse it thoroughly with water.

Once you’re done cleaning the deck, you’ll see that it removes stubborn dirt, stains, or grime. These are common problems for me. So, this has been a nice investment that helps me clear unwanted marks.

I also like that it creates a protective substance from stains and ultraviolet rays. I can relax while traveling on water, knowing that my boat deck can withstand various marine elements and the extreme sunlight, which are the common culprits for boat deterioration.

I love this cleaner because it has a lake-safe formula. Not only does it make me an environmentally-friendly boater, it enables me to go on a water adventure without exposing myself and other boaters to health risks. Plus, it works on all marine surfaces.

However, multiple applications are required depending on the stain’s severity. You have to reapply the solution and pair it with extensive scrubbing to ensure cleanliness. This disadvantage is not new to me. So, I just accept it and always look at the results. If you are like me, who are used to this kind of drawback, this will not be an issue.
What We Like
  • Quick to use and apply
  • Removes stubborn dirt, stains, or grime
  • Creates a protective substance from stains and Ultraviolet rays
  • Has a lake-safe formula
  • Works on all marine surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Multiple applications are required depending on the stain’s severity
Cleaning your boat deck will be an easy feat when you have this on hand. So, I highly suggest this cleaner for my fellow boaters.

4. Boater’s Edge BE1232 Deck Cleaner

Boater’s Edge is a brand I’ve been curious about every time I saw it at a local shop. Its color and the benefits listed on their label are pretty intriguing, at least for me. Well, as you may have guessed, yes, I bought a bottle and tried it on my boat deck.

This is easy to use but hard to apply because of the bottle itself. Nevertheless, you can just apply it to a wet deck and spread it with a deck brush. Once you’re done, rinse the surface with water thoroughly. It indeed almost effortlessly gets rid of dirt, grime, and stains.

I like this product because it prevents stains from coming back. I make it a habit to apply it on my deck at least twice a year. It also leaves a non-slippery slick exterior. Every time I clean my deck with this, it looks glossy but stepping on it is safe. Even my little nephew doesn’t have a problem.

I also like that it is perfect on non-textured and textured surfaces. I don’t even have to worry when I have this, which is like an instant solution when my particular textured or non-textured cleaner runs out.

The only negative thing I noticed about this is that its bottle’s top design is not application-friendly. It has a small hole on top, making it difficult to adjust the amount of solution you need. You can try transferring the solution, but remember to be cautious.
What We Like
  • Easy to use
  • Gets rid of dirt, grime, or stains almost effortlessly
  • Prevents stains from coming back
  • Leaves a non-slippery slick exterior
  • Perfect on non-textured and textured surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Bottle’s top design is not application-friendly
Its minimal drawback is not a hindrance for this brand to be a highly recommended non-skid cleaner for my fellow boaters.

5. Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Boat Cleaner

If you are looking for a fiberglass boat deck cleaner, this Simple Green Marine All-Purpose Boat Cleaner is your best choice. I’ve had this for a few years now, and I’m still amazed by its performance.

I like its simple usage and application. All you need to do is spray the solution onto the deck or any impacted area, then scrub the stains. After that, you can either wipe it with a damp cloth or rinse it with water thoroughly. This also washes different marine stains, from grease to fish blood. It effectively cleans washable surfaces.

It has a concentrated and biodegradable formula. Since it is a concentrated solution, this still needs to be diluted with water. Depending on your stain’s severity, you can use a 1:1 ratio for heavy cleaning or a 1:10 to 1:30 mix for moderate to mild cleaning.

Now, what I like the most about this is that it comes in an economical 1-gallon size. Other stores sell it in a built-in spray bottle, but a gallon is more practical than buying multiple small bottles. I can economize and have the amount of solution perfect for large dimensions.

I also like that it is ideal for any washable interior and exterior surfaces. This helps me in cleaning my boat deck, inflatables, fishing equipment, and many more. It is indeed deserving of its all-purpose name.

