Boat Engine Fogging for Long Term or Winter Storage (Outboard)

boat engine fogging for long term or winter storage

Whether you’ve decided to take an indefinite boating hiatus or just want to winterize your boat, fogging your vessel’s engine ensures proper storage. However, not every boat owner agrees when it comes to the necessity of this practice. It’s the process of using fogging oil on the engine to prevent corrosion, moisture damage, and other …

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Wake Boat vs Ski Boat: What is Key Difference?

wake boat vs ski boat

Wakeboarders and water skiers have had many debates regarding the topic of wake boat vs ski boat. This leads beginners to confuse one vessel for the other and wakeboarding and water skiing altogether. You get told to “choose depending on what you’re going to do with the boat.” But what does that really mean? Fret …

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How Much Does a Crab Boat Cost? – Average Price

how much does a crab boat cost

Whether you want to start crabbing yourself or are just curious about crab boat costs, this article is the perfect place to get all the up-to-date information you need. So how much does a crab boat cost nowadays? To begin with, you’ve got to have loads of dough if you’re aiming for the best crabbing …

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A Sailboat is Underway in the Fog. What Sound Signal Should You Hear

a sailboat is underway in the fog. what sound signal should you hear

Consider this scenario: You’re sailing along in open waters with minimal visibility (i.e. restricted view). Soon enough, your instincts start wondering “a sailboat is underway in the fog. What sound signal should you hear?” Assuming the one captaining the vessel is familiar with boating in fog signals, he or she should: Sound one prolonged blast …

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Can You Wakeboard Behind Any Boat? Things to Know!

can you wakeboard behind any boat

With watersports boat prices on the steep side, we can’t blame wakeboarders who ask, “Can you wakeboard behind any boat?” There may be videos online or first-hand accounts telling you it’s possible. But the safest recommendation is that you shouldn’t wakeboard behind any boat. You likely won’t enjoy it because of the subpar wakes the …

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How Much Does a Tug Boat Cost? – Updated Prices in 2023

how much does a tug boat cost

Whether you’re planning to operate your own tugboat or are just curious about “how much does a tug boat cost?”, you can get all the answers you need here. Generally, there’s no saying how low or high tug boat prices can go. Looking at what’s available on popular platforms like YachtWorld and Boat Trader, tugboats …

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How Are Boats Measured? (Length, Width & Height)

how are boats measured

The length of a boat will always be one of its most important aspects because it overlaps numerous essential factors every time you take it out to sea. As far as the question “How are boats measured?” is concerned, we don’t depart from the fundamentals like knowing its exact length, width, and height. The significance …

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On a 15 Foot Boat Which Object Is Required to Be on Board

on a 15 foot boat which object is required to be on board

We need different items for different boating activities. The bigger the boat, the more items are necessary, but on a 15 foot boat which object is required to be on board? In this article, we’ll go over the specified coast guard requirements for boats, specifically for those around 15 feet in length. We’ll take a …

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