This product’s only downside is that it requires heavy scrubbing for stubborn stains. Fortunately, you can adjust its concentration level to meet your stain’s severity. Apart from that, this works exceptionally.
What We Like
  • Simple usage and application
  • Washes different marine stains
  • Has a concentrated and biodegradable formula
  • Comes in an economical 1-gallon size
  • Ideal for any washable interior and exterior surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires heavy scrubbing for stubborn stains
Although this has a downside that is common to cleaners nowadays, I would still recommend this for boaters because of its overall benefits.

6. YachtGUARD Boat Cleaner

I was scanning a local marine shop last year and was planning to buy the deck cleaner that catches my eyes. This YachtGUARD swooped into my vision and I was excited to use it because several of my boat decks accumulated bird droppings and insect marks. In my experience, it worked wonders.

First of all, this has quick usage and application. All you need to do is directly spray the solution onto the deck and let it sit for at least a minute. After that, wipe the area with a towel or sponge. From there, you will see that the stains have disappeared. The key to successfully wiping away those marks is never to let the formula dry completely before wiping. Plus, always apply this on dry surfaces for faster absorption.

Next, I like that this is specifically engineered as a spider and bird dropping remover. It also clears other insect marks, making it a lifesaver as many boaters suffer from such stains. It also has a fast-acting and environmentally-safe formula. You will see results in just a couple of minutes!

Furthermore, it offers excellent cleaning versatility. You can use this for boats and your car exterior as well. So, buying it is such a significant investment, especially if your boat and car suffer from the same issue. Additionally, it doesn’t need heavy scrubbing. You only need to spray and wipe the affected area, and you’re done.

One more thing I realized about this is that severe stains require multiple applications. I had a boat deck with spider and other insect marks, and it took me a maximum of four applications to clear those up entirely. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time to do so.
What We Like
  • Quick usage and application
  • Specifically engineered as a spider and bird dropping remover
  • Has a fast-acting and environmentally safe formula
  • Offers excellent cleaning versatility
  • Doesn’t need heavy scrubbing
What We Don’t Like
  • Severe stains require multiple applications
Dealing with insect marks and bird droppings can be quite a hassle, but you can completely avoid that if you get this cleaner.

7. Star Brite 97316 Deck Wax

I was intrigued to buy this Star Brite Deck Wax as I read some Star Brite Deck Cleaner reviews. After much contemplation, I went to a shop nearby and bought one bottle. I have high expectations of this product since Star Brite is among my most trusted cleaning brands. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint.

I like its easy usage with a good coverage area. It reaches even hard-to-clean deck parts. I prepared my boat’s deck with a pressure washer, then allowed it to dry. Once dry, I sprayed the solution onto the deck and wiped off any excess.

I also like that it restores the deck’s shine without making it slippery. I’ve read some reviews saying that it makes the surface slick. However, in my case, the deck is only slippery when wet, but it gets non-slippery once the solution dries up after wiping any residue and buffing the surface.

Further, it protects the surfaces against ultraviolet exposure. Extreme sunlight causes fading and deterioration, but this product assures me that I can travel on the water comfortably in any circumstances. It also repels dirt, stain, or grime formation, which makes it a reliable deck cleaner. Furthermore, it is safe to use on any decking surfaces. I’ve tried it on my fiberglass decks and painted decks, and this works great.

However, the overall cleaning process needs ample time and effort. I applied the solution all at once, but it ended up doing nothing. So, I tried to spray it on a small area first, then gradually worked on other parts afterward. From there, I realized that it needs a delicate cleaning process to achieve the best results.
What We Like
  • Easy usage with a good coverage area
  • Restores the deck’s shine without making it slippery
  • Protects surfaces against Ultraviolet exposure
  • Repels dirt, stain, or grime formation
  • Safe to use on any decking surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Overall cleaning process needs ample time and effort
This cleaner works beyond my expectations despite its one drawback. Thus, I will recommend this to any boaters aiming for an effective deck cleaner.

8. Z Care LVP Marine Boat Cleaner

I first heard of Z Care in 2012, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Not until a colleague recommended this Z Care LVP Marine Boat Cleaner. He persuaded me to buy one, vouching for its effectiveness, when I asked how to clean my boat decks. Surprisingly, this cleaner performs excellently and eliminates rigid dirt, stains, grease, and algae fast.

I always like a product with straightforward usage and application, like this one, because I can spend more time in boating than cleaning. All I need to do is wet the deck with water and apply the solution. Scrub the area using a soft-bristled brush or deck brush. After that, rinse the deck thoroughly and allow it to dry naturally.

What I like the most about this cleaner is that it has a biodegradable formula with exceptional ultraviolet protection. First, biodegradable means it helps keep the environment safe while you clean your boat. Second, it protects my boat deck from the damaging sun rays. Moreover, it restores the deck’s original condition. Its overall appearance looks even brighter and livelier than before.

Additionally, its manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee when you are not satisfied with its results. I like that they have this kind of guarantee, but I haven’t used this because it works exceptionally.

One downside I noticed is that it may leave smudges on some colored surfaces. I accidentally splashed a formula on a dyed leather onboard, and it left visible marks. So, I highly suggest being extra careful when using this cleaner.
What We Like
  • Straightforward usage and application
  • Eliminates rigid dirt, stains, grease, and algae fast
  • Has a biodegradable formula with exceptional ultraviolet protection
  • Restores the deck’s original condition
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • May leave smudges on some colored surfaces
This cleaner gave me outstanding outcomes. Thus, I would like my fellow boaters to buy at least one unit of this product so that they can have a wonderful experience in cleaning boat decks.

9. MaryKate MK2132 Deck Cleaner

MaryKate is a brand I’m using to clean different parts of my boat. So, when the salesman recommended this MaryKate Deck Cleaner, I immediately bought one with high expectations. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint and indeed serves its purpose.

Like other brands, I like that it is simple to use and apply. This comes in a bottle without a nozzle spray, so I have to transfer the solution to a spray bottle. You can also use the bottle as is and directly pour it onto the deck. After that, use a deck brush to agitate the deck before rinsing it with water.

Since it is created as a heavy-duty biodegradable formula, it cleans dirt, stains, grease, chalking, or grime quickly, from mild to severe. It is also safe to use in any location, indoors or outdoors. However, I still advise you to use protective equipment when using this cleaner to avoid eye and skin irritations.

What’s more, it revives the surfaces’ original condition. My boat deck looks brand new after cleaning it with this product. It is not only spotless, but its color is noticeably brighter and more appealing. My neighbor thought that I bought a new boat! I also like that it works beyond marine purposes. I can use it for cleaning different surfaces. This doesn’t only clean any part of my boat but also removes stains on my bathtubs, showers, and stalls effectively.

What I dislike about this product is that it requires additional scrubbing for heavy and stubborn stains. My boat deck has accumulated dirt and stains from being left idle for a long time, and in my experience, I had to scrub aggressively before I achieved my desired results.
What We Like
  • Simple to use and apply
  • Created as a heavy-duty biodegradable formula
  • Cleans dirt, stains, grease, chalking, or grime quickly
  • Revives the surfaces’ original condition
  • Works beyond marine purposes
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires additional scrubbing for heavy and stubborn stains
This product exceeds my overall expectation. So, I will recommend it to every boater who is looking for how to restore non-skid boat decks.

10. SeaChoice 50-90651 Deck Cleaner

My friend recommended this SeaChoice Deck Cleaner ten years ago, and I’ve been using it until now. I thought it wouldn’t do anything in cleaning my boat deck, but I was wrong. It gave me outstanding results in just a few hours. Moreover, it comes in a gallon, making it easier to clean the entire deck.

Since it is sold by the gallon, I always find time to transfer the solution to a spray bottle for an even and faster application. This is quick to use and apply. All you need to do is wet the deck with water before applying the solution. Once you coat the area, let the formula sit for at least two minutes. After that, rinse the deck with clean water.

From there, you will see that it starts to remove various marine stains quickly. You can even see the results before rinsing the deck. Moreover, there’s no heavy scrubbing required when using this product. It only took me minimal scrubbing to remove tough and old stains.

Furthermore, it protects surfaces from future stains and damages. This is the main reason why I love using this cleaner. It is cheaper yet its performance is comparable to other commercial cleaners. Its price is significantly low compared to its effectiveness.

Although I said earlier that this cleaner doesn’t require heavy scrubbing, it still needs multiple applications for severe stains. Nonetheless, old and accumulated dirt is removable after applying the formula onto the deck several times.
What We Like
  • Quick to use and apply
  • Removes various marine stains quickly
  • Protects surfaces from future stains and damages
  • No heavy scrubbing required
  • Cheaper yet comparable to other commercial cleaners
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs multiple applications for severe stains
Many boat owners prefer this cleaner because of its effectiveness in cleaning boat decks. Its outstanding performance is on par with Star Brite products and other expensive cleaners in the market.

11. 3M Marine 09063 Cleaner

3M is a brand I’ve trusted for over a decade, and trying out their products has become a hobby. So, when I saw this 3M Marine Cleaner at a local boat accessory shop, I immediately bought a few bottles. My overall experience is not flawless, but this product still serves its purpose.

This cleaner is easy to use and apply. I transferred the solution to a spray bottle for even application, but you can directly pour it onto the deck. Choose whichever way you feel is comfortable. After applying the solution, use a brush to agitate the surface, then rinse it with water.

I like this product as it lifts off ground-in dirt and marine stains quickly. Based on my experience, stains dissolve before my eyes in only a few minutes. It also has a special deep formula that washes away hidden and stubborn stains. You will see your deck regain its luster after cleaning.

I also like that it retains the surface’s non-skid effectiveness. In some cases, cleaning the deck with any type of cleaners makes the deck slippery. However, this cleans the deck without damaging its non-skid feature. This is also ideal to use on fiberglass, metal, and painted surfaces, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently.

The only drawback I realized is that it may leave a yellow residue on some materials. I used it on one of my boat decks, and after cleaning, I saw yellow stains on it. I tried to remove it using other cleaners, but the spots remained. I tried to contact 3M customer support, and they gave me advice on different steps and cleaners, which I will share in my other product review.
What We Like
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Lifts off ground-in dirt and marine stains quickly
  • Retains the surfaces’ non-skid effectiveness
  • Has a special deep-cleaning formula
  • Ideal to use on fiberglass, metal, and painted surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • May leave a yellow residue on some materials
Regardless, you can still achieve a clean deck through this cleaner and thorough boat deck washing.

12. Rejuvenate RM32DC Deck Cleaner

Products made in America don’t usually disappoint me. So, when my friend recommended this Rejuvenate Deck Cleaner, I immediately bought it and used it on my boat’s deck. This product has amazing qualities that can compete with various established brands in the market.

I like its straightforward usage and application. There is no dilution needed. All you need to do is directly spray the solution onto the deck. Scrub the area using a deck brush or hand brush for smaller areas. Once done, rinse the surface with clean water. Make sure to try the solution on an inconspicuous area first, especially when you doubt its effect on your material.

I like that it tackles different ground-in and marine stains. Its solution is effective in removing mild to severe marks. It also wipes away old and dried fish bloodstains, which is common to most fishing boats. Moreover, it requires zero to minimal scrubbing, allowing you more time to enjoy boating than cleaning.

Further, it is formulated with a nanotechnology solution for instant results. Its specialized formula allows decks to retain their non-skid feature even after multiple extensive cleaning processes. I also like that it is safe for various marine surfaces, such as fiberglass, painted deck, and gel coat. I don’t have to worry that cleaning my boat will deteriorate some of its material or surface.

One negative thing I noticed is that its spray bottle is not entirely user-friendly. As we all know, a spray bottle is the most convenient mode of spreading solutions evenly. So, why did I say so? The built-in spray trigger is relatively short and becomes slippery when wet, making it difficult to handle while cleaning. Thus, I advise transferring the solution to a more comfortable spray bottle or find a replacement spray trigger.
What We Like
  • Straightforward to use and apply
  • Tackles different ground-in and marine stains
  • Requires zero to minimal scrubbing
  • Formulated with a nanotechnology solution
  • Safe for various marine surfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Spray bottle is not entirely user-friendly
Its overall performance is highly recommended to all boaters out there having issues cleaning their boat’s decks.

13. West Marine Deck Cleaner

West Marine is not a strange brand for me. So, when I heard about this West Marine Deck Cleaner from my neighbor, I didn’t have second thoughts about buying it. I’ve been using this for over a year now, and I am satisfied with its results. Let me tell you the reason behind it.

First, its simple usage and application are similar to the brands I’m familiar with. I applied the solution to the affected surface with a deck brush and let it sit for three minutes. From there, I saw a subtle change on my deck, but I still agitated it with a brush before rinsing it with water to ensure cleanliness.

I also like that it gets rid of dirt, stains, or spills easily. In my experience, mild to moderate stains are easy to remove. I saw results in just a few minutes. Moreover, it protects the deck from future stains. Not only does it clean, it also creates a protective barrier to prevent stain or dirt formation.

Its most notable feature for me is its biodegradable formula, making it safe to use in an open area or near the lake. However, I still have on full protective gear when using this product to prevent any health issues.

I also learned that it is designed explicitly for textured decks. I used it on my painted deck, and the results are excellent. You can also use it on non-textured decks, but it doesn’t guarantee the best results.

The only downside I noticed is that stubborn stains need multiple applications. One of my boat decks has tough stains that don’t go away even with other brands included in this list. However, with several applications of this solution, the deck became clean and spot-free.
What We Like
  • Simple usage and application
  • Gets rid of dirt, stains, or spills easily
  • Protects the deck from future stains
  • With a biodegradable formula
  • Designed explicitly for textured decks
What We Don’t Like
  • Stubborn stains need multiple applications
Despite its minimal downside, I would still recommend this cleaner for every boat owner.

14. Legend Brands Deck Cleaner

I came across this Legend Brands Deck Cleaner last month as I was looking for cheap yet effective cleaners online. I was intrigued by its catchy name, ‘Un-Duz-It,’ so I immediately went to our local store and bought a bottle. Since it is a newly-released product without any notable reputation and is cheaper than other commercial cleaners, I did not expect a lot. However, its result is surprisingly satisfying.

It offers quick usage and application like other cleaners that I’ve used for my boats. All I did was apply it onto my deck with a deck brush and let it dwell for five minutes. After that, I scrubbed the deck and rinsed it with water thoroughly. Ensure to wet the area with water first before applying this cleaner.

What I like most about this cleaner is that it eliminates dirt or grime immediately. You will see changes in only a few minutes. You can also achieve better results even without heavy scrubbing. It only took me an hour to complete the actual cleaning process, including tools and equipment preparation and clean-up.

Moreover, it has a fast-acting biodegradable formula allowing you to see instant results without worrying that it may deteriorate your deck’s surfaces or damage the environment. Although it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, phosphate, chlorine, and hydrocarbon, you still need to wear protective equipment while using this cleaner to prevent irritations. It is also perfect for fiberglass and non-skid surfaces, including painted non-skid decks.

However, applications may vary depending on the stain’s severity. My boat’s deck has severe stains, and I had to reapply the solution several times before achieving my desired results. I also tried this on one of my fiberglass boat decks with mild grime. I saw desirable output with only one application, minimal scrubbing, and thorough rinsing.
What We Like
  • Quick usage and application
  • Eliminates dirt or grime immediately
  • Has a fast-acting biodegradable formula
  • Perfect for fiberglass and non-skid surfaces
  • Cheaper than other commercial cleaners
What We Don’t Like
  • Applications may vary depending on the stain’s severity
With this best boat deck cleaner, I was able to restore my boat’s deck to its presentable appearance. So, I highly recommend this product to other boaters.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cleaners For Boat Deck


A good cleaner will leave your deck spotless and sparkling without causing any damage. While there are numerous options for the best boat deck cleaners, you should not use this as an excuse to choose a product carelessly. Hence, here are some factors to consider when selecting cleaners for boat decks.

Deck Materials

One of the first things you should do is check the deck’s materials. Which cleaner is compatible with the boat deck is determined by its surface. Some may be neutral on fiberglass decks but may cause significant damage to painted surfaces.

Thus, you must select a cleaner intended for your deck’s respective material or is at least safe to use on various surfaces, if you are unsure of your deck’s material.

Components and Ingredients

As a responsible purchaser and boat owner, take the time to read the label and verify the product’s ingredients. The chemical composition will indicate the product’s effectiveness. Fast-acting ingredients should be free of toxic chemicals, including bleach. Additionally, it is beneficial if the product contains natural ingredients.

Environmental friendliness

When evaluating the cleaner’s ingredients, ensure that they are safe for both humans and the environment. It would be best to find a biodegradable, non-toxic, marine safe, environmentally friendly, and gentle formula.

Utilization Ease

Numerous people despise cleaning the boat deck or a boat in general. It’s time-consuming and tiring. So, choose an easy-to-use boat deck cleaner. Thankfully, most cleaners can be sprayed directly on surfaces as it comes with a built-in spray bottle.

Requires Zero to Minimal Scrubbing

Another factor you must watch out for is if the cleaner requires zero to minimal scrubbing. You wouldn’t want to dedicate all of your time scrubbing your deck and lessen your boating time.


Adaptable cleaners are a value for the money. Invest in cleaners that are versatile enough to handle various applications while delivering the same effectiveness. Fortunately, the majority of boat deck cleaners are multi-purpose. Many of them can be used on the deck and the windshield, seat, table, and hull. Some are even suitable for use in RVs and automobiles.

Dimensions and Price

Boat deck cleaners will be packaged in bottles of varying sizes depending on the manufacturer. This will also affect the cleaner’s price. Due to the high cost of many deck cleaners, it is best to choose one that comes in a large size to get the most bang for your buck. Particularly if you have a large boat, you will have a large deck to clean, necessitating a large bottle.

The Different Types of Boat Deck Cleaner

Like other boat cleaners, boat deck cleaners usually come in two different major types. One is commercial and the other is homemade. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so always ask a professional or read reviews if you are unsure of what to do with your deck.

  • Commercial Cleaners

A commercial cleaner is a ready-made formula that is available in local stores or online shops. This type is divided into three more classifications, which are shown below.

  • Non-skid Cleaners

This is the most commonly used kind of boat deck cleaner. These are specifically designed to protect the deck’s non-skid coating, ensuring that it retains its grip.

  • Shampoo Remover

It is a general cleaner that produces a lot of foam, similar to shampoo. It creates a thick lather that effectively softens grime for easy removal with a brush.

  • All-Purpose Cleaners

Other cleaners available in the market are versatile. You can use them on boat decks and other boat parts and even on some areas in your house, like the bathroom or kitchen.

  • Homemade or DIY Cleaners

Many household items are naturally made to clean dirt, stains, and even highly infected surfaces. However, it may be dangerous to use on some decking surfaces because of its powerful and natural substances.

Some examples of this type are the following:

  • A mixture of vinegar and water
  • A combination of baking soda and water
  • A variety of bleach, soap, and water

The most common homemade or DIY cleaning process is cleaning boat decks with bleach because of the substance’s cleaning capacity.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Deck Cleaner

Boat deck cleaners are helpful in many ways, from cleaning to restoration. Every cleaner is different, so boat owners should always be prepared with various positive and negative effects that a cleaner may bring. Let me start with the benefits of using boat deck cleaners.

  • Eliminates Stubborn Marine Stains and Dirt

Among the most apparent benefits of using boat deck cleaners is that it eliminates stubborn marine stains and dirt. Fortunately, the majority of boat deck cleaners produce results almost instantly. You can admire the appearance of a spotless deck in only a few minutes and with minimal effort.

  • Luster restoration

Typically, a deck takes a beating over time. As a result, it will have an unappealing appearance. Black streaks and yellowish stains are also possible. A boat deck cleaner can make it shine and look new again.

  • Prolongs a Boat’s Lifespan

Substituting a boat deck can be an uphill task. It’s also costly. With an effective cleaner, you can minimize deck damage and extend its lifespan, avoiding the need for a replacement.

  • Offers Protection

Some cleaners don’t only clean your boat decks but also offer protection from ultraviolet damages and stain or dirt build-up.

Although there are different advantages of using a boat deck cleaner, many boaters still experience a couple of downsides in using cleaners.

  • Health and Environmental Issues

Certain deck cleaners contain harsh chemicals that, if not applied correctly, can cause eye and skin irritation. Others contain toxic substances that endanger aquatic life and contribute to water pollution.

  • Costly

The cost of deck cleaners puts off numerous people. They can be pretty costly, particularly those with potent formulas. As an alternative, some people use natural cleaners or create their own DIY boat deck cleaner.

What Can I Use To Clean My Boat Deck


All of the products listed above are top contenders, which you can use to clean your boat deck. They are all reliable and effective. You just have to find the most appropriate cleaner for your deck based on its material and stain’s severity.

How Do I Make My Boat Deck White Again

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to whiten boat decks. Using the most suitable boat cleaning product is the best way to restore your deck’s whiteness based on my experience. Choose those that contain biodegradable ingredients that are safe to use on any decking surfaces. In addition to the cleaning solution, a soft brush is beneficial to remove the stains and regain the deck’s glimmer.

How Do I Clean A Non-Skid Boat Deck

Cleaning non-skid boat decks is an easy process, depending on the stain’s severity or the cleaner you use. There are many ways to clean a non-skid deck. So, I will show you the general steps for cleaning such surfaces.

First, rinse the area to smooth out or remove any dirt. After the first wash, whip out your selected boat deck cleaner. You can sprinkle it directly on the target zone or apply it with a deck brush. Next, leave the solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly to remove excess chemicals. Once you’re finished, wipe the deck with a clean cloth. Lastly, allow the deck to dry completely before you get on it.

How To Clean A Fiberglass Boat Deck

Cleaning a fiberglass boat deck is quick and straightforward as long as you are equipped with adequate knowledge and appropriate cleaning materials. Since fiberglass is sensitive material, it requires delicate care. Let me show you how to do it.

  • Purchase or prepare materials like commercial cleaners, deck brush, clean water, and microfiber cloth.
  • Wet the fiberglass deck with a pressure washer. You can also use water in a bucket when you don’t have a pressure washer.
  • Using your preferred cleaner, spray or rub the solution onto the deck. Choose whichever method you like.
  • Some solutions need a particular dwelling time before scrubbing, while others allow you to agitate the deck as soon as you apply the cleaner. Moreover, some cleaners don’t need any scrubbing but require a specific sitting time. So, work accordingly.
  • After application, ensure to rinse any residue with water. If the solution is a wipe-off formula, then all you need to do is use a cloth or rag to wipe away the dirt and excess solution.
  • Buffing or polishing is an optional step, but do not skip this procedure for a prominent shimmer.

Can I Use Ordinary Household Cleaners For Boat Decks

Yes, it is possible to use household cleaners on boat decks, but most professional cleaners do not recommend this. Household cleaners may lack the necessary chemicals to remove dirt and grime. Besides, they can wear away the non-skid surface of the boat deck, making it slippery.

Furthermore, most boat deck cleaners have properties that leave a protective coating, which gives additional shielding against UV damage and future stains. This is something you won’t find in standard household cleaners.


Not only does a spotless and sparkling deck look good, it is necessary for a safer and comfortable boating experience. A build-up of dirt and grime makes your deck unsightly, and it causes any deck to lose its non-skid properties, making you more prone to slip and other injuries.

Cleaning your boat deck is helpful in various ways. Therefore, I am happy to share with you my reviews on the best boat deck cleaner. I hope all the information above assists you in buying a cleaner.

